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Edge of Nowhere

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Jeff CorkJun 07, 2016
Insomniac does a great job of taking advantage of the sense of presence VR technology can bring, with sequences that put disturbing images up close for examination. The experience isn’t about jump scares; it’s about making you dread what’s ahead, rather than trying to make you soak your seat. It’s not revolutionary, but Edge of Nowhere is a rewarding way to spend an afternoon. Just be sure to crank the AC.
Ben KucheraJun 06, 2016
There are plenty of strange, experimental demos and experiences for virtual reality that aren't easily identified, but Insomniac Games figured out how the technology can enhance a linear, horror adventure game. Edge of Nowhere may implement some well-worn cliches, but it's also one of the first examples of mastery in a new and not particularly well understood medium.
James DavenportJun 08, 2016
It’s intriguing as an attempt to fit a traditional game genre into an emerging medium, but because Edge of Nowhere doesn’t nail the fundamentals of its climbing and combat, it’s not a great signal light to seek out in the early days of VR. There’s fun to be had in the occasional spectacle, just be sure to fortify your patience ahead of time.
Dan StapletonJun 07, 2016
Edge of Nowhere stands out in the current library of VR games only because it’s one of the longer and more polished games out there, but compared to the conventional third-person action-stealth games it closely emulates it’s competent but unremarkable. If you’ve played a game in this genre before, Victor’s platforming and sneaking will do very little to surprise you, other than the way the sense of isolation you get from putting on the Oculus Rift enhances the setting.
Peter BrownJun 06, 2016
Edge of Nowhere is a model example of how to integrate traditional gameplay into VR, striking a wonderful balance between showcasing the capabilities of Rift and delivering engaging action. Familiar though the challenges may be, they're made exciting by stirring set pieces and surprising visions, both of which are amplified in VR.
Jed WhitakerJun 06, 2016
Edge of Nowhere could have easily been on other non-VR platforms and be passable as a budget title at around $20, but instead, here it is as an Oculus Rift exclusive costing double that thanks to what I'd call the 'VR tax,' which in this case is for a mostly worse experience. While there is an interesting story to be found, barely anything else here stands out as being original.
Alejandro PascualAug 09, 2016
Puede que Edge of Nowhere sea un juego bastante básico en sus formas, pero eso mismo es lo que demuestra lo inmersiva que puede llegar a ser la realidad virtual, captando más detalle y envolviendo más al jugador en su mundo. Sin embargo no podemos negar lo evidente, y es que se trata de un juego gráficamente algo pobre, pero sobre todo sencillo en su concepción, con tres acciones que repetir incesantemente en poco más de tres horas de duración.
Jorge CanoJul 18, 2016
Una aventura de acción que intenta ser variada y que consigue entretener durante sus tres horas de duración, aunque no consigue destacar en ningún aspecto concreto. Fuera de la VR sería un juego demasiado mediocre, pero como demostración técnica de lo que puede llegar a ofrecer un casco de realidad virtual nos ha dejado más o menos satisfechos, y tampoco es que haya cosas mucho mejores para elegir en este momento.
Mathias OertelJul 11, 2016
Machen wir uns nichts vor: Die Kernelemente von Edge of Nowhere sind jedes für sich betrachtet weder neu noch ungewöhnlich. Ohne VR-Einsatz wäre der Antarktis-Ausflug der Resistance-Macher nur ein relativ biederes, aber ansehnliches Survival-Abenteuer, das es über weite Teile nicht mit Outlast & Co aufnehmen könnte.
PanthaaJul 07, 2016
Edge of Nowhere est clairement une réussite pour la réalité virtuelle. On y découvre un TPS angoissant, qui aurait été un bon jeu console il y a 3 ou 4 ans sur PS3 et 360 et qui grâce à la VR s'offre un panel de sensations nouvelles, rafraîchissantes, et convaincantes. Il sera difficile pour les sceptiques de dire, après avoir fini le jeu, que la VR est incapable d'adapter des genres conventionnels avec brio.
Francesco DestriJul 11, 2016
Edge of Nowhere riesce a tracciare una nuova linea di demarcazione per le produzioni VR e l’esperienza di gioco si è rivelata tutto sommato divertente e affascinante, con anche momenti di tensione in chiave horror tutt’altro che disprezzabili. Resta però il fatto che un action-adventure game simile, non-VR, così poco longevo e con così pochi contenuti in-game, Insomniac Games non l’avrebbe mai fatto uscire.