Decay of Logos for PC
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Decay of Logos

Aug 30, 2019
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The game is set in an expansive high-fantasy world where the player coexists with the likes of kings, knights, wizards, ancient species and various other mythical creatures. In Decay of Logos, you will journey through an ancient kingdom ruled by a warring King. The King wasn’t a very affectionate father, preferring to pay attention to the military affairs of his Kingdom than to any of his five sons. Much to the King’s dismay, tragedy struck when the Queen died during childbirth. With his dear wife gone, he sought only to protect his newborn daughter, the only Princess in the Realm. The distance between the King and his sons grew even more, since he only had eyes for the little Princess who looked just like her mother.

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Andrew FarrellAug 30, 2019
Decay of Logos seemed like it could be a good game at first, but make no mistake, its deeply-flawed and badly-conceptualized in a way that few could pull off. Unless you're a masochist, I can't advise going anywhere near this atrocity.
Mitchell Ryan AkhurstAug 23, 2019
At this point, decrying the necessity of a star rating is basically a cliche, but the fact is that a rating will not help invite or warn off potential players of Decay of Logos. The game is not quite distinctive enough to reach a wider audience, but neither is it as clunky and edgelordy as the also-divisive Darksiders III, so the game gets a hearty Credit from me. Bump the score up to a Distinction for any Souls fans willing to take a punt on a beautiful indie.
Kenneth AraulloSep 05, 2019
Decay of Logos embodies the term of 'wasted potential,' as it squanders a genuinely interesting art and sound design with a decent narrative on frustrating game design with filled bugs and stability issues. It's the kind of game you wish would've been worked on a few months more, maybe even a full year, just so it can actually release in a state that's worthy of its asking price. As it stands, Decay of Logos is horribly tedious and downright broken, and only those who can overlook such negatives can find a reason to subject themselves to it.

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