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Tom McNamaraOct 12, 2005
Monolith forges new shooter territory with some truly freaky elements, challenge, fun, and beauty. If there is a fly in the ointment, it's that the environments aren't too varied, and the game is kinda short. And there are a few plot holes (where did this army come from?) and logic holes (how can I access all of this voice mail?). Otherwise, I was sucked in to the end.
StewXXOct 17, 2005
F.E.A.R. is all about messing with your head in single player. If you aren't freaked out by the ambient noises and ghoulish aspects during the games "downtime" you'll be on the edge of your seat trying to stay alive during the extremely intense firefights. Since the fear you'll experience isn't the result of scripted or canned events, F.E.A.R. comes off feeling fresh and inspired even though it sometimes relies on parlor tricks to get the heart puming a little faster than usual.
Jason OcampoOct 14, 2005
This is a game that will thrill you one moment and scare you the next. F.E.A.R. features some of the greatest gunplay available in a first-person shooter, and it elevates the art of firing a gun to whole new levels. This alone makes it an incredibly intense game that must be experienced. The fact that it's also one of the creepiest games ever made is just icing on the cake.
jkdmediaDec 11, 2005
F.E.A.R. is certainly Game of Year material. Monolith is establishing themselves as a developer to watch out for in the future. Adding this to their repertoire, they now have two stellar FPS franchises including with No One Lives Forever. I wish I could have played this for a little longer but for what is here, I enjoyed every moment. Is it the next Half-Life? It may very well be since anticipation for a sequel is rising every day as more and more play F.E.A.R. for the first time.
Tom BramwellOct 18, 2005
Right now, doing that is glorious fun. Slow motion gun battles tied to an engine that articulates carnage with the furious eloquence of a caffeinated linguist, bound together by people who've seen a lot of Asian horror, uniting to spread memorable moments over a bed of visceral excitement. Were it not for its time manipulation though, it would suffer - and certainly can't compare to Half-Life 2's timelessness on that basis.
LoganOct 21, 2005
F.E.A.R. n'est pas le FPS parfait mais ses nombreuses qualités sont indéniables : suspense savamment dosé, ambiance "horrifico-science-fictionnelle" travaillée, IA incroyable, scènes d'action démentielles, bande-son quasi parfaite. Ainsi malgré un scénario qui peut sembler sous-exploité, la configuration de brute qui est demandée à l'accueil, le peu de décors ou le faible nombre d'armes et d'ennemis, on se prend un sacré trip en bourlinguant dans le jeu de Monolith.