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Martin GastonJul 19, 2013
The original Dota was an unexpectedly powerful blend of clashing genres and disparate elements that ended up taking over the world, and Valve's successor retains the original rules and characters while adding in a cheery free-to-play model and slick production values. The experience of playing Dota changes day by day--some evenings will be exhilarating, while others will kick your morale to the curb--but there are few games as worthy of your time investment as this. Those who choose to commit to Dota 2 will find many happy hours within this immaculate update.
Adam BiessenerJul 16, 2013
Valve studiously avoided reinventing the wheel with Dota 2, and given how beloved the gameplay is that is undoubtedly the best thing for the game, the community, and the genre. The infrastructure for matchmaking, spectating, and everything else that surrounds actual matches is executed on a level only the best studios can rival. I’ll still be playing and following League of Legends for my multiplayer online battle arena needs, but I can’t find any fault with another player with different tastes choosing Dota 2.
Patrick HancockJul 24, 2013
It's a spectator sport platform with its own item-betting scene; it's a hobby; it's a profession, and a way to make a living. It isn't perfect and likely never will be, as each update tends to fix bugs and introduce new ones, and the tutorial could certainly use some work. However, with zero cost to play and one of the highest skill ceilings of any game I've ever encountered, Dota 2 is a modern multiplayer masterpiece.
Arthur GiesAug 15, 2017
And this dichotomy is perhaps the best descriptor I can attach to Dota 2. It is frequently a game which occupies two opposite spaces simultaneously. It is the best game. It is also the worst game. No game has ever made me as miserable as Dota 2 has. But no game has made me feel so consistently rewarded for my time, and as consistently, wonderfully connected to the friends I play it with.
Phill CameronJul 24, 2013
Dota 2 deserves its intimidating reputation, and it probably won’t suit you if you’re looking to play casually. There’s a huge time investment before you can even enjoy a game, let alone feel competent at it. But once you start to learn its secrets, there’s a wild and exciting variety of play here that’s unmatched, even by its peers. It’s a challenge of knowledge as well as reflexes, and success is a rush.
Jake ValentineJul 19, 2013
Dota 2 isn’t for the faint of heart. It isn’t for everyone. But if you play MOBAs, then it is for you. This is the game in the genre you need to play. If you don’t believe me, then consider this: There’s a reason why the community has crowd-funded a total of $900,000-plus to the prize pool for The International 3.
Chris ThurstenAug 07, 2013
Its present custodian, Valve, has succeeded in improving it—in making it more accessible and adding new ways to play. But most importantly Valve has succeeded in preserving Dota—in protecting the spirit of a phenomenal game that predates this specific iteration and will hopefully outlive it, too.
Jaz RignallAug 08, 2013
A great PvP game that offers some of the most intriguing and nuanced team combat around. As with all multiplayer games, sometimes the enjoyment can be marred by less considerate players, but when everyone is giving it their all, DOTA 2 is intense, challenging, and hugely enjoyable.
Quintin SmithJul 16, 2013
All of which makes Dota 2 an absurd video game to try to recommend. Being the largest and most immediately open MOBA, with Valve showcasing its talent for rewarding and fostering a community, it demands and offers more than literally any game I can think of. It's almost more comparable to basketball than most commercial games. Something utterly opaque bearing no endgame, but that could happily fill every waking second of your life.
Craig SnowJul 09, 2013
Dota 2 has its claws dug well and truly deep within me. It is my personal game of the year so far, though I anticipate I’ll be the only one on staff to vote that way later in the year when voting commences, and I have a hard time imagining anything due for release in the next few years will eclipse Dota 2 in my mind's eye. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about then you have no reason not to dive in – it’s a free to play title without even a hint of ‘pay to win’ - but don’t say I didn’t warn you; Dota is a truly brutal beast.
trogJul 16, 2013
It's an amazing game - technically outstanding, showing all of Valve's usual polish and attention to detail, especially in the all-important multiplayer aspects. The continual balance tweaks and new heroes combined with the vast amount of content in the game offer countless hours of enjoyment. It's hard to master but good wins with your teammates are incredibly satisfying.
Gerard TorresAug 05, 2013
En resumen, DotA 2 se erige como uno de los mejores multijugador de PC de la actualidad por méritos propios. Acaba de salir de la fase beta y ya es uno de los títulos más jugados en Steam. Y esto se debe no solo a la calidad inherente del título sino al fabuloso trabajo de Valve promocionándolo vía torneos y eventos como el que está teniendo lugar ahora; probablemente el acontecimiento más grande del mundo en lo que a e-sports se refiere, The International 3.
Albert Gil MoreraJul 16, 2013
Se podría recurrir al tópico de que DOTA 2 es un juego nacido para marcar época, si no fuera porque ya lo ha hecho. Llegan muchos grandes títulos con el paso de los años, pero pocos son aquellos que no son sólo excelentes sino que también marcan la vida de sus jugadores, convirtiéndose en un lugar especial donde reunirse con los amigos, más allá de la distancia o de los problemas de la vida. Un título puede ser extraordinario durante días o semanas, pero para serlo durante más de una década tiene que ser algo muy especial y ese es el legado que DOTA 2 honra con todos los honores.
Alberto PastorJul 24, 2013
Por opciones de juego, variedad de personajes y refinamiento en sus mecánicas jugables, DOTA 2 se ha convertido sin duda alguna en el mejor de su género. Una auténtica obra maestra que denota la pericia con la que sus creadores han dado vida a este videojuego, al que podemos dedicar cientos de horas sin cansarnos nunca de su trepidante acción. Indudablemente, un clásico que no deberías dejar escapar.
Eike CramerJul 26, 2013
Vor allem in einer eingespielten Gruppe macht DotA 2 Spaß, da es unheimlich taktisch ist und stark auf Kooperation und Timing basiert. Es fordert viel strategische Planung und schnelle Reaktionen, die richtige Zusammenstellung des Teams und die richtigen Absprachen untereinander. So entstehen mitunter glorreiche Momente bei knapp gewonnenen Spielen oder dramatischen Niederlagen. DotA 2 ist durch seine Präsentation, seine phänomenal gute Balance, die ausgereiften Spielmechaniken und den Warcraft-Charme die Champions League seines Sports.
Olaf SzymanskiJul 23, 2013
Die Lernkurve ist zwar steil, aber dennoch unterhaltsam. Das Lernen und Entdecken der Möglichkeiten von Items und Helden ist wiederum ein ganz eigener Reiz. Potenziell glorreich ist zudem die inhaltliche Zukunft des Spiels, nicht zuletzt dank der starken Community-Bindung und dem Steam Workshop. Valve hat mit Dota 2 ein Spiel erschaffen, welches für die nächsten Jahre Millionen von Spielern völlig zurecht und enorm erfüllend an sich binden wird.
Gaël FouquetSep 07, 2013
Dota 2 offre à la fois un gameplay riche et équilibré, et tous les outils pour l'apprécier dans de bonnes conditions. Fun et exigeant, addictif mais terriblement chronophage, le jeu parvient à être amusant dès les premières parties tout en offrant une profondeur assez incroyable pour qui sera prêt à lui sacrifier ses nuits, seul ou entre amis. Et le tout gratuitement, sans bridage de héros et autres pirouettes. Une jolie réussite.
PanthaaJul 18, 2013
Dota 2 marque le grand retour du socle des MOBA et le résultat est une version très puriste du concept de 5Vs5. Cela dit, le tout reste très abordable pour le débutant et se veut accessible et encourageant pour qui souhaite s'améliorer. Les outils sont à la disposition du joueur, directement in-game, et c'est un vrai plaisir d'enchaîner les parties. Un jeu à essayer et à adopter si toutefois vous n'êtes pas réfractaire au genre.
Alessandro De LucaAug 02, 2013
Dota 2 ha una curva di apprendimento ripidissima, ma la sua difficoltà è bilanciata da un sistema di gioco profondo e complesso in grado di regalare soddisfazione e divertimento a tutti coloro che hanno la dedizione e, perché no, la pazienza di dedicargli il tempo necessario per imparare a giocare e ad apprezzare l’enorme quantità di variabili grandi e piccole che rendono ogni partita così diversa da quella precedente e da quella successiva.
Lorenzo FantoniJul 16, 2013
Un titolo veramente profondo e interessante, in cui è facile capire le meccaniche di base, ma molto difficile poter dire di essere diventati bravi. Un titolo in cui il bilanciamento tra le varie parti è stato certosino, e continua tutt'ora, patch dopo patch, in cui le variabili da tenere in considerazione sono tantissime, forse troppe.
Fredrik ÅslundJul 18, 2013
Den som ändå är beredd att tackla svårighetsgraden och har skinn på näsan kan däremot hitta oändliga timmar av spelglädje i något som är så enkelt, men ändå så ofattbart komplicerat. Dessutom är gratis alltid gott. Är du sugen på ett nygammalt strategispel med bra tempo kan Dota 2 definitivt vara något för dig. Vi kan dessutom garantera att du lär dig en hel del om personangrepp under tiden.