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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Mikel ReparazDec 21, 2006
GTA: San Andreas is possibly the most ambitious game ever attempted, but that doesn't make it great. What doesmake itgreat is that it actually delivers on nearly everything it promises while still being fun to just pick up and play. Packed with enough stuff to keep even hardcore gamers busy for months, San Andreas is the ultimate time-waster for those old enough to play it.
jkdmediaJun 16, 2005
For a game that offers almost limitless gameplay options, screwing up a mission shouldn't have me loading a save game just to try again (and to keep all my weapons in case I died). Minor quibbles aside, GTA:SA is a must have game for PC gamers that never played the PS2 version or for gamers looking for something new and interesting.
Dan AdamsJun 07, 2005
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a lot of things going for it that make it an excellent gaming experience. The excellent narrative and voice acting make it a story to remember, driving is still a lot of fun, and the selection of missions to perform make it easy to look forward to what's next.
Jeff GerstmannJun 07, 2005
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has you doing many, many more things than any previous GTA game, and while some of them do work a little better than others, the strength of all these different elements--too many to count--makes for a powerful package that doesn't disappoint, despite the extremely high standards that Grand Theft Auto established and that San Andreas needed to live up to.