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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

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Ben BarrettMar 27, 2014
Adventure Mode has fixed the endgame by focusing that task and the new Crusader class manages to fill a tanky, more defensive niche - but if you didn’t see value in it before, fundamentally it’s the same game. Thankfully, that’s just what I wanted.
Rob SmithMar 25, 2014
...offers a suitably complete, if uninspiring, revisit to this dark, desolate world. It’s darkly beautiful ...superbly crafted ...and fittingly familiar
Chris CarterMar 26, 2014
Diablo III may have lost its allure after a first months of play, but Reaper of Souls has sucked me right back in again. Most of these additions should have been in the base game from the get-go, but there's no denying that they're welcome changes. Now that Diablo III has a new base to work from, I hope Blizzard keeps at it to make it the best they possibly can.
Jon LedfordApr 07, 2014
Ultimately, Reaper of Souls is more than enough to reel in former Diablo III players who went into a demon-slaying hiatus. More importantly, Reaper has the ability to appeal to the fans of Diablo I and II that were turned off by Diablo III.
Kevin DunsmoreMar 28, 2014
In an age where expansion packs are merely just a few extra maps and weapons, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls feels fresh and exciting. The story seems like filler and never lives up to its intriguing premise, but the extra hours it adds on are fun thanks to an interesting new setting. It will do little to change your opinion of the core Diablo III experience, but fans will find plenty to enjoy with Reaper of Souls.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioMar 25, 2014
In short, if you weren’t a huge Diablo III fan then Reaper of Souls won’t change your mind. However, if you enjoyed the original then Reaper of Souls adds a new class, several new environments, and a bunch of replay value. Just be warned, the plot isn’t the greatest and you’ll likely have to purchase another expansion in the future to finally see some sort of satisfying conclusion.
Suzie FordMar 25, 2014
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is the game that should have been released two years ago. Even saying that, waiting patiently for this past couple of years, it was well worth it. The inclusion of Loot 2.0, Paragon points, Adventure Mode, and the Crusader has made Diablo III a bright and shiny new game that has finally earned that 8.5 we assigned to it two years ago.
Kat BaileyMar 27, 2014
If the purpose of an expansion is to not only introduce new content, but also extend the life of its core game, Reaper of Souls delivers. Act V might seem a little light, but Reaper of Souls' new features and Adventure Mode make it an essential purchase for anyone with even a passing interest in Diablo III.
Arthur GiesApr 04, 2014
Of course, most developers would commit crimes to have players ask that kind of question of their games. Reaper of Souls is a Blizzard expansion through and through, an example of the developer's willingness to re-examine every decision to make a game that old players can find new again, and new players can get into just as easily.
Daniel TackMar 26, 2014
With a staggering revamp that touched upon almost all aspects of the game and modes that keep things interesting, Reaper of Souls isn’t so much an expansion as it is a completely new game.
Paul TamburroApr 09, 2014
Reaper of Souls is not only a hugely fun game in its own right, but it has convinced me, as a newcomer to the series, to now dive deeper into Diablo and check out what I’ve been missing all of these years. If you’re a Diablo fan, then this expansion is already on your wishlist, but if you haven’t delved into the series before then I strongly urge that you do so right now.
Mary-Anne LeeMar 31, 2014
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls goes back to its roots as a grindy dungeon-crawler in a great way and I could not be happier with it.
Phil IwaniukMar 31, 2014
Offering rebalanced systems, increased level caps and a new class, Reaper of Souls is worth one last crusade if you can stomach the price
Ron WhitakerMar 27, 2014
Reaper of Souls doesn’t veer too far from the road Diablo 3 has laid down. While the changes that came in patch 2.0.1 are great for the game, the expansion really feels like more of the same than any significant step forward.
Daniel KozlowskiApr 01, 2014
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is a victory for Blizzard and it’s more than just an expansion; it’s an overhaul of the entire game, finally bringing it to where it should have been right from the start. The removal of any cap on the endgame Paragon system now invites you to take your characters as high as you see fit.
Patrick WebbMar 26, 2014
Encapsulating everything listed above, we arrive at thoughts overall. Story is stronger than before, but who really cares right? Gameplay is done right with better loot drops, and no auction house to deter you from finding these items on your own, and essentially, playing the game. Visuals are roughly the same as before, just better environments and monster design give them a little boost. Audio is some of the best I have heard in the series.
Carolyn PetitMar 26, 2014
Reaper gives those who already liked Diablo III more of what they already liked about it. Adventure mode leverages Diablo III's existing content in a clever way, and with its haunting settings and memorable villain, act five is the best chapter in the game's campaign. If you're looking for reasons to keep on clicking, Reaper of Souls has plenty.
Vince IngenitoMar 28, 2014
With Reaper of Souls, and the recent round of content patches, Blizzard has transformed Diablo 3 into something far more akin to what long-time fans like me wanted all along. It still requires that annoying always-online connection (which has behaved itself), but it’s more sinister in tone, more rewarding to play, and more maddeningly addictive than it’s ever been.
Simon ChunApr 24, 2014
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is a great expansion packet with a ton of content and changes that make the return visit worthwhile. Having said that, the game is not without problems. The failed narrative, the server lag, and the relative simplicity of searching for loot can all be marks against the game. Even so, the refreshing new ways of approaching the loot hunting formula found in Reaper of Souls is good.
Michael HuberApr 01, 2014
...a solid expansion building upon a patch that was brought about from player input
Ron WhitakerMar 28, 2014
Simply put, the Reaper of Souls launch was smooth as silk. Aside from a few instances of brief lag (which could be attributed to anything), my time with Reaper has been nothing like the pain that was associated with Error 37 and other launch problems. Reaper of Souls doesn't veer too far from the road Diablo III has traveled. While the changes that came in patch 2.0.1 are great for the game, the expansion really feels like more of the same than any significant step forward.
Lucas SullivanMar 25, 2014
Though Reaper of Souls' story additions feel too open-ended, the new Crusader class and Adventure Mode go a long way towards revitalizing Diablo's inherently fun and addictive core gameplay.
Nick WilsonMar 27, 2014
Reaper of Souls is Diablo III at its best. Act V is a tiny sliver of new stuff, but the heart of D3 is now Adventure Mode. Though it re-uses old world assets, it remixes them in consistently surprising ways. You have to admire Blizzard’s approach to Diablo III. They fixed it. The game itself now absolutely superb and Reaper of Souls finishes the job.
Mike StubbsyApr 11, 2014
Reaper of Souls turns Diablo III into the game that it should have been at launch. The Auction House is gone, the loot system is fixed and we finally have a proper end-game that will keep both new and experienced players fighting for many hours to come. Unless you play as a Crusader there is almost no change to the core gameplay, so if you didn’t like it first time round you wont like it now. But for those of us who loved the original game, Reaper of Souls is the perfect excuse to jump back in and indulge in hours of loot-collecting, monster-destroying, good old-fashioned fun.
Oli WelshMar 31, 2014
Reaper of Souls gives it a much more welcoming, flexible and gratifying character, but it's still a game of utter excess, at once deep and mindlessly shallow. Too much of it will leave you feeling dizzy and sick. Turning it from a miserly grind to a jackpot that always pays out doesn't change that - in fact, it only heightens it. But how good it feels to pull the lever and let the goodies gush! Ker-ching!
Rasmus Lund-HansenMar 27, 2014
Reaper of Souls feels in many ways like Diablo III has finally realised the enormous potential the game has always had. It is the game Diablo III should have been from the start, and an absolute must for anyone who likes Diablo. With the massive injection of new content and total renovation of several core systems, Reaper of Souls in many ways feels fresher than Diablo III did two years ago.
Simon PriestMar 28, 2014
Does Reaper of Souls justify its asking price of a full game? If it only presented itself with Act V then no, but the inclusion of an all-new-ish character class and Adventure Mode does soothe the sting. Reaper of Souls, in conjunction with the Loot 2.0 patch, finally brings us the Diablo III we want and that fans deserve.
Brendan FryeMar 27, 2014
It is no secret that Diablo III had many issues when it first launched. From the always online game system to the Auction House, D3 seemed to impede enjoyment at every turn.
Kosta AndreadisMar 28, 2014
The best way to sum up Reaper of Souls is to unfortunately badmouth the original release, as this is the definitive version of Diablo III, which makes the version we all played two years ago seem like a work-in-progress. Everything has been changed for the better, and when you factor in all the new content and the fantastic new Crusader class, you have what is arguably the best entry in the series.
James CullinaneApr 02, 2014
This expansion is Diablo III as it should be - should always have been. A welcome return to form. Adventure Mode and Nephalem Rifts alleviate grind. No more auction house and Loot 2.0 reinvigorate the item hunt. Westmarch marks a return to the grim gothic aesthetic so loved by fans of the series. Excellent score.
Jorge S. FernándezMar 25, 2014
Ahora bien, puede que no a todos los jugadores, esta nueva expansión les ofrezca el suficiente contenido para tal desembolso. Sea como fuere, independientemente del aspecto económico, Diablo III Reaper of Souls es fiel a su origen, e incluso lo mejora. Es la esencia pura de lo que Diablo III debió haber sido desde el mismo día de su lanzamiento.
Francisco Alberto SerranoMar 27, 2014
En general, las sensaciones de Reaper of Souls son muy buenas, y aunque es cierto que tiene un precio considerable, los cambios que introduce tienen el suficiente peso como para transformar la experiencia de Diablo III en algo mejor. Blizzard ha estado muy acertado en prácticamente todas las áreas claves que tenía que encarar para esta expansión.
Alberto PastorMar 27, 2014
Épica, muy intensa y con montones de contenidos jugables por descubrir, la primera gran expansión de Diablo III raya a un gran nivel de calidad. El nuevo Acto V resulta apasionante, mientras que el novedoso Modo Aventura promete mantenernos durante meses pegados al juego. Los cambios en el sistema de reparto de botín, personalización y nivel de dificultad también ayudan a dar forma al que ahora mismo es uno de los mejores juegos de acción y rol del mercado.
Víctor Manuel MartínezMar 28, 2014
Ahí tenemos los niveles Paragón para seguir y tontear con distintas builds. Nadie puede parar a la muerte, dicen en Reaper of Souls; nadie puede parar a Blizzard, tampoco, cuando se centran y consiguen alcanzar un punto medio tan satisfactorio entre sus ideas originales y lo que su comunidad pide.
Mathias OertelMar 27, 2014
Ich hätte mir gewünscht, dass die Ausweichrolle der Konsolenversion spätestens mit Reaper of Souls auch ihren Weg auf den PC findet. Und die weitgehend vorgegebene Charakterentwicklung stört im Add-On ebenso wie im Hauptprogramm. Auch andere Störfaktoren wie die letztlich oberflächliche Kampfmechanik sind immer noch ein Dorn im Auge. Doch inhaltlich hat Blizzard mit der Erweiterung ganze Arbeit geleistet.
Michael GrafMar 28, 2014
An wirklich neuem Inhalt bringt Reaper of Souls ja eigentlich nur einen Story-Akt und eine Klasse, ansonsten gibt's mehr vom Gleichen (etwa die frischen Edelsteinstufen) sowie Zufallselemente, für die sich Blizzard nichts wirklich Originelles ausdenken musste. Kopfgelder und Nephalem-Portale schöpfen schließlich aus dem vorhandenen Monster- und Gebietsfundus. Dennoch haben es die Entwickler geschafft, dass das Addon nicht mehr aus Diablo 3 wegzudenken ist.
Frank Erik WalterApr 01, 2014
Reaper of Souls zu kaufen lohnt sich in so ziemlich jeder Hinsicht - außer, es geht euch wirklich ausschließlich um die Story. Dann wäre es tatsächlich sinnvoller, mit der Anschaffung zu warten, bis der Preis für die Erweiterung gesunken ist. Patch 2.0 hat in Sachen Beute und Balancing genug ausgebügelt, um das Hauptspiel auch alleine wieder attraktiv zu machen.
SylhasMar 28, 2014
Reaper of Souls s'avère extrêmement plaisant à jouer et à vivre et prolonge l'expérience Diablo 3 de manière convaincante. Bien que très classique et un peu court, l'acte V est une pure réussite graphique et sonore.
Fabien PellegriniMar 27, 2014
Avec Reaper of Souls, Diablo 3 se dote d'une extension très solide, comme ce fut le cas pour les deux précédents épisodes. Mais plus encore que la présence d'un acte supplémentaire et d'une classe de personnage inédite, c'est le mea culpa implicite des développeurs qui risque de séduire un bon nombre de joueurs.
Thomas MangotMar 25, 2014
Malgré les faiblesses d'une histoire pas vraiment captivante desservie par une narration toujours très basique, Reaper of Souls remplit donc tout à fait son contrat de nous replonger pour quelques centaines ou milliers d'heures dans l'éternelle guerre contre le mal. C'est le principal.
Aníbal GonçalvesMar 28, 2014
Sem dar respostas, direi apenas que o Diablo 3 original é imensamente superior em termos de história, mesmo que tenham matado Deckard Cain assim um pouco "às três pancadas". E se esperam uma cinemática em CGI para o final, esqueçam. Desculpem o spoiler, mas mais vale a chatice agora, que a desilusão no final. Até à próxima expansão.
Luca ForteMar 27, 2014
Dal punto di vista tecnico, Reaper of Souls non stravolge per forza di cose il gioco originale, ma arricchisce il pacchetto di base con tutta una serie di musiche davvero ben orchestrate e ispirate.
Tatiana SaggioroApr 10, 2014
Blizzard ha fatto un buon lavoro, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls è quello che doveva essere Diablo 3 al lancio. L’attenzione si è nuovamente spostata sull'essenza del gioco e pone i loot al centro: la loro qualità, nonché la maggior probabilità di ottenere pezzi leggendari, porta a macinare mostri come un carroarmato inarrestabile, esplorando ogni pertugio della mappa per non rischiare di perdere neppure un forziere.
Jeroen RuiterMar 28, 2014
Het verhaal is alleen ietwat aan de korte kant en hierdoor is het prijskaartje juist ietwat aan de hoge kant. Gelukkig speelt de Crusader, ondanks de kleine bug, heerlijk weg en kun je toch nog een lange tijd plezier hebben met de Adventure Mode. Dus stuur je vrienden alvast maar een berichtje, want er zijn nog oneindig veel monsters die duidelijk ruzie zoeken!
Marcel de JongApr 10, 2014
Met Diablo III: Reaper of Souls voelt het zoeken naar nieuwe wapens en uitrustingen minder als een herhalingsoefening, waardoor je meer geniet van de endgame content. Voor de ervaren speler is dit zeker te vinden in de komst van de Adventure Modus en de Rifts. De uitbreiding draait volledig om het uitstippelen van je eigen avontuur, precies zoals Diablo nodig had.