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Ricky KnightDec 14, 2018
Dusk is the perfect package. It sets out to deliver exactly what you’d want from a game like this and it delivers it in spades. From the moment you see its “fake-DOS” loading screen, to your first encounter with a shotgun-wielding scarecrow in a creepy field, you’ll be smiling ear to ear, hoping your mom doesn’t know you installed Dusk on her 1GB of ram, CRT monitor PC. You might melt it.
Ben ReevesDec 13, 2018
The first-person shooter has evolved a great deal since Doom popularized the genre in 1993, but, in spite 25 years of innovations, Dusk proves that many of the old tricks still work incredibly well. Dusk might look and feel like a Quake mod, but it's so polished it feels modern. Anyone with even a hint of nostalgia in their bones for classic shooters should dive headfirst into Dusk.
Ian BirnbaumDec 12, 2018
Dusk is brilliant because it understands that replaying those old games is frequently kind of a letdown. Half-Life is a classic, but playing it today shows how different parts of it haven't aged well. The graphics are more bare than in my memories, and the animations are more stilted. It was groundbreaking, but it's just not quite as fun as it was when it first blew my mind in 1998.
James CunninghamDec 14, 2018
Dusk is easily one of the best pure-action FPSes to come along in years, mixing gunplay and exploration in equal measure. The level design is the highlight but there are plenty of extras to keep you playing, including four optional goals per level, endless levels where waves of creatures spawn one after the other and even deathmatch multiplayer. One of the nice features of the goals is you can choose an individual level to play, which shows off the care put into weapon placement.
Joe AllenDec 15, 2018
All in all, DUSK is an easy sell to those who’ve played and loved Quake, Half-Life, and DOOM. Those who would very much like a game that plays exactly as they do. Inheriting the wonderful aspects of 90s shooters, DUSK‘s visceral combat, peerless atmosphere, and emphasis on exploration over blockbuster set pieces all lend it the unmistakable air of a well-constructed shooter. It does have one or two minor flaws, including the aforementioned balance hiccups and some degree of repetition.
Alex Santa MariaDec 10, 2018
I was constantly grinning from ear to ear as I discovered new shortcuts and spent what felt like hours hiding out in corners, trying to lure enemies into fighting each other. Even while calling back to a previous era, Dusk adds on top of those legacies. This is retro first-person shooter perfection, the next evolution in a genre once frozen in time. Long may it reign once again.
Leo FariaDec 23, 2018
While I found Dusk to be a very fun and competent shooter, I must say I didn’t understand the hype. Yes, it’s fun and feels just like a fast-paced FPS from twenty years ago, but unlike other more recent retro revival shooters, it brought absolutely nothing new to the table. To sum it up, Dusk is a great title if you’re looking for a title to scratch your Quake-loving itch, but don’t expect anything you haven’t seen a thousand times before.
Peter GlagowskiDec 10, 2018
This is shooter perfection and something fans of the classics need to experience. Maybe it doesn't redefine what is possible with video games, but it beats out basically every other shooter I've ever played. I know I'll be replaying this for years to come and I look forward to seeing what fans are capable of with mod tools. It feels great to have the golden age of shooters back.
SynzerDec 17, 2018
Dusk is an amazing game that fans of the genre are sure to love. Sure it doesn't have fancy new graphics, but it shows just how great games can be without them. It captures what made classic Doom so good, perfectly. It is always nice to see retro styled games in the modern era because it makes you feel like you're playing a the sequel or spiritual successor of one of your favorite games that never came out until now.
Robert BaddeleyDec 10, 2018
DUSK is love story written about 90s FPS games that perfectly encapsulates everything that was great about the genre in the 90s. From the pixilated graphics to the classic weapons and gameplay, DUSK is a must have for any older gamer seeking a taste of childhood nostalgia.
Kosta AndreadisDec 18, 2018
Cue dark backwoods towns and houses, huge secret military facilities, scientific experiments, deep mines, strange ruins, and pulsating monstrosities of all sizes. Full of memorable moments, fast-paced action, moody set pieces and surprising narrative twists and turns - Dusk may look like a long-lost gem from 1998, when it’s actually one of 2018’s best.
Saúl GonzálezJan 11, 2019
DUSK es una bendita oda a los FPS clásicos, el mejor homenaje que se le puede hacer a títulos como Quake, Doom, Heretic, Rise of the Triad, Blood o Duke Nukem 3D, que tienen en este título un digno sucesor de todo lo que nos ofrecieron en su momento durante los 90.
Jose Luis Lopez de GarayoDec 30, 2018
Si DUSK solo contase con la campaña sería fácil de recomendar a su precio actual. Pero es que además cuenta con un modo de hordas con tres niveles y un modo multijugador en desarrollo que ya nos ha conseguido entretener durante horas. Tanto así que nos costó empezar con la campaña pues Duskworld, como se llama este modo multijugador, es tan difícil de amaestrar, preciso y veloz como lo fue Quakeworld en su día.
Michael CherdchupanJan 04, 2019
David Szymanski ist in der Indie-Szene kein Unbekannter. Er hat mit Spielen wie Fingerbones oder The Music Machine kleine Adventures mit Grusel-Einschlag entwickelt, die wie schlechte Träume wirken. Mit Dusk kombiniert er seine Erfahrungen mit dem Retro-FPS. Und das mit bemerkenswertem Ergebnis. Ich stürme, hüpfe, hechte blitzschnell durch Gegnermassen, feuere mit Maschinengewehr und Granaten - und trotzdem erschrecke ich mich zwischendurch.
[87]Dec 26, 2018
Frénétique, agréable à jouer, level design intelligent et diversité dans les environnements comme dans les approches à adopter pour triompher des ennemis sont autant d'arguments en faveur de ce titre, qui se réapproprie d'une belle manière ce qui faisait le sel des FPS des années 90. Si certes, il ne révolutionne rien, il est toutefois indispensable pour les nostalgiques, mais également pour les personnes désireuses de découvrir le genre tel qu'il était avant ses multipiles mutations.
matus_aceNov 26, 2021
DUSK na Switchi navyše dostal podporu pohybového ovládania, ktoré mnohí už preferujú aj na základe iných hier a je to možnosť, ktorá zaujme. Taktiež je tu obrovská halda rôznych nastavení, čo pre konzolové verzie hier nie je bežné – môžete meniť veľkosť zbrane, FOV, farebnú paletu, mieridlo, pridať si retro obrazový filter, rozpixelovať obraz (až na úroveň Game Boy hier) a podobne, čo celý port ťahá ešte vyššie.