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Far Cry New Dawn

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Mike WilliamsFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry: New Dawn cuts away some of the bloat of its predecessor Far Cry 5, to deliver a cleaner, more focused experience. The visual style breathes a good degree of life into a setting we've seen before, and Expeditions add more variety on top of that. The systems push you towards repeating content, but the boring rewards don't back that up.
William MurphyFeb 14, 2019
As I said, there's plenty of game here, and it's all been a joy. Far Cry 5 was one of the best games in the series, and yet New Dawn may have just eclipsed it with some fine-tuning and a brave new world to explore. I can hardly wait to see what's next from the series, and I hope it follows in the footsteps of The Father.
Christopher LivingstonFeb 14, 2019
It's brief compared to Far Cry 5, and completable without fully upgrading Prosperity to access the highest levels of gear and vehicles (though you'll definitely want to unlock the best weapons). While it's good fun at times, New Dawn is really just a quick trip back to Far Cry 5's Montana that hasn't changed much beyond a post-apocalyptic paint job.
Zoe Delahunty-LightFeb 14, 2019
Overall, if you liked Far Cry 5, you’re sure to find Far Cry New Dawn thoroughly satisfying. Expeditions, re-claimable Outposts, and the upgradable Prosperity hint that the series is growing into something different, something better. Plus the world around you is alive, whether that’s the sound of music steadily growing louder as a Highwaymen convoy comes in your direction, coming across vultures pecking at a dead body, or seeing an animal trot through the trees with a gun in its mouth on the way to its den.
Collin MacGregorFeb 14, 2019
While the RPG system was a unique idea, it’s one foot in, one foot out approach hinders the overall product. Yet, for all it’s faults I generally enjoyed my experience and seeing how the different characters progressed was enough of a drive to push me to the end. Even though New Dawn may not be a revelation for the franchise, it’s a nice bookend for Far Cry 5 fans.
Alessio PalumboFeb 14, 2019
Of course, as with any game’s graphics, the artists deserve to be praised as well for their work. The assets released by Ubisoft during the marketing phase had some fans worried that there would be an overabundance of bright colors in Far Cry New Dawn, but that’s not really the case in the game as you can see in the footage below.
Edmond TranFeb 14, 2019
Advancing through the adventure is an enjoyable experience, especially once you get your superhuman powers, but this is largely because Far Cry 5's combat and progression models remain compelling enough to propel you forward. For its part, New Dawn is a palatable but unremarkable spin-off that feels like it could have achieved so much more.
Lucas WhiteFeb 15, 2019
Far Cry: New Dawn still has a lot of familiar snags, but the overall experience makes for a solid weekend or two of Hollywood-style gaming.
Bill LavoyFeb 14, 2019
Ubisoft brought many of their strengths to the table in Far Cry New Dawn. The gunplay, sights and sounds, and environmental storytelling were great. I’m not sure the light RPG approach worked and would have loved to see more consistency throughout the narrative and from the characters that presented it. Far Cry New Dawn did provide me with a sense of closure in Hope County, and the highs outweighed the lows, but ultimately it left me craving a more complete experience.
David JagneauxFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn recycles the same general setting from last year's Far Cry 5, but this time with a post-apocalyptic twist and healthy injection of creative, colorful, and bombastic content.
Dan N. ScarboroughFeb 23, 2019
All in all, New Dawn shows a lot of potentials, but it doesn’t have enough room for all these new ideas to flourish. Neither of the new mechanics isn’t fully realized, including RPG elements, weapons, plot, or characters. Of course, fighting through the Hope County is still very entertaining, but it is largely because over the great combat model inherited from Far Cry 5. New Dawn is a formidable but forgettable spin-off that radiates wasted potential.
Chris LeebodyMar 12, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn is a ridiculously well-polished and fun to play action game (AI issues aside), with an enjoyable if largely mundane story and villains. It's so hard to negatively criticise too much. It would be unfair to judge this individual game against the wider approach of Ubisoft that some could argue needs to evolve more going into the future.
Andrew DuncanMar 12, 2019
If you loved Far Cry 5, then you will need to check out Far Cry New Dawn at some point. If you haven’t played 5, then you’re going to ruin the experience if you ever intend to, by playing this first. Apart from some minor issues, I really enjoyed New Dawn, just as I enjoyed 5, so highly recommend it.
Bernard BooFeb 14, 2019
Blood Dragon and Primal were both terrific spinoffs, and New Dawn meets their standard. The campaign’s story was much improved over Far Cry 5’s, with a more focused tone and some truly fascinating developments surrounding both the twins and the enigmatic Joseph Seed, who feels like something of an anchor for the game world. It's impossible to stress enough how fun the Expeditions are, and even though it’s a straightforward concept, the doors it opens up for future DLC are tantalising to say the least.
Chris J CapelFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn may be a shorter Far Cry experience, but it’s one of the most fun games in the series since Blood Dragon. The bizarrely colourful post-apocalyptic world is far more enjoyable to explore than the drab pre-bombing Hope County of Far Cry 5, and the Mad Max-style enemies are a lot more fun to take on than the Peggies.
Julian BensonFeb 14, 2019
Ubisoft’s open-world shooter digs into what makes the series great. Some of those experiments bear fruit, others bring frustration.
David SorianoFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry: New Dawn no puede dejar de considerarse como el DLC que Ubisoft "nos debía" tras el final tan abierto que presentaba Far Cry 5. Recicla parte de su mapa, recicla muchos de sus assets y en el resto solamente se aprecia un reskin que si bien sirve para que en ocasiones no parezcan los mismos sitios, acaba siendo insuficiente a las pocas horas.
Borja RueteFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry: New Dawn es la expansión que Far Cry 5 merecía. En lugar de eso, se optó por desarrollar tres contenidos adicionales muy por debajo de la calidad de este título, que finalmente ha salido al mercado a precio reducido y como secuela standalone de la quinta entrega. Volvemos al condado de Hope, diecisiete años después de que la secta Puerta del Edén detonara las bombas nucleares.
Dimitry HalleyFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn bietet in vielen Kriterien weniger als der Vorgänger, und deswegen haben wir uns auch entschieden, dem Spiel eine etwas niedrigere Wertung zu geben: Die Karte ist kleiner, die Missionsanzahl begrenzter, Flugzeuge spielen keine Rolle, mit der Story kommt man rascher durch. Und dann wird natürlich viel recycelt: Waffen, Landschaften, Spielmechaniken.
KaarajFeb 14, 2019
l faut reconnaître à Far Cry New Dawn une certaine volonté de casser les codes. En proposant notamment quelques éléments RPG qui viennent atténuer l’action omniprésente dans les précédents, en s’appuyant sur des phases plus originales ou offrant un rythme différent, en misant sur plusieurs séquences annexes rejouables venant “challenger” les joueurs…
Fabien PellegriniFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn n'est pas encore le Far Cry de trop, mais Ubisoft doit tout de même prendre garde à ne pas trop exploiter le filon. Cet épisode n'apporte pas grand-chose à la recette de base, qui commence donc à sentir le réchauffé. Heureusement, l'univers post-apocalyptique fleuri présente tout de même une once d'originalité, et il est plutôt agréable d'avoir affaire à un scénario qui prend directement la suite de celui de Far Cry 5.
Gianni MolinaroFeb 14, 2019
Malgré des efforts plus ou moins heureux pour essayer de rafraîchir la formule et justifier le recyclage d'une zone déjà arpentée, Far Cry : New Dawn demeure embourbé dans une trame sans panache, où l'on ne se sent jamais impliqué, jamais attaché à ses alliés, jamais vraiment menacé par les ennemies principales. Juste ce qu'il faut pour que les plus gros défauts de finition et d'I.A. semblent plus fâcheux que jamais.
Aníbal GonçalvesFeb 14, 2019
Vão encontrar em New Dawn aquilo que esperariam num jogo da série Far Cry, mas num espaço de jogo mais "arrumado", visualmente diferente e com áreas/caras que vos serão familiares se jogaram o título anterior. Infelizmente, aquilo que acabará por prender-vos é mais aquele espírito complecionista, se o tiverem, que nos incita a farmar pela melhor arma e pela conclusão de todas as Expeditions e níveis de dificuldade dos Outposts, raramente será por um legítimo compromisso narrativo com os destinos das gentes de Hope County.
Matteo BussaniFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn è il naturale approdo per il seguito di Far Cry 5 nell’era dell’ibridazione GDR secondo Ubisoft. Hope County rifiorisce dopo la distruzione totale, ma non allo stesso modo sboccia il gameplay che rimane fedele alla serie, e non trova nella vena GDR il suo definitivo completamento. In particolare possiamo imputare ciò al ritmo frammentato della progressione del personaggio rispetto alla mappa e alla storia, che comunque avrebbe potuto fare qualcosina di più. I
Артемий ВолковFeb 07, 2019
Можно ли сейчас так делать игры по популярной франшизе? Оценки критиков показывают, что вроде как да. Продажи покажут большее, но я почти уверен, что и они окажутся вполне приемлемыми для издателя. А серии Far Cry уже давным-давно, еще со времен четвертой части пора куда-то эволюционировать.
Денис МайоровFeb 14, 2019
Игры и вправду похожи, это логично, у серии своя ниша, даже свой жанр, в котором конкуренции сегодня нет. Поэтому я не буду в очередной раз распинаться на эту тему, и не буду снижать New Dawn оценку за то, что она похожа на Far Cry 5. Предыдущий абзац — слегка измененная цитата из вступления к моей рецензии на Far Cry 5. Думаю, я еще долго смогу ее использовать.
Ahmet ÖzçilingirFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry NEW Dawn, adındaki YENİ kelimesinin karşılığını vermiyor. Far Cry 5’in hikayesini kaldığı yerden devam ettiren Far Cry New Dawn, bir devam oyunu olmaktan çok bir genişleme paketini andırıyor. Bütün Far Cry oyunlarında gördüğümüz görev yapısının üstüne, kaynak toplama, üs geliştirme, fantastik silahlar, göklerden inen “loot box’lar” ve mor renk tonu çalınmış. Yani Far Cry New Dawn’ın adı yeni, vaat ettiği eğlence anlayışı oldukça eski.
Gerard OlsderFeb 14, 2019
Vond je Far Cry 5 leuk? Dan is dit is een prima manier om nog wat langer in de wereld van Hope County door te brengen. Het spel heeft leuke verwijzingen naar wat er qua verhaal in deel vijf is gebeurd, maar kan ook prima op zichzelf staan. De overwoekerde wereld van New Dawn is mooi en kleurrijk en biedt afhankelijk van je niveau en hoe je speelt toch zeker twaalf tot twintig uur gameplay.
شروین ژاوهFeb 14, 2019
در نهایت Far Cry New Dawn پا را فراتر از یک نسخه فرعی و یا حتی یک افزونه گذاشته و در خیلی از موارد، به این بازی می‌توان به چشم شماره اصلی فارکرای نگاه کرد. تمامی تغییراتی که از نسخه پنجم انتظار می‌رفت در فارکرای نیو دان وجود دارند و این عنوان با ارائه پکیجی کامل، تجربه هیجان‌انگیزی را برای شما به ارمغان خواهد آورد.
saverFeb 14, 2019
Far Cry New Dawn je veľmi pekným pokračovaním Far Cry 5. Síce príbeh ohľadom dvojičiek je len strohý, ale v spojení s otcom Josephom je to dobrá kombinácia dvoch psychologicky odlišných strán. Na druhej strane je zaujímavejšie objavovanie zmeneného sveta, kde hľadanie zostarnutých známych z predchádzajúcej hry a zmenených budov stojí za to. Možno samotného obsahu a možností mohlo byť viac, ale fanúšikovia päťky a ako aj sandboxového Far Cry hrania si to užijú.