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Developer: Eterlands
Content Rating: Rating pending


A fantasy MOBA that attempts to revitalize this somewhat stale genre. The action of Eterlands takes place in a world in which ancient sages have concluded that greed corrupts human beings and leads to death and unnecessary bloodshed. To stop the meaningless outburst of violence, the authorities all around the world have decided to build special arenas which would allow enemy factions to clash with each other. This tradition has survived centuries, and is known as the renowned opportunity for the greatest warriors to test their skill and mettle. Eterlands is a PvP-oriented game that focuses on team-on-team battles. Each player controls a champion that has a set of powerful abilities, which can be further upgraded through hundreds of magical items. The game is characterized by its realistic combat system, day and night cycle, and a dynamic weather system which demands varied tactics and strict cooperation from the team.