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Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords

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Iain McCaffertyMar 30, 2006
Overall, the game may have a few minor flaws, but they don't impinge too much on the player experience. GalCiv2, like most turn-based strategy games, will require a lot of time investment to get the most out of it, but when it has as much depth, character and playability as this, once you get into it, those in-game weeks may quickly turn into real-life ones.
Steve ButtsMar 07, 2006
Some of the underlying concepts (technology in particular) aren't quite as intuitive as they ought to be but the game is full of personality and offers up hour after hour of strategic satisfaction. The AI in particular is one of the high points of the game, providing an experience that's as unpredictable and challenging as just about any we've seen in games of this type.
Kieron GillenMar 06, 2006
If you're prepared to wrestle with the occasionally unfriendly interface and figure out the unintuitive systems, there's every chance you'll be one of them. Conversely, if you aren't... well, it's unlikely you'll be even reading this review; instead you'll be sitting on the news pages and desperately refreshing news about the latest update to Princess Pooble racing.
SuperpandaAug 18, 2006
Quel dommage ! Oui, quel dommage que la localisation française de Galactic Civilizations 2 ait été bâclée. Sans cela, le titre aurait bien mérité un point de plus. En effet, ce jeu est vraiment addictif grâce à un gameplay très riche et à une durée de vie énorme qui aurait pu être encore plus colossale s'il y avait eu un mode multijoueur.