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Devil Daggers

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Mark SteighnerFeb 23, 2016
Devil Daggers is laser-focused on providing a very specific type of shooter experience, suggesting old school classics stripped down to their fundamental core. It’s simple but not simplistic and the very definition of addictive. Devil Daggers’ gameplay and aesthetic create a huge amount of unrelenting tension, both from its art and sound design, and easy chance for failure at any moment.
Mike MahardyMar 03, 2016
Devil Daggers' retro visual style fits with its mechanical themes, but in rare cases, it becomes a hindrance. Most of the time, though, Devil Daggers finds elegance in its simplicity. By stripping the pomp of many modern shooters, it reveals the complexity beneath, molding the fundamentals into something exhilarating, something always worth one more try.
Chloi RadFeb 26, 2016
Devil Daggers’ stripped-down and distilled essence of first-person shooter intensity will take up a lot of my time in the weeks to come. Every second longer that I survive in its hellish arena is a new record for myself to break, over and over again. It’s a brutal, but brilliant shooter that finds strength in its minimalism, stretching a few seconds of action here and there into endless hours of dreadful fun.
Robert GrossoFeb 18, 2016
I shouldn’t be too hard on Devil Daggers though. It's the perfect filler game, that small title you pop in for a few minutes a day and mess around with, trying to improve upon your score or just feeling like killing time before something bigger. It honestly would make a fantastic mobile game, and at the low price of $4.99, Devil Daggers is certainly worth a look. So if the prospect of a 90’s looking arcade FPS sounds promising, give the devil its due and try Devil Daggers for yourself.
Adam CookFeb 25, 2016
A brutally difficult game that is pure digital crack. Devil Daggers might grab you by the balls and shake you until you're sick, but you'll always go back for more.
Mike HolmesMar 08, 2016
Devil Daggers wants to see exactly what you're made of, and its ever lengthening leaderboard will quite clearly mark your progression and give you something new to aim for every time you beat your own previous high score. It might not come fully stocked with modes and options, but it does offer a focused and tightly controlled blast of frag-filled fun, and for that alone it's worth the relatively modest price of admission.
Jed WhitakerMar 07, 2016
Devil Daggers knows exactly what it is and owns it; there are no tutorials, no frilly options and only one achievement to be had. This is a game for the hardcore player who gets obsessed with besting their previous score or topping the scores of their friends; luckily there is both a world and friend leaderboard that allows you watch replays of anyone you’d like.
Benjamin SchmädigApr 04, 2016
Wer einmal Blut geleckt hat, kommt von diesem Überlebenskampf auf Tage kaum los! Denn das Geometry Wars im Gewand eines Ego-Shooters sieht klasse aus, steuert sich pixelgenau, verlangt präzises Zielen und eine exakte, schnelle Bewegung – im Kern ist Devil Daggers damit der perfekte Geschicklichkeitstest!
Gianni MolinaroMar 03, 2016
Intense, brutal, intransigeant, effrayant, punitif... Devil Daggers est un jeu qu'on ne peut qu'aimer à la folie ou détester avec ardeur. Parce que l'intention de ses développeurs, très claire et exécutée sans faux pas, nous ramène à un temps du FPS que l'on peut juger suranné, aussi bien visuellement qu'en termes de challenge.
Stefano F. BrocchieriFeb 28, 2016
Acquistare Devil Daggers è come stipulare un patto col diavolo: ci fa entrare in una dimensione fatta di fascinazioni estetiche ricreate con una sensibilità e una competenza non comuni, piccoli e grandi piaceri del gameplay e momenti di pura esaltazione, salvo accorgerci in un secondo momento di essere caduti in una trappola mefistofelica, che condanna a giocare ancora e ancora, dannandosi per acciuffare miglioramenti delle proprie performance che potrebbero anche non arrivare mai.
Stefano CastelliApr 26, 2016
Tutto qui, si inizia, si combatte, si muore, ci si migliora, si rosicchia qualche secondo sul nostro record personale e ci si domanda spesso come mai abbiamo trascorso così tanto tempo di fronte a un gioco tanto limitato e dallo stile grafico così retrò. Ma ci sarà tempo per capirlo: nel frattempo meglio iniziare un'altra partita.
Aligi ComandiniMar 03, 2016
Si tratta chiaramente di un titolo limitato a livello tecnico, che su molte persone non avrà il minimo appeal, eppure ci ha catturato senza pietà con il suo gameplay affinatissimo, la sua genialità di fondo e il suo atroce livello di sfida. Vi consigliamo davvero di vedere se fa anche per voi, tanto costa due spicci.