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James PaleyOct 17, 2017
It was always plain as day what I was doing wrong, and equally obvious what I had to do right. Yet I found no joy in the undertaking. Others may yet crack Elex open to feast on the succulent rewards inside. I will not be among them. If you’re looking for a sizable action RPG with a host of systems to master, Elex may be exactly what you need. Be warned, though: I went in with similar hopes and was left somehow wanting.
Kieran DesmondOct 18, 2017
I was very impressed by ELEX and I'm glad I didn't take the game at face value. If you're willing to put in the few hours it takes to figure out why ELEX is so great, then you'll be rewarded with an awesome and memorable experience -- especially if you’re an RPG fan. You'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t at least give ELEX a chance -- purely because of the vast and hugely interesting world that the team behind Gothic and Risen have created.
Daniel R. MillerNov 03, 2017
Piranha Bytes has created a legitimately interesting world to explore filled with choices and consequences, though it’s technical limitations and budget nature are a hard sell for any gamer who isn’t a fan of the Gothic and/or Risen games.
T.JOct 19, 2017
The best-case scenario for ELEX is that it’ll be worth picking up on sale a year or two from now after it’s been heavily patched to fix its rampant bugs and infuriating balance problems. It has enough good ideas that one day it might be talked about as one of those hidden RPG gems that people play and wonder why it wasn’t successful at launch. But the frothy mix of joy and frustration that ELEX presents today skews too heavily toward the latter. I wish it well, but I don’t think I’ll be calling it up for a second date.
Alessio PalumboOct 18, 2017
ELEX is pretty much the gaming incarnation of a mixed bag. While exploring the massive world of Magalan is an enjoyable experience and the lore easily pulls players in with lots of interesting quests, the mediocre combat, poor companions AI and severe balance issues prevent it from securing a spot in the ever more crowded RPG limelight.
Bryan VitaleFeb 02, 2018
Elex is a hard game to genuinely recommend, it does so many important things to only an acceptable level or worse. It's a game that's carried based on the strength of its quest design, or more pessimistically, one that's let down by a general lack of polish and uninteresting combat. It feels like a nice refreshing counterpart to some modern rpgs that treat their quest lists more like chores, but as a complete package, it falls disappointingly short.
Jonathan BoldingNov 08, 2017
Elex’s flaws don’t really come from the bugs, but from how it falls short of its ambitions. Its world and visual design are top tier, and it’s a game with a wide scope and an eclectic vision—it's fun for the forgiving—but that ultimately leaves much of the game underdeveloped.
Alex JacksonOct 16, 2017
ELEX has ambition but it lacks focus and refinement to become something more than it is. Technical fumbles, bad writing and robotic animations all bring the game down from any possible greatness, and what’s left can only be called mediocre.
Kieran HarrisOct 16, 2017
At times Elex may have had us firmly hooked with its blend of fantasy and sci-fi RPG elements, but its overall lack of polish with regards to presentation and combat ultimately holds it back from being a memorable experience. We can't fault its varied with regards to its open world, player choice, and its selection of weaponry, but its scope doesn't feel fully realised as it struggles to maintain a solid grasp of its fundamental elements.
OfisilOct 26, 2017
What we are looking here is one hell of a hardcore, post-apocalyptic, larger-than-life, sandbox RPG gem - a gem that's very rough around the edges, but a gem nonetheless. Unfortunately, it's currently inside the bowels of a large, sluggish, and sickeningly smelly beast: its battle system. Therefore, unless ELEX gets an extremely strong patch treatment, think a lot before a purchase.
NikholaiChanNov 16, 2017
ELEX is a broken, messy game that might have some interesting ideas deep down but they won't save it. Honestly you are better of avoiding or waiting for the developers to maybe save this title.
Steve CDec 21, 2017
ELEX is the very opposite of the accessible games that have revolutionised the open world RPG in recent years. I enjoyed it as a modern looking take on the Gothic series, but newcomers will have to be prepared to fight against the systems through the beginning of the game. This has resulted in the game quickly gaining a cult following who celebrate its obscurity and lack of accessibility. I don’t agree with this take and would argue that the best aspects of the game would only be improved by a more polished and refined presentation.
Alberto PastorOct 18, 2017
Tiene un potencial enorme pero ELEX no sabe sacar provecho de él. Su libertad de acción y el vasto mundo post-apocalíptico que permite explorar casi sin limitaciones no son suficientes para llevar al éxito a un RPG que no da la talla en aspectos capitales como su sistema de combate, por momentos frustrante, o la calidad de su argumento, que resulta demasiado genérico.
Javi Oria BonjourOct 16, 2017
ELEX es una aventura gigantesca y repleta de virtudes que confirma el buen trabajo de Piranha Bytes, estando a la altura de lo que todo fan podría esperar de ellos. La sensación de influencia sobre el mundo que nos rodea es la mayor baza de una aventura en la que todo progreso resulta satisfactorio y que presenta un reto muy largo y desafiante.
Carlos G. GurpeguiOct 16, 2017
Existe un buen juego, o quizás tres buenos juegos, escondidos debajo de la capa de desidia de Elex. Hay buenas ideas que quedan empantanadas por un acabado descuidado, un desarrollo narrativo deficiente y una falta completa de personalidad estética. Aunque la compañía tiene margen para arreglar problemas técnicos y estéticos los puntales del propio juego siguen siendo mediocres y poco inspirados.
Jörg LuiblOct 16, 2017
Das Kampfsystem ist ein unübersichtlicher, hektischer Krampf, den man nach einigen Stunden einfach nur noch auf seine Fehler hin ausnutzt und die Menügestaltung wäre schon vor zehn Jahren unbefriedigend gewesen. Zudem bleibt in der Hauptgeschichte gerade im Einstieg viel Atmosphäre auf der Strecke und der Hauptcharakter Jax, immerhin die fiese Bestie von Xacor, erschreckend blass. Dennoch bleibt festzuhalten: Elex ist für mich das beste Spiel von Piranha Bytes seit Gothic 2.
Dimitry HalleySep 16, 2017
Elex setzt um, was Videospiele ohnehin besser können als alle anderen Medien: Es bietet mir eine Welt, in die ich eintauchen möchte, in der ich mich komplett verlieren kann. Atmosphäre war immer schon die größte Stärke von Piranha Bytes. Und wer genau darauf in einem Rollenspiel den meisten Wert legt, der darf Elex nicht verpassen.
MrderivOct 18, 2017
Elex aurait pu être un titre marquant s’il était sorti au début des années 2000. Or aujourd’hui, il apparaît d’avantage comme un projet aux trop grandes ambitions, qui écule jusqu’à l'écœurement la formule instaurée par la série des Gothic. Efficace et atypique fut un temps, la recette est ici transposée à la manière d’un copier/coller sans âme vers un nouveau projet qui nous rappelle sans cesse ses trop nombreuses limites. Et si quelques joueurs nostalgiques verront en lui le moyen de replonger dans le passé, ce sera au prix de lourds
ExServOct 17, 2017
C’est incroyable mais Elex est une catastrophe encore pire que celle qu’on pouvait craindre. Dès que l’on pressent avoir trouvé une branche à laquelle se raccrocher, ce sont les développeurs qui viennent saboter le tout avec un système frustrant. Le jeu est un obstacle à sa propre exploration, l’évolution du personnage est bridée et la liberté une illusion.
Luca OlivatoOct 16, 2017
ELEX lascia l'amaro in bocca per alcune scelte infelici, su tutte il setting troppo confusionario e disarmonico: per un gioco di ruolo che fa dell'atmosfera e della trama uno dei suoi punti di forza si tratta di un aspetto tutt'altro che secondario. Il combat system è un altro degli aspetti più critici del nuovo gioco di Piranha Bytes, ma nella sua macchinosità ha il pregio di inserirsi bene nella filosofia del gameplay.
Алексей ЕгоровOct 27, 2017
Известный факт: уже шестнадцать лет Piranha Bytes выпускает «Готику». Иногда похуже, иногда получше, но всегда «Готику». Студия делает свои игры то масштабнее, то компактнее, экспериментирует с боевкой и ролевой системой, но никогда не решается на серьезные изменения.
DraugOct 13, 2017
A czy mają czego szukać tutaj entuzjaści gier RPG, którzy dotąd jakoś nie zetknęli się z dorobkiem studia Piranha Bytes? Myślę, że Wy dla własnego bezpieczeństwa powinniście zostawić sobie Elexa na kiedy indziej. Najpierw spróbujcie swoich sił w Risenach, a najlepiej w Gothicach – o ile archaiczna oprawa Was nie odstrasza. Przynajmniej nie będziecie zanadto stratni finansowo, jeśli stwierdzicie, że to jednak nie są gry dla Was.


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