Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for PC
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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Mar 1, 2016
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Developer: The Coalition
Content Rating: Mature


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a remastering of the original, acclaimed first game in the Gears of War shooter franchise. Painstakingly remastered with high-quality and advanced new graphic elements, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is packed full of new content, including five campaign chapters from the previous PC version of the game.

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Mar 8, 2021

The game is great and with remastered graphics, it looks like new. You can play campaign coop with another person and its lots of fun. Campaign on the PC version is not that much optimized and you might see some fps drops if you're not playing on a high end gaming rig. But don't bother about it much, just buy from the windows store and play, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Jun 11, 2020
This is the best and like I have A Gaming PC and Gaming Desktop if you play Xbox then here's my gamertag NextSunnySide
Sep 17, 2020
İ dont play this game on 1070 graphic card because of FPS depo problem max FPS 20 pff if you dont know how to optimize your game dont publis


Feb 27, 2020

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Mike MahardyMar 01, 2016
All of my muscle memory came back in a matter of minutes. I hip-fired the gnasher shotgun, perfected active reload times, and dodged between cover as if it was nine years ago. The multiplayer still transitions between measured approaches and frantic firefights on a whim, displaying a dynamism that has aged well. Gears of War Ultimate Edition doesn't just look like my nostalgia remembers--it also feels like it, too.
James KozanitisMar 03, 2016
It’s not that Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 is a bad game; it’s just that everything good about it is what’s good about Gears of War for any other platform. It adds nothing that can tangibly enhance the experience, and with a litany of technical issues and ignorance of its own virtues, Windows 10 gaming has not put its best foot forward here.
Tyler WildeMar 11, 2016
The stuttering issue is a big pain, and even if Microsoft fixes it, Ultimate Edition will still be a limited piece of software. You can’t inject shaders, or capture video with the tool you like, or do anything we’ve become accustomed to doing on this wonderfully open platform. Gears of War is a great game, but the spirit of PC gaming does not inhabit this muscly incubus. If it runs properly for you it’s worth playing, but it might gnaw on your soul just a bit.