God's Trigger for PC
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God's Trigger

Apr 18, 2019

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Content Rating: Mature


A game that combines shooter and hack and slash mechanics. It was created by One More Level - a Polish developer popular for Warlocks vs Shadows. The protagonist is called Zoran and he is a veteran of the Balkan Wars, who escapes from war atrocities to New York. To serve his penance, he becomes a local priest. Unfortunately, once it turns out that ruthless mobsters have become a threat to the people he serves, Zoran decides to bring justice the hard way. The action is viewed from above and the game is very dynamic. Also, it does not tolerate the player's mistakes - one hit kills the protagonist. Consequently, the player has to plan before they act; using the protagonist's special ability (the so-called Divine Focus) is also crucial for success. This ability makes the time pass only when the protagonist is in motion. Once depleted, it can be recharged by killing enemies. Sword and pistol are the protagonist's basic weapons, but more of them are waiting for the player to discover. Apart from the single-player story campaign, the game offers separate levels for the co-op mode. Among other top-down view games, God's Trigger stands out with its three-dimensional, cel-shaded graphics.

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Thomas WildeApr 18, 2019
I ended up liking God’s Trigger a lot more than I thought I was going to. I don’t think it’s entirely “fair” a lot of the time, but naturally, that’s part of the design. It could use a few more mid-fight checkpoints in the boss battles, and there’s a bit of a learning curve to start with, but once you’ve got the hang of it, the game plays surprisingly smoothly.
Ramón VarelaApr 19, 2019
Un juego brillante inspirado en Hotline Miami pero con sus propias ideas en jugabilidad, en especial el cooperativo local.
Stefano CalzatiApr 17, 2019
God’s Trigger è come un piatto da trattoria: grasso, ignorante, capace di saziare l’appetito dell’affamato più che deliziare chi si vanta di avere il palato fino. Un action/adventure vecchia scuola che riesce a mettersi al passo coi tempi facendosi ispirare dalla nouvelle vague dell’azione bidimensionale.

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