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Julie MuncyDec 09, 2020
While a bit muddled in combat design and pretty dull in world design, Godfall is a passable 3D action game. Under normal circumstances, you'd be safe to skip it, but if you need something to play on that shiny new PlayStation 5, it's not the worst option.
Brian StasiukaitisDec 03, 2020
Little more than a shiny exhibition of new-generation graphics, Godfall only succeeds in creating interesting combat systems without giving any thought to the world and story around it.
Richard WakelingNov 18, 2020
Uninteresting loot mixed with a monotonous and grindy structure is not a good combination, and for as satisfying and fun as it can often be to hack your way through one battle after another, there's not enough here to sustain that enjoyment for more than a few hours.
Will BorgerNov 14, 2020
Godfall is the kind of game that releases at the beginning of each generation: it looks and sounds good, but there’s nothing special about it. The combat can be fun, but the game as a whole is mediocre. If you’re looking to hack n’ slash your way through a fairly generic fantasy world and grab some loot along the way, then perhaps Godfall’s faults won’t bother you.
Mitch GassnerNov 23, 2020
Godfall is not a Game as a Service, so we won’t be seeing the continual updates and upgrades that games like Destiny 2 or The Division 2 have received. Hopefully that doesn't mean Counterplay is finished with Godfall because it would only take a few tweaks here and there for it to complete it's ascension to gaming godhood.
Andrew ReinerNov 13, 2020
If you want a looter-slasher that’s all about the stat bumps and the delight of seeing enemies suffer from the enchantments you worked hard to unlock, Godfall delivers plenty of that and is backed by a hell of a combat system. It hits that one note and holds it from start to finish.
Dave MeiklehamNov 18, 2020
Godfall is a perplexing game. Though the grind needled at me, I never came close to putting the pad down. I’d recommend playing the three player co-op to cut down on the repetition, but bafflingly, Godfall’s multiplayer doesn’t support online matchmaking. Gorgeous, hollow, and rarely abrasive, this is an affable big budget game that pleases the eyes but rarely stimulates the brain or fingers.
Josh HawkinsNov 11, 2020
If you want a fairly mindless RPG experience that offers some different weapons and gear to mess around with, then Godfall will give you at least a few hours of fun. Just don’t expect a fantasy story worthy of its inspirations, or a world that fully explores its potential and you’ll be fine.
Andrew FarrellNov 12, 2020
It's derivative, only has three zones, and doesn't have much to offer besides its combat, but Godfall will be enjoyable to anyone who just wants a well-tuned, good-looking action RPG to slash their way through.
Iain HarrisNov 16, 2020
While Godfall can feel good from moment-to-moment thanks to a serviceable, occasionally rewarding combat system, it’s not enough to sustain interest when the game around it is so uninspiring. It’s not all bad, but you’d hope for more if you’re buying something for next-gen prices.
Chris FreibergNov 14, 2020
Godfall is an impressive graphical powerhouse. I just wish there was more to the gameplay. At launch, this is probably the best title to show off the PS5 or a new graphics card, but between the repetitive missions and baffling lack of matchmaking, this is a game with no real staying power. Godfall looks like a million bucks but plays like a budget title.
Petter HegevallNov 17, 2020
There are plenty of light effects here, 4K textures and reflections that make one stop and stare, before rushing on to the next stupid, generic enemy. Godfall in that respect is quite reminiscent of Ryse: Son of Rome for Xbox One for its own part. It's gorgeous but soulless and monotonous, and quite frankly, it's hard to see it as much more than a bland release game that no one will remember in three months.
Mario GómezDec 02, 2020
Godfall es un juego de claroscuros donde los claros son claritos, y los oscuros son negros como el azabache. No tiene el tamaño ni las posibilidades suficientes para justificar su elevado precio, y de hecho le faltan características cruciales para su público objetivo, como emparejamiento en línea o una interfaz más cómoda e intuitiva.
Víctor MartínezJan 13, 2021
Lo que hace Godfall lo hacen muchos otros juegos, y ese es el abismo al que me he tenido que enfrentar jugándolo: ¿por qué este no y los otros sí? ¿No será que tienen todos la misma culpa, y solo es que Counterplay Games ha tenido la mala fortuna de, por error, hacerlo más a la vista?
Eike CramerNov 18, 2020
Godfall ist hinsichtlich Story, Leveldesign und Abwechslung kein gutes Spiel, zumal es auf der PlayStation 5 nicht mal ansatzweise das audiohaptische Feedback des Controllers nutzt. Dennoch ist das Spiel technisch stark und hat mit 15 bis 20 Stunden genau die richtige Länge, um es nach Feierabend bei Bier und Erdnussflips mit bis zu drei Helden im Koop zu snacken.
Maurice WeberNov 19, 2020
Zumal es nicht mal ein Service Game sein soll, also keine Seasons oder ähnliches hat. Zwar ist noch eine Erweiterung für 2021 angekündigt, aber mein Verdacht wäre, dass das Spiel danach in der Versenkung verschwinden wird. Ich jedenfalls werde Godfall erst mal fallen lassen.
Silent_JayNov 17, 2020
Godfall n’est pas la première claque “Next Gen”, mais s’avère plaisant à parcourir, les premières heures du moins, avant de souffrir d’une répétitivité qui détériore sensiblement l’expérience de jeu. Son système de combat à la fois accessible et exigeant, ses visuels attrayants, son chara design inspiré et sa générosité pour tout ce qui touche au loot en font un Action-RPG solide, mais incapable de se renouveler sur la durée.
Lisa OzzyNov 27, 2020
In het verhaal van Godfall zit niet veel diepte, waardoor je sneller op het spel uitgekeken raakt. Godfall wordt uiteindelijk een herhaling van zetten, met eentonige combat en teleurstellende loot. Het idee van de looter-slasher heeft zeker wel progressie, maar is nog lang niet waar het zou moeten zijn.
matus_aceNov 23, 2020
Som si istý, že si Godfall nájde nejakých fanúšikov. Napríklad môj kocúr bol hrou zjavne fascinovaný, lebo na ňu dokázal pozerať fakt dlho a sústredene. Mňa to ale, bohužiaľ, nechytilo a nie je to tým, že by bola hra nedopečená a treba jej dať obsah na využitie potenciálu. Tu je problém už v základe, ktorý nie je vystavaný na kvalite.