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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

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Judi AzmandMar 19, 2015
With a darker tone and war themed setting, Type-0 shows a dreadful and horrifying side of the world, but also the hidden beauty within it. Aside from the wonky camera, the battles are fast-paced and rewarding that makes the game stand out amongst other Final Fantasy titles giving a unique experience. Whether you’re a Final Fantasy fan or just in need of some action-packed battles, check out Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.
Samuel RobertsSep 01, 2015
I’m not that impressed by the PC port of Type-0, either. ...Square Enix is slowly getting there with moving its colossal back catalogue onto PC, but Type-0 does not represent Final Fantasy at its best. I think existing fans will enjoy the combat system, but I couldn’t recommend this limited action RPG to anyone as a starting point for the series.
Chris CapelSep 02, 2015
For the most part the gameplay of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is great fun. The combat has some camera and character problems but is otherwise enjoyable and nicely strategic, and the action strategy overworld moments are a highlight. ...There are no interesting or relatable characters and I found myself skipping most of the movies after I just couldn’t take it anymore. There are things to like about Type-0 once you get past the boring beginning....
Wayne SantosMar 16, 2015
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, is very good portable game that’s been snuck onto consoles, and it feels like it. The need to retake missions so as to grind out a team of characters artificially lengthens what’s actually a relatively short main game. The story is actually better than that of FFXIII, but it comes at the cost of those steep grinding requirements.
Ann-Kathrin KuhlsAug 21, 2015
Klar, die Grafik ist Grütze, aber das ist mir herzlich egal. Zum einen ist das Spiel von 2011, da hat es natürlich noch keine 4K-Obersupertexturen gegeben. Mehr als zwie Auflösungsoptionen wären allerdings ganz schön gewesen, und auch der Framelock auf 30 fps ist auf dem PC eigentlich unnötig. Zum anderen ist Grafik nicht das Maß aller Dinge. Das Kampfsystem ist klasse und mal was anderes, die Story hat mich von Anfang an mitgerissen, und die vielen verschiedenen Waffen sorgen dafür, dass sogar das Grinden Spaß macht.