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Steven HansenJul 10, 2015
I can't describe the amount of hollering coming from my living room after the tension-snapping slapstick of two ducks with shotguns meticulously coming up to the other before unleashing a barrage of empty-chamber clicks. They're both out of ammo and the calm, self-assured demeanor they came with dissolves into two panicked ducks jumping around looking for weapons.
Justin CelaniJun 03, 2015
Duck Game is simple in name and fun in style. While the multiplayer aspect is fun, as is playing with friends or online strangers, the real absurdness comes from the crazy challenges in single player mode. It doesn’t show its true colors in single player challenge mode right away, but if you stick with it, you’re bound to see some of the funny missions at hand. Sometimes silly, sometimes crazy, fun alone or with friends, duck game is tasty.
Borja Vilar MartosJul 28, 2015
When I first booted up The Red Solstice, I was frustrated and lost, but with time (and a few Steam community guides) I grew to like the game more and more. It's a hardcore co-op experience that is a joy to play with friends and strangers alike. The intense combination of strategy and action is not for everyone, but if you've got patience and a Dark Souls' level of appreciation for punishment, then The Red Solstice is a no-brainer.
Jake YanikJun 11, 2015
I’ve grown cynical of videogames over the past twenty-five plus years of playing them. It takes a lot to earn my favour these days, but Duck Game is truly and genuinely fun in a way that I so rarely experience anymore. I love the look of it. I love the music. I love the fact that I stand idle like Darkwing Duck in the NES game. I love that the whole thing feels like a John Woo movie.
Jose A. RodríguezJun 08, 2015
La premisa con la que nos acercamos a Duck Game no es la misma con la que lo haríamos a un triple A. El mundo Indie nos ofrece cosas diferentes, un espacio que antes sólo conseguíamos mediante la emulación. En el caso de Duck Game, la experiencia es satisfactoria a la vez que simple y escueta. No es un título que nos marque, pero sí que nos garantiza unas risas y gran durabilidad. Y eso, no está nada mal. Ale, a ver patos matarse.
Lorenzo BaldoJul 06, 2015
Visivamente al limite dello sgraziato e fiero di esserlo, Duck Game non nasconde le tante cicatrici, quasi fossero un vanto. Sotto i pixel, spesso tagliati con l'accetta, c'è una fucina di divertimento, spontaneo e genuino. Trash d'autore, sconsigliato agli esteti, i cultori del bello con il mignolo sempre ben alzato.