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Exo One

Nov 18, 2021
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Developer: Exbleative
Content Rating: Everyone


Exo One is a single-player, exoplanetary exploration game where you pilot an alien craft capable of manipulating gravity. Drift and flow across enigmatic and desolate alien landscapes using a gravity-based movement system. Transform between a sphere and glider to maintain momentum, using the geology beneath you and the clouds above to build colossal speeds and heights. See amazing, high-sci-fi planets, float through boiling cloud formations, slide and roll down hill and mountain faces, and drift toward alien horizons. Atmospheric, diffused visuals are merged with otherworldly sound effects and a hypnotic electric guitar soundtrack. Enter the surreal and alien worlds of Exo One and follow the story of mankind's first mission outside the solar system.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7 or higher 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2ghz or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 650 or higher with 1GB memory
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 12 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated

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Andrew FarrellNov 18, 2021
Exo One‘s ending is strange and feels a little anticlimactic, but that’s probably the best way to end such an enigmatic experience. It doesn’t last all that long, but I feel the length is appropriate, as the gameplay would have likely begun to drag had it gone on much longer. However, I still think there’s a lot of untapped potential for a more gameplay-oriented experience built around challenging players to use the orb’s abilities to conquer navigation challenges.
Jordan HelmNov 18, 2021
Intentions that, thanks to a simple control scheme, makes the act of journeying across these varied environments one to marvel at. Short and sweet but in no way significantly dented by its own strict vision and run-time, Exo One‘s picturesque voyage through one far-flung planet to the next, though not without fault, is more engaging and novel than it is mildly indulgent.
Sam WatanukiNov 17, 2021
As confusing as this might sound, Exo One is every bit relaxing as it is intense. Its exploration of the mysterious and deep reaches of space combined with its perfectly arranged soundtrack creates a different kind of sci-fi experience that should definitely be checked out by fans of the genre. As far as I know, this is Exbleative’s first title, but it’s an absolute banger. I’ll be eager to see future projects from the studio, science fiction-based or otherwise.

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