Deliver Us the Moon for PC
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Deliver Us the Moon

Oct 10, 2019 NEW

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Requires Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to play.

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A rogue astronaut is sent to the moon on a secret mission to save humanity from extinction.

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Jake HillsOct 18, 2019
That presentation extends beyond the environment. You won’t mistake Deliver Us The Moon for a bleeding edge graphical powerhouse, but it looks very good. At least as good as other hit games in the genre. It’s amazing how good a relatively small dev team can get a 3D exploration game looking. It’s comparable with games on a similar scale, like Subnautica. But I appreciate when a game knows to show restraint in pushing my graphics card to the max, and instead it uses its resources to create a coherent and immersive experience. This is that.
Robert N. AdamsNov 04, 2019
Deliver Us The Moon executes itself very well. The lovely graphics paint a wonderful picture of a futuristic world in disrepair. The story is compelling and would fit well with any Hollywood disaster film. My only major complaint is the length — I beat this game in just under four hours. Deliver Us The Moon redeems the troubled Early Access launch of this 3D adventure game, providing an experience that feels like playing a movie without sacrificing gameplay.
Chris BowmanOct 08, 2018
Overall, Deliver Us the Moon: Fortuna is an excellent game that brings you into it. You are able to do things in the game that most games wouldn’t do. The immersion and ability to do things for yourself in order to move forward is astounding. I ran into a game breaking bug on my first playthrough and the DEVs were right there to let me know what to do. I had a lot of fun with this game.

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