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Dynasty Warriors 9

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Chris CarterFeb 13, 2018
Slightly above average or simply inoffensive. Fans of the genre should enjoy it a bit, but a fair few will be left unfulfilled.
Jason FaulknerFeb 13, 2018
Unfortunately, the changes in Dynasty Warriors 9 are a bit too superficial and kept too much of what made the series suffer in previous titles. The controls and animations need tightening, and the storytelling needs to evolve to a point where it's more coherent. If you're a fan of the Musou franchise, there's a lot of new stuff to experience and enjoy here. Dynasty Warriors 9 isn't likely to attract a ton of new fans, but it sets the groundwork for the future of the series, and we'll likely see the real fruits of this new direction in the next few entries in the franchise.
Jenni LadaFeb 13, 2018
ou can never go wrong with Samurai Warriors 4. Hyrule Warriors is so good, it is coming up on its third port! And there are times when I still swear Dynasty Warriors 4 is the best entry in this series. Dynasty Warriors 9 is not a good Warriors. It is not a good open world game. It is a broken, tedious mess. Fortunately, fans of the genre have plenty of older entries to enjoy. Maybe in a year or two, after Omega Force has more experience with open world installments, we will see the Warriors formula work with this genre.
Kai PowellFeb 13, 2018
Dynasty Warriors 9 dips into a number of systems that have permeated in Western-designed open world games for the past few years, but does just enough with them to incorporate them alongside the tried and true Dynasty Warriors formula without losing its true focus. It’s a marvelous evolution to the series that’s been known for massive combat and now there’s an open world map that can match its grand scale. Even if you’ve taken a few years off since your last trip to the Chinese empires, Dynasty Warriors 9 is waiting for you to answer the call of battle once more.
Brandon HowardFeb 21, 2018
The PC version of Dynasty Warriors 9 is frustrating, more for its wasted potential than anything else. The game is difficult to control on PC, and that significantly hinders a lot of the fun, fast-paced combat, which is all-too scarce at times. Additionally, while the open-world approach is a great direction for the series, it doesn't capture the epic battles that the series is known for in the same way.
Sam BishopFeb 13, 2018
There's bad voice acting, which is pretty much a staple for the series; intense and explosive action; a varied and diverse cast of characters; and a story with a ton of different perspectives. Sure, the shift to open world wasn't really necessary and doesn't really bring any huge advantages with it, but it's a very fun game nonetheless. We just hope that it can get that bit of polish post-launch, because that's one of the biggest drawbacks of an otherwise enjoyable experience.
Aron GerencserFeb 15, 2018
Dynasty Warriors 9 suffers from a lot of issues, most stemming from the terribly implemented open-world. Assets are reused, it’s buggy, repetitive, bloated, empty and bland. These shortcomings are made all the more painful by the obvious potential this game had, and how fun the base combat can be once players waded through all the other nonsense.
Dale EmasiriFeb 13, 2018
Dynasty Warriors offers a plethora of playable characters, large-scale battles, and a feeling of godhood as you smash through scores of enemies with a single thing. What more could you ask for from a Warriors game?
Alex HamiltonFeb 23, 2018
Everything about this game seems completely rushed. To jump onto the open world bandwagon three or four years too late and still deliver such a pile of garbage isn’t just embarrassing, it’s insulting.
Preston DozsaFeb 13, 2018
Dynasty Warriors 9 is a significant departure from past titles, but a poorly implemented open world leaves much to be desired.
Ramón VarelaFeb 13, 2018
Un Dynasty Warriors que rompe moldes y que no dejará indiferentes a los fans, ni en lo bueno ni en lo malo. A veces la ambición juega en su contra.
pinjedFeb 15, 2018
Hay gente para todo, que dice mi abuela, como queriéndose despojar de las preocupaciones; como ese «Dios proveerá» tan resignado y a la vez tan liberador que suele usar la gente mayor, y que en este caso parece el principal argumento de los responsables de Dynasty Warriors 9. Una mezcla impía y arbitraria a la que además le falta el único componente que podría haberla salvado: el respeto hacia las virtudes propias.
Michael CherdchupanFeb 23, 2018
Wenigstens ist die Musik über jeden Zweifel erhaben. In Kämpfen schrammelt der Rock fett aus den Boxen, während beim Ritt durch die Lande immerhin auf ein gewisses Reisegefühl eingestimmt wird. Plopp! Oh, das kann selbst der Soundtrack nicht übertönen: Das Geräusch des zerplatzenden Traums einer epischen Interpretation der Geschichte der drei chinesischen Reiche.
Adriano Di MedioFeb 13, 2018
Dynasty Warriors 9 è lontano dalla perfezione. È poco raffinato tecnicamente, il gameplay ha bisogno di tempo per ingranare e ostenta ingenuità (se non pigrizia) quando deve fare cose differenti dall’action. Eppure è un videogioco esaltante, vasto e pieno di cose da fare. Che per quanto meno dettagliato e denso di altri, è schietto e appassionato.
Tommaso PuglieseFeb 13, 2018
Il gioco mette sul piatto una lunga campagna con tante missioni e personaggi sbloccabili, ma soffre degli stessi difetti di sempre e anzi in alcuni casi li enfatizza proprio per via del nuovo approccio. A queste perplessità si aggiunge una realizzazione tecnica che evidentemente non regge il peso del mondo aperto, con frame rate problematici, il ritorno del famigerato pop-up ed evidentissimi problemi di streaming degli asset. In definitiva, i fan della serie potrebbero trovare comunque interessante il nuovo approccio, ma tutti gli altri farebbero bene a tenersi a distanza.