FIFA 20 for PC
PC - Windows


Sep 27, 2019
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Developer: EA Sports
Content Rating: Everyone


The next installment of a series of football games from EA Sports studio. In the game we direct faithfully reproduced real teams and players, playing against artificial intelligence or other players.

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Huminiuc Ionut

Huminiuc Ionut

Oct 17, 2020
Orlando Mundial

Orlando Mundial

Sep 2, 2020
يوسف عسيري

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Lucas WhiteSep 20, 2019
FIFA 20 feels like it might be a more divisive entry than usual. In altering the physics and game flow so dramatically, the team risks alienating just as many players as it hopes to bring in. That said, everything that makes FIFA what it is remains intact, with the usual attempts at streamlining and bug-wrangling. VOLTA is the big draw, with its community-driven structures and inclusive character creation. While plenty of fans will no doubt immediately jump to their favorite corners of FIFA, this year’s attempt at trying something new feels almost like its own game.
Phil IwaniukSep 24, 2019
You’re kidding yourself. Because however invested you become, however much enjoyment you take from competency and victory, however many times you watch that replay back of the Volta goal you scored by flicking it backwards over a defender, losing another with an elastico and backheeling it into the net (at least double figures now), FIFA 20’s biggest failing is in producing an enjoyable football match.
Jimmy DonnellanSep 27, 2019
FIFA 20 represents yet another conservative entry from EA that feels like it’s just biding time until the next generation of consoles comes along. Featuring next to no innovation on the pitch, an underwhelming Career Mode with puddle deep changes, and a consistently shady Ultimate Team, the only real reason to play FIFA 20 is Volta, and even that might fall afoul of excessive monetisation before long. Otherwise, you aren’t missing much.rprisingly shady surprise mechanics and little to no significant movement on the pitch, FIFA 20 is a stopgap entry that only has Volta to boast about.

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