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Forgotten Fields

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Daniel WestropApr 14, 2021
Forgotten Fields is an extraordinary indie game that has superbly crafted narrative and dialogue, with a beautiful soundtrack to back it up. More of an experience than a game it finds its niche and will surprise and delight players.
Mark DelaneyApr 14, 2021
In Forgotten Fields, I see a few things. Primarily, I see a game very well-written with some bittersweet moments that can be almost tear-jerking at times. I also see gameplay ambitions that outmatch the team's resources, leaving it all feeling quite uneven by the time credits roll.
Becca SmithApr 12, 2021
Prepare to glitch through furniture and objects as you try and make your way around this otherwise beautiful world. It’s a shame, because there are more than a few truly lovely moments, and you’ll likely find yourself relating to the game’s cast of characters. Perhaps wait until its bugs have been addressed, because there’s a good story to be experienced here.
Heather JohnsonApr 15, 2021
Forgotten Fields, at first glance, is intriguing, meaningful, and deep. And maybe it is — it certainly has its beautiful moments that make you yearn for tropical beaches. But stunning cinematics and dazzling soundtracks can only carry a game so far, especially when movement sticks, cameras are broken, and gameplay itself just feels overall unfinished.
Sean DaviesApr 12, 2021
There are a number of technical issues which blight Forgotten Fields but there’s nothing here that couldn’t be addressed over time and with patches. The core of the game, featuring a very human and relatable story mirrored in a literary fantasy one, shines bright enough that those who can forgive a few glitches will find something unique and interesting here.