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RichJun 05, 2017
If you’re wanting to pick up an accessible space shooter that you can casually play but has a great deal of depth, Everspace comes more than highly recommended. It’s a game that will have you hooked no matter your skill level.
GamerevolutionMay 30, 2017
I hadn’t heard of Everspace until I was assigned the review copy. Apparently, it’s been in the Kickstart pipeline for a bit now and has garnered a strong following. I’m happy to say, though, that it’s a gem I’m glad I stumbled on to. Everspace provides some of the most unique experiences I’ve had in gaming this year, and it does so with style, featuring awe-inspiring visuals and intense gameplay, all without the budget and support of a AAA publishing studio.
Nick MonahanJun 12, 2017
Everspace's rewarding and beautifully presented playground is further bolstered by engrossing background lore and a dedication to keeping its rogue-like elements entrenched within the game's universe, resulting in perhaps the least-meta game of its kind I've ever played. What it lacks in content variety and originality where story is concerned, is made up for by its sheer ability to keep me going for hours - "just one more run."
Mike HolmesJun 05, 2017
The combat is decent, the action fast and frantic, and it comes encased in a thoughtful and cohesive wrapper that's likely to resonate with sci-fi fans. It also comes with options that can put it on the more accessible end of the scale when compared to other roguelikes, and Rockfish has done a fine job using the genre's best-loved mechanics to create something fresh and engaging.
Tomas BarryMay 25, 2017
In most senses, then, Everspace is quite an audio-visual treat, as well just as an excellent arcade 3D space shooter. While it's not perfect, suffering from a lack of design variance in some ways, it should be admired for committing to a fragmented sector structure, which does ensure every play session is fluid and action-packed. Perhaps there might have been a way to open up the stars, and feature a more expansive open-world environment.
Alberto GonzálezJun 02, 2017
Everspace nace como el fruto de la unión de una serie de géneros muy habituales por separado en el mundo del videojuego, pero que juntos, nos brindan la oportunidad de disfrutar con un concepto distinto al que estamos acostumbrados. Su combinación de roguelike y videojuego de acción espacial nos ha parecido muy entretenida, con múltiples posibilidades y decisiones a las que nos enfrentaremos una y otra vez, partida tras partida.
Alberto PastorMay 29, 2017
Desafiante y muy adictivo. Everspace es uno de esos juegos que merece la pena probar. Visualmente espectacular, su intensa acción roguelike te llevará a disfrutar de emocionantes batallas espaciales en las que el mínimo error acabará con vuestras aspiraciones de éxito. ¡No importa! Una y otra vez lo intentarás, mejorando las prestaciones de tu nave, hasta que alcances el ansiado desenlace en una aventura espacial digna de alabanza.
Martin DeppeMay 26, 2017
Unterm Strich ist Everspace ein flotter Weltraum-Shooter für die (lange) Mittagspause, aber keine abendfüllende Weltraum-Oper, die ich mehrfach hintereinander spiele. Aber dafür ist ein Roguelike ja auch nicht gedacht. Insofern: Mission erfüllt!
Robert HähnelJun 06, 2017
Die Mischung von Weltraum-Abenteuer und Roguelike kann nicht nur in der Form Spaß machen, in der sie von FTL präsentiert wurde. Auch die direkte Action, die Everspace bietet hat ihren Reiz. Dass sich das Spiel manchmal mehr wie ein gewöhnlicher, routinierter Shooter und etwas Atmosphäre-befreit anfühlt, ist etwas schade, aber vielleicht auch die einzig wirkliche Schwäche des Spiels.
ClementossJul 09, 2017
Parce que les Rogue-like ne sont pas que des jeux en pixel art 2D, Everspace s'affiche facilement comme un indispensable du genre. Son triptyque exploration / récolte / artisanat rentre dans les standards, mais il se détache clairement par le dynamisme de ses combats et les sensations de vol qu'ils procurent. Ajoutez à cela des graphismes qui vous émerveilleront instantanément, et vous risquez de revenir y faire une petite virée régulièrement. Tant pis si la musique n'est clairement pas à la hauteur du reste, si le grinding peut lasser et si poncer du minerai de l'espace peut vite rendre fou, on tient là un bon shooter spatial d'arcade en 3D comme on en voit trop peu.
Daniele SpeltaJun 06, 2017
EVERSPACE è un titolo divertente, adrenalinico e pieno di azione. I duelli fra le galassie sono sempre spettacolari e destreggiarsi fra esplosioni e immensi cumuli di asteroidi è un’esperienza che lascia il segno.
Mattia ArmaniMay 30, 2017
Everspace è un titolo finanziato attraverso Kickstarter che non ha nulla da invidiare a un tripla A. Il combattimento è veloce e intuitivo e le visuali mozzafiato, la progressione permanente e la trama lo differenziano a sufficienza dalla maggior parte dei roguelike da renderlo decisamente intrigante. Purtroppo il bilanciamento iniziale non è perfetto e la componente n
Stefano CastelliMay 25, 2017
Una partita tira l'altra: la formula di Everspace rapisce e trascina in un imprevedibile universo capace di tenere a bada il giocatore per decine di ore e di farcelo tornare grazie alla buona quantità di elementi da sbloccare giocando. Peccato per qualche limitazione sin troppo evidente, ma in caso vogliate sottostare alle sue regole, il gioco di Rockfish Games saprà farvi divertire e impegnare a lungo.