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For The King

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Sergey_3847Apr 30, 2018
Despite all that, if you enjoy playing stylish RPGs in co-op mode with friends, and you genuinely enjoy challenging games, then For the King should fit your bill. Otherwise, if the high level of difficulty in combination with RNG brings nothing but boredom to your life, then maybe it's time to look somewhere else.
Jonathan BoldingApr 26, 2018
Once I was over the humps I felt invincible, and mostly was. For the King definitely lets you exult in your mastery, and the last sections of the game can feel like a victory lap—albeit a hard earned one.
Tomas FranzeseApr 19, 2018
As an indie title straight out of Early Access, For the King isn’t without a few rough spots, especially when it comes to the technical side of things. Luckily, the game is saved by its fun tabletop RPG inspired mechanics and multiplayer capabilities, which help it stand out in a sea of roguelikes.
Ricky KnightMay 12, 2018
While this will definitely to appeal to many, I found my enjoyment hampered by the many surprises that were popping up without any means to overcome them in the moment. If you’re not fettered by losing, For The King can be quite enjoyable experience and it’s even better with friends. But be warned, you will earn your victories in this harsh world. And you will earn them only through your many failures.
GameCentralApr 23, 2018
One of the most enjoyable roguelikes of recent years, with the heavy emphasis on RNG saved by some fun co-op options. Lots of content and plenty to explore and unlock across three campaigns. Surprisingly tense and with some neat modern twist to the formula. Great music and attractive, low-tech graphics.
Jose A. RodríguezApr 20, 2018
Un título que ofrece una experiencia que resulta altamente compatible con el modo multijugador, Una buena cantidad de horas que trata de sobreponerse a un sistema de juego ya de sobra conocido y a un apartado técnico discreto, aunque no por ello menos vistoso.
Benjamin SchmädigMay 11, 2018
Dass man drei sehr verschiedene Abenteuer erlebt, wahlweise sogar zu dritte, und dass die einzelne Kampagne wichtiger ist als der ständige Neustart, hebt For the King zudem über das Niveau typischer Roguelikes. Ich bin jedenfalls selten so tief in einem versunken wie in dieser edlen Mischung aus Brett- und Videospiel!