Escape from Monkey Island for PC
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Escape from Monkey Island

Nov 8, 2000
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Developer: LucasArts
Content Rating: Teen


The day fast approaches when Guybrush Threepwood, Elaine Marley-Threepwood, Stan of Stan's Previously Owned Vessels, and the other bizarre characters from the beloved, anachronistic Monkey series come back to PC shores.

Critic Reviews

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IGN StaffNov 08, 2000
What EFMI ends up feeling like is a highly honed episode of your favorite show. Old characters reappear, relationships are fleshed out in even more humorous detail, and old locations are brought back for your joy and giggles. While the glitches are definitely frustrating, and the polish is lacking at times, overall this is a welcome return to the eeps and oops of your childhood.
Ron DulinNov 09, 2000
Escape from Monkey Island is a great game that can be frustrating. At times it'll seem as if there were simply too many designers working on it and everyone wanted their ideas included. The puzzles are hit and miss, and so are the jokes. This is best illustrated by the traditional LucasArts post-credits joke, in this case a string of pop-culture references that goes on and on, as if no one could decide which of them were funny so they just decided to leave them all.
Tom BramwellDec 09, 2000
I've been playing Escape From Monkey Island for nearly three weeks now, and although I have finished it, I'm still going back over bits here and there to relive a few moments. As with most adventure games, it's startlingly linear, but don't you dare let that rob you of the experience; this is a game that should be bought, played and cherished. I imagine that as with the previous titles, in a few months time I will dig it out of the draw and play through it again. It's just one of those games.