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Football Manager 2013

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Luke MooreNov 03, 2012
Sure, it’s a deep and complicated beast and occasionally it’s impossible to not feel powerless when things aren’t going your way, but that happens to managers all over the world in real life too, and that’s the point. Football Manager’s relentless strive for realism is sometimes its biggest fault, but with new modes and now new ways of playing it’s also managed to get that light touch back.
Gamespot StaffOct 29, 2012
Despite the negatives, Football Manager 2013 is still the best example of the series yet. Classic mode is arguably the biggest single addition the series has ever seen, and it speaks volumes about the self-awareness and skill of the game's designers that it works as well as it does on this first iteration.
David BrownOct 29, 2012
It's still great and it'll still pass the 1,000 hours played mark on my Steam account. It does have some potential issues, and even with the wonderful news about the multiplayer code being made much less laggy than before, there are probably grounds for checking out the demo if you're undecided about whether to continue with that game in FM 2012 where you got Barnet into the Champions League.
Marco FioriNov 01, 2012
Creating a truly dynamic experience is still years away and it’s impressive that media simulation and player interaction is even possible. However, it’s these areas which have the biggest impact on Football Manager’s final score. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just they’re in need of a glaring makeover. Anyway, there’s next year for that. For 2013, there’s more than enough to keep fans happy, and while it sometimes seems worth it to skip the latest version of Football Manager, the overhauled multiplayer and game mode variation makes this an essential purchase as ever.
Joseph TrotterNov 20, 2012
Football Manager 13 is an impressive progression of the series and lends a whole new lease of life into proceedings. Sports Interactive have refined and updated a series, which was starting to show signs of stagnating, with a well considered set of updates and new features. Classic mode is a revelation for those with little time; the challenges are fun, bite-sized ways to spend an afternoon; and the main game is still as huge, involving and ponderous as you wish it to be.
Jack ArnottOct 29, 2012
Online leaderboards are available for the first time, meaning you can compete with the best football managers around the world, and a new Versus mode allows you to create custom tournaments using teams from your single-player save game. All are much easier to set up and manage than any online mode in previous versions, and should encourage more people to play with friends (which can only be a good thing).
José Álvaro Sañudo DíazOct 29, 2012
Football Manager 2013 es al género de los simuladores deportivos, lo que los juegos de alta estrategia son a sus respectivos: un entramado de completas elecciones que nos permiten simular el comportamiento de clubes y competiciones de la forma más realista ideada por el hombre. Si este juego no es obligatorio en las escuelas para entrenadores de fútbol, debería empezar a serlo de inmediato.
Jaume EsteveOct 29, 2012
Sólo el tiempo y el apoyo que los jugadores le den a Football Manager Classic nos dirán si nos encontramos ante un spin off en toda regla o ante una aventura pasajera, pero el planteamiento y su ejecución nos han parecido excelentes para lograr que la experiencia de Football Manager no se quede en un nicho reducido de jugadores con mucho tiempo libre, y que pueda llegar también a aquellos cuyo ocio escasea.
Mathias OertelNov 06, 2012
Die Berechnung und Illusion trotz mitunter schwacher Animationen ungleich glaubhafter und realistischer als bei der versammelten Konkurrenz, Sprachbarriere hin oder her. Und obwohl es in manchen Details (Stichwort: Interaktion mit Schiedsrichtern) noch Luft nach oben gibt sowie der erste Schritt hin zu Mikro-Transaktionen gemacht wird, stellt der FM2013 das Nonplusultra der Trainersimulationen dar und ist auf Wochen und Monate ein Motivationsgarant.
Florian VelterNov 09, 2012
Les transferts de plus en plus réalistes avec l’implication de la fiscalité ou la possibilité de médiatiser une négociation, la barrière de la langue qui gêne les joueurs en cours de match, la présence de stages de présaison : plus on joue et plus on réalise à quel point les développeurs de Sports Interactive sont de grands malades pointilleux qui ont pondu un must-have pour tous les passionnés.
Olivier CortinovisDec 03, 2012
On peut désormais se plonger librement dans ses menus d’options gargantuesques sans avoir l’impression d’y laisser dix méninges/minute. Pour le reste, la meilleure simulation de management fait dans le classique avec un système de jeu toujours plus immersif. Et c’est finalement ce que ses aficionados lui demandent, tous rêvant secrètement de devenir le nouveau Vugar Huseynzade.
AnagundOct 26, 2012
Les améliorations sont nombreuses et loin d'être anecdotiques, comme la gestion des entraînements par exemple. Bien sûr, on regrettera toujours une relation avec la presse encore trop robotique et répétitive, mais pour le reste, FM 2013 fait son travail et devient rapidement enivrant grâce à un contenu hors du commun.
Aníbal GonçalvesNov 11, 2012
Resumindo, Football Manager 2013 continua a melhor experiência do mercado no que a um simulador de treinadores diz respeito e vai por isso agradar aos adeptos de futebol em geral. Nunca que um jogo da série trouxe tantas novidades, o que nos deixa a pensar como será o futuro, Miles Jacobsen apontou para um sistema estilo "fantasy draft" na entrevista que nos concedeu, o que aponta claramente para o online.
Luca ForteOct 29, 2012
Concludendo, anche quest'anno Sports Interactive ha creato un manageriale calcistico dall'elevatissima qualità. Se sotto il profilo della modalità principale quelli compiuti potrebbero essere considerati dei semplici miglioramenti volti a rendere più profonde le interazioni con la squadra e lo staff, oltre a una rifinitura dell'interfaccia di gioco, è sotto il profilo delle modalità che Football Manager 2013 stupisce.
Marcus LöfströmNov 12, 2012
Football Manager 2013 lyckas dock med årets enormt breda paket göra skäl för sin existens. Classic mode erbjuder ett alternativ som kan locka spelare av alla typer, samtidigt som utmaningarna och de förbättade online-alternativen kan ge dig lite förströelse mitt i den värsta säsongshetsen.