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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser

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Phil SavageSep 22, 2015
There's not much in the way of side-content, either. A few optional fights offer hidden treasures, and exploration can uncover stat bonuses. Trespasser also adds optional difficulty modifiers to the main game—everything from nerfing health potions to buffing bears—that offer the chance at special rewards. Ultimately, though, Trespasser is first and foremost Inquisition's epilogue. It offers a long, twisting mission, fun character moments and a satisfying pay-off.
Nick TanSep 10, 2015
Trespasser is one of the best DLCs in recent memory. It could be argued that Trespasser should have been a part of the original game since it wraps up Dragon Age: Inquisition so cleanly, but it does resonate as a distinct epilogue and holds up to the test of what should count as extra content. Apart from a few quibbles, Trespasser treats its cast of characters, the main game, and the Dragon Age series respectfully, balancing fan-service nods, thoughtful level design, and robust combat.
Stacey JohnsonSep 14, 2015
A common complaint about previous Inquisition DLC was that it didn’t add anything to the main story, that it had no consequence. Not so here, where consequences abound. Whether it’s the consequences of a companion’s personal quest, or the fate of the Inquisition itself, it all matters. Trespasser goes a long way to prove that Bioware really does listen to what fans have to say without feeling like it’s pandering.
Chris CapelSep 27, 2015
Bioware have this annoying habit of making at least one of their expensive DLC packs indispensible to the overall series storyline, and they’ve done it again: if you’re planning on playing Dragon Age 4 you need to play Trespasser. Fortunately it’s worth it, although not without a big “but”. The story continues well, brings in consequences to loads of your previous decisions then adds seismic new ones, and even takes time for some humorous moments.