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Doki Doki Literature Club!

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Tom ChickJan 18, 2018
By the time I graduated, Mandy’s voice had gotten stronger and she had started pulling her hair back into a ponytail. You could hear her. You could see her face. I like to think she’s gotten a great job, maybe has a family, her grown children now in college. I like to think she’s living a strong confident life, but the truth is I have no idea. I almost didn’t have any idea what had happened to her.
Sam BishopApr 07, 2018
All in all it's been a very wishy-washy review, but that's because it's a really fine line trying to explain why Doki Doki Literature Club is so interesting. It's not necessarily the best story, but it does things we've not seen done before, and in this day and age that is definitely something to be praised.
Billy ClarkeFeb 14, 2018
Doki Doki Literature Club is a mind boggling and hard hitting horror game that takes tried and tested formulas of both visual novels and dating sims and turns them on their heads. The themes and story pack a punch, and stayed with me long after I had finished playing. It may require commitment from some to get through but the reward for those who stick it is more than worth it
Aaron RodriguezJan 15, 2018
Tras terminar el juego las sensaciones que ha dejado "Doki Doki Literature Club" son de un título que no sólo busca dar una vuelta de tuerca dentro del género y ofrecer una experiencia diferente sino también implicar al jugador dentro del desarrollo del juego y además tocar temas un tanto sensibles, como el suicidio, el abuso o la existencialidad. El resultado es interesante pero a su vez es un tanto mejorable, en especial en lo que a duración se refiere y también la falta de un desarrollo algo más completo.
VisualNovelistNov 19, 2017
Doki Doki Literature Club! n'est pas seulement un excellent Visual Novel, il est peut-être le meilleur jeu d'horreur de cette année 2017. Pendant plusieurs heures de jeu, celui-ci arrive à tromper le joueur qui se rend compte bien trop tard dans quoi il est tombé. De par sa réalisation, il y a de fortes chances qu'il touche plus que les amoureux des visual novel ; son chemin est tout tracé.
Simone TagliaferriOct 20, 2017
Doki Doki Literature Club! è eccezionale nel suo trasformarsi più volte mantenendo sempre un'incredibile coerenza di fondo. Team Salvato è riuscito a creare una storia appassionante e dalla natura fortemente metavideoludica, sfruttando con immensa intelligenza la forma visual novel in tutte le sue componenti (addirittura l'interfaccia diventa parte del racconto).


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