Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent for PC
PC - DLC, Windows

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent

Aug 11, 2015
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This game requires the base game Dragon Age: Inquisition to play.

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Developer: BioWare
Content Rating: Mature


Explore the legendary Deep Roads, but ensure that you come prepared. A perilous journey awaits underground, where vast, darkspawn-infested caverns will challenge the Inquisition like never before. Meet memorable new characters, learn more about dwarven history, and collect epic loot as you fight to solve one of Thedas's greatest mysteries. Hidden danger lurks within the Stone, Inquisitor. Good luck!

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Chris ThurstenAug 25, 2015
The Descent isn't terrible, but it's eminently missable. BioWare have always done this—put out quicker, cheaper-feeling DLC between the good ones—but it's become a habit I rather hope they break away from. Too brief and inconsequential to live up to expectations. One for Dragon Age lore obsessives and ardent completionists.
Stacey JohnsonAug 24, 2015
The Descent is a decent addition for players who are dying to get back into the game for a bit or prolong their experience, but ultimately casual players will want to skip it, or wait for holiday sales. The silver lining here is that executive producer Mark Darrah recently stated on Twitter that they “aren’t done yet” with releasing story based DLC; hopefully we have plenty more to look forward to and Bioware can prove they really do listen to fans and what they really want out of the story.
Nick TanAug 25, 2015
Though The Descent has the foundation of a strong side campaign, the characters aren't memorable enough and the story finishes too loosely to leave a lasting impression. Perhaps if it came coupled with a fully reimagined Orzammar or characters who have some permanence, it would have been an adventure that wasn't as closed off and didn't have an awkward aftertaste.