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Don't Starve

Apr 23, 2013
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Content Rating: Teen


Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic.
You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home.

System Requirements


  • OS:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Processor:1.7+ GHz or better
  • Memory:1+ gigs of RAM GB RAM
  • Graphics:Radeon HD5450 or better; 256 MB or higher
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
  • Sound:100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers

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May 28, 2019

The reason why I play Open World games is because every once in a while, I want to get lost in a different world.

This game is close to my heart because it was the game I played when I was doing my thesis. I've never beat the game, and I really don't want to. Whenever I play Don't Starve, I really just want to fool around and find many different ways to kill mobs without getting my hands dirty.

I love how you can tweak the world according to exactly how difficult or how easy you want the game to be. Whether you want a super easy game where you will definitely not starve, or shoot yourself in the leg and be stuck in winter forever, this game will deliver.



Sep 23, 2020
Marcos Felipe Lourenço

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The initial sense of wonder that comes from stumbling upon the surprises and discoveries of this interesting world rapidly fades away when you're stuck tackling the same menial tasks over and over again to regain lost ground for the hundredth time. It's disappointing, because Don't Starve otherwise packs a tremendous amount of charm, depth, and intrigue.
Joe JaskoApr 29, 2013
In many ways, Don’t Stave is the quintessential indie game, with the perfect blend of depth and simplicity, and the flawless premise to keep you playing for days and days on end. After spending more hours than I would care to admit with this game, I still feel like I have barely even scratched the surface on everything this one has to offer.
Jessica CondittMay 14, 2013
Don't Starve spent months in beta, with players suggesting tweaks, modes and additions, and now that the full game is officially out, developer Klei is constantly updating it. The main menu hosts a countdown for the next update – it currently promises 18 days until some cool new features find their way into the forest. This community engagement is not only smart from a marketing and outreach perspective, but it's what gives Don't Starve its depth: All of these features bundled into a survival game with streamlined, robust mechanics and infinite ways to die.

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