Forgotton Anne for PC

Forgotton Anne (PC)

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Imagine a place where everything that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, single socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings; creatures composed of mislaid objects longing to be remembered again.

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PC Gamer


I wanted to spend more time there just like I wanted to spend more time in the world of Spirited Away. I wanted to find out even more about the Forgotten Lands—like, what do they eat?—and was happy to simply be in those places, even if the controls weren't perfect and some of the dialogue missed the mark.

Jody Macgregor May 15, 2018



You may think it's impossible to feel empathetic over an inanimate blanket, and yet, in Forgotton Anne it feels like second nature. And not just for blankets—for all long forgotten things brought to life in the magical Forgotten Lands. While the platforming is often frustrating, the game's captivating world, art direction, and meaningful choices more than make up for it.

Caty McCarthy May 11, 2018

Game Skinny


It has a captivating storyline littered with mystery and suspense. After every difficult puzzle, you receive another glimpse into the curious situation happening in the Forgotten Lands. So, stretch your fingers, expand your brain muscles, and give it a go.

TMSingle May 11, 2018

Game Watcher


Forgotton Anne is a wholly unique and evocative experience. While it delivers on the selling point of the beautiful hand-drawn anime art style, it backs it up with fantastic story and engaging gameplay. This is truly something special we have here, something that must be explored by anyone who can get their hands on the game.

Aron Gerencser May 11, 2018

Game Reactor


Forgotton Anne is one of the standout experiences of the year so far and for good reason. ThroughLine's charming adventure combines a gripping story with interesting moral dilemmas in a consistently flowing story that's not dissimilar to working your way through a painting, one that sucks you in and won't let you go.

Sam Bishop May 11, 2018



Forgotton Anne is a charming little adventure, with an interesting, and good-looking, hand painted world that's fun to live on for the eight or so hours that this will last. Unfortunately, the story never really manages to become as emotional and engrossing as it thinks it is, and the rest of the experience, the actual jumping and puzzle-solving, feels more like useless baggage.

Ofisil May 13, 2018

3D Juegos


No en vano es un juego que se cocina lentamente y cuyo desafío es más bien escaso. Sin embargo, si nos adentramos en su mundo descubrimos una fascinante historia cargada de personajes memorables y con decisiones que importan. Un ilusionante comienzo para un estudio como Throughline Games y, probablemente, el mejor juego hasta la fecha del sello Square Enix Collective.

Álvaro Castellano May 15, 2018


Auf Spielebene hätte ich mir allerdings etwas mehr Varianz gewünscht. Dafür kann bei einem derartig gutmütigen Rätseldesign die bildhübsche Grafik noch mehr wirken und ich die unheimlich detaillierte Spielwelt noch besser aufsaugen.

Florian Zandt May 11, 2018

Game Kult


L'histoire, l'univers, le gameplay et la direction artistique forment ainsi un tout cohérent et plein de charme au point de nous faire oublier ses maladresses, comme ces petites notes bleues d'une chanteuse de dix-sept ans qui ne font que mettre en valeur la justesse d'une interprétation dont les nuances puissantes et délicates collent des frissons. Oui, Anne et ses Terres Oubliées ont un petit quelque chose vraiment inoubliable.

Amaebi May 16, 2018


Forgotton Anne è un'avventura grafica condita con qualche blando elemento puzzle-platform: è estremamente guidata e punta dritto verso la sua conclusione, offrendo al più qualche possibilità decisionale lungo il percorso, in grado di favorire un minimo di rigiocabilità e di far sentire il peso delle proprie scelte.

Simone Pettine May 16, 2018


Это просто хорошее «живое» аниме с отменной музыкой в исполнении Копенгагенского филармонического оркестра, поданное в формате классического платформера. На Forgotton Anne вполне можно было бы сходить в кинотеатр.

Александр Преймак May 22, 2018