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Death's Door

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James GalizioAug 06, 2021
Death's Door is filled with charm, and the overall package is much more than the sum of its parts. July might've been a crowded month for game releases, but do yourself a favor - and don't skip on Death's Door
Maddison LeedingJul 21, 2021
The game is not phenomenally long, sitting at around twelve or so hours, with the chance of it being even less if you have fewer issues with the somewhat unforgiving nature of the game. There’s also no difficulty scaler which may turn off some players who want a slightly less difficult playthrough. If you too like to roll on the darker side of life, or death if you will, give this game a chance!
Bradley EllisJul 20, 2021
Donovan ErskineJul 20, 2021
Death’s Door combines excellent story and lore with challenging and rewarding combat. As an action game, there’s a lot to love about the enemies faced and customization available. Story can easily take the backseat in a game like this, but the sheer concept of it all and the lore dumped on top makes the story in Death’s Door equally intriguing. Acid Nerve delivers one of the more well-rounded titles I’ve played this year with Death’s Door.
Brendan GraeberJul 20, 2021
Death's Door expertly blends classic dungeon puzzle solving with fast-paced combat encounters to create a memorable adventure across a moody world brimming with secret paths and hidden rewards.
Alessandro BarbosaJul 20, 2021
With an engaging world to explore and consistently satisfying combat to keep things entertaining, it's easy to fall in love with Death's Door. Its premise hooks you immediately, and it has the style and the substance to maintain the captivating allure of its opening.
Josh SpeerJul 20, 2021
I relished the time I spent with Death’s Door. Not only was I captivated by the visual style, but the gameplay was dynamic, clever, and well-balanced. I spent about 9 hours to roll the credits, and still have plenty of secrets to find. I may have had my doubts about Acid Nerve before, but those are pretty much gone now. They’ve shown they have the chops to not only make a beautiful game, but one that’s fun, challenging, and balanced precisely.
Andrew StretchJul 20, 2021
Acid Nerve has demonstrated an understanding of the Adventure RPG genre and has absolutely nailed its execution with Death's Door. Combat is fun and fast-paced, world exploration is rewarding, and the story while light-hearted hides some deeper meaning. Do yourself a favor and pick up Death's Door.
Andreas SalmenJul 20, 2021
Overall, Death's Door is a success. It's a short but entertaining and combat-heavy Zelda-like action-adventure that is only limited by scope. It might not have the most memorable puzzles or dungeons, but it has enough heart and skill to make up for its few, minor missteps.
Jez CordenJul 20, 2021
A much larger world awaits the reaper in Death's Door. As the game progresses, you peel back layers of an intriguing conspiracy that threatens the balance between life and death, taking place across a wide variety of dimensions and otherworldly locales. This is Death's Door, a game that absolutely deserves your attention.
Joe CzopOct 05, 2021
Overall, Death’s Door is an enjoyable homage to 2D Zelda games with some additional quirky flair thrown in. It is a satisfying experience whose main drawback is its overall safeness, plus a lack of replayability. Some may also be turned off by the lack of extreme difficulty, which can be another source of replay value for many similar games. I would recommend Death’s Door to those looking for a nostalgia fix that won’t try your patience or just want to enjoy a memorable and contemplative audiovisual style.
Andron SmithJul 20, 2021
Acid Nerve did a great job with Death’s Door and by pushing just a little bit more while taking a few calculated risks, they would have an outstanding game rather than a very good one.
Chris MoyseAug 01, 2021
An exercise in design excellence, Death’s Door recognizes and capitalizes on its strengths to deliver a smart, creative, and thoroughly engaging adventure, painted with wonderful visual strokes and peppered with witty, thoughtful commentary on life, death, and how we spend the hours in-between.
Luke WinkieJul 21, 2021
Death's Door feels like a microscopic epic. It's as if a grand entry to an overarching canon—filled with quirks, humor, and wondrous attention to detail—was miraculously miniaturized to fit into a fortnight's worth of lunch breaks.
Leo FaiermanJul 20, 2021
Those who are looking for the cavernous biomes of Hollow Knight or the lore-rich epistolatory storytelling in a Souls game may feel shorted by the 10 or so breezy hours on offer here, but Death’s Door is a precisely engineered and immersive adventure which will fully satisfy anyone seeking that exact experience. Isometric action RPGs are a dime a dozen, but rarely are they polished to such a brilliant sheen.
Kyle LeClairJul 20, 2021
Death’s Door is a gem of a soulslike game with a nice and meaty level of challenge and a world filled with lovable characters and loads of secrets to uncover. It may seem minor compared to most in the genre when it comes to length, clocking in at around ten to twelve hours, but it will be one memorable journey. Come for the charming little crow and the colorful cast that they meet after slicing and dicing a few dozen monsters, stay for the excellent writing and the superb tale about death.
Rhett RoxlJul 27, 2021
The game is immensely charming and wonderful. Its seamless combat system, coupled with its immaculately designed levels makes its core gameplay loop very satisfying and engaging. Its surprise of a story also managed to hook me in when outside of combat. Every moment-to-moment experience is perfectly crafted, from humorous dialogue to surprising revelations, standard encounters, and boss fights. This game is a treat and you should buy it and play it immediately.
Blake GrundmanJul 20, 2021
It’s hard to not fall in love with Death’s Door. The sheer attention to detail alone would be enough to guarantee success, so when you add in the sublime combat mechanics, interesting puzzles, and worlds teeming with content to explore, it’ll be hard to ignore. It may not be the masterpiece that I’ve seen some proclaiming from the mountain tops, but it’s still a genuinely great experience that shouldn’t be missed. Who knew that reaping souls could be so damn fun?
Ben LyonsJul 23, 2021
Despite it only being around ten hours long, and pretty simple in its design, this is one of the most refined indies out there today, and it's truly challenging to not enjoy playing it. Acid Nerve has built a world with such a deep amount of character that it's genuinely exciting at every turn, and the best part is that it never overstays its welcome or overdoes it - the storyline isn't hampered with unnecessary weight. It's truly refreshing.
Steve FarrellyJul 27, 2021
I’m not at all shy to say this is one of the best games I’ve not only played this year, but in the past number of years. It is stylish and polished to a fault, paced to utter perfection and just oozes confidence from the upstart two-person team at Acid Nerve. I sincerely hope this is a franchise in waiting, because if it’s not, I’m coming for you, Devolver Digital. One of the year’s best.
Álvaro AlonsoJul 20, 2021
Death's Door recrea la fórmula de los Zelda clásicos con gran acierto (quizás incluso demasiado), transportándonos a un mundo de combates cargados de intensidad, localizaciones de hermosa factura y personajes carismáticos, en el que la muerte se ha convertido en un trabajo de oficina. Si sois "zelderos", os encantará.
Sebastian VogelJul 28, 2021
En resumen, Death’s Door es un juego que cumple en todos los aspectos que se me pueden ocurrir. Con un control responsivo, mecánicas interesantes, historia satisfactoria, rejugabilidad y dificultad bien diseñada, se me hace muy difícil pensar en no recomendarlo a cualquiera que juegue videojuegos. Death’s Door una vez más nos demuestra que un título indie puede ser una gran obra y competir por lo mejor del año sin necesidad de gastar los millones que invierten juegos AAA.
Roberto BarragánJul 21, 2021
Death’s Door es uno de esos títulos que van de menos a más; comienza insinuando y conforme pasan las horas desatan su auténtico potencial. Una experiencia de lo más amena, a medio camino entre las aventuras más tradicionales y los elementos característicos de propuestas de acción más exigentes. No es perfecto —echamos en falta una mayor cantidad de mazmorras y jefes—, pero acierta de pleno en prácticamente todo lo que hace. Una grata sorpresa.
Alejandro PascualJul 20, 2021
Death’s Door es un juego que te va ganando con su acción isométrica, su exploración bien diseñada y la búsqueda constante de secretos. Su mundo, además, es muy atractivo con algunos escenarios sobrecogedores. Pierde oportunidades de crear un combate algo más intenso y se echa en falta algunos jefes finales, pero se nota el cariño y la buena planificación que contiene cada área del juego.
Rodolfo LeónNov 12, 2021
Sin temor a equivocarme, puedo decir que Death’s Door sí es el mejor juego indie del año, y uno que definitivamente deberías tener en tu radar, si no es que ya lo terminaste. Una vez más, Acid Nerve demostró ser uno de los estudios indies más talentosos de la actualidad, y nuevamente deja en evidencia el buen ojo que tiene Devolver Digital como publisher.
Álex ParejaJul 21, 2021
Death's Door es una de las sorpresas independientes del año. Muy bien diseñado, melancólico y desafiante, sin ser difícil. Sabe trasladar la esencia de juegos como Dark Souls y Zelda en una deliciosa perspectiva isométrica, con puzzles bien diseñados y un combate muy bien medido. Acid Nerve ha hecho los deberes.
Matthias SchmidJul 23, 2021
Den Sprung in noch höhere Regionen verhindern das sehr biedere Auflevelsystem und die Tatsache, dass sich kleinere Bausteine der großen Aufgaben mehrfach wiederholen - trotzdem ist Death's Door ein von vorn bis hinten sehr angenehmes, rundes Erlebnis, das den Vorgänger Titan Souls deutlich hinter sich lässt.
Ben OssolaAug 04, 2021
Une réussite incontestable à tous les niveaux pour ce jeu qui s'inspire de Zelda et Dark Souls pour vous embarquer dans une aventure drôle, intelligente et passionnante, au challenge savamment dosé. Death's Door va droit au but et le fait à la perfection.
JeromeJoffardJul 27, 2021
Le studio britannique dévoile ici une magnifique épopée qui, certes, peut manquer d'originalité sur le fond, mais charme par sa forme. En plus de profiter d'affrontements spectaculaires, le jeu d'action/aventure fait voyager en dévoilant un univers inspiré. Tout en nuances, le monde de Death's Door est constamment mis en valeur par sa direction artistique variée, son sound-design rythmé et ses personnages tiraillés entre la vie et la mort.
Thomas PillonJul 23, 2021
Nerveux, organique, et proposant toujours de nouvelles situations, le jeu laisse son univers se découvrir avec enthousiasme grâce à ses fameuses portes qui s'entendent comme autant de raccourcis, et permettent de profiter d'un arsenal paré à toute éventualité. On progresse, on rit, et on se familiarise avec un monde parfois tentaculaire qui fait de Death's Door une expérience forcément concentrée. Malgré quelques couacs dans l'utilisation des armes secondaires et un pathfinding qui se fiche pas mal de votre avancée, les amoureux d'action frénétique et DA inspirées auront toutes les raisons de se glisser dans la peau d'un corbeau, ne serait-ce que pour profiter d'une bande-son de très haut vol, qui pourrait marquer l'année.
Alessandra BorgonovoJul 20, 2021
L'esperienza complessiva è breve ma molto piacevole: non avremmo voluto durasse di più, ci siamo divertiti dall'inizio alla fine e in termini di segreti da scoprire c'è abbastanza per tenerci impegnati anche dopo l'endgame. Serio ma non troppo, ironico nei punti e nei momenti giusti, Death's Door è un gioco senza pretese, ottimo per trascorrere qualche ora staccando la testa - ma non troppo, perché la sua dose di impegno la richiede.
Daniele CucchiarelliJul 23, 2021
Un action-adventure pieno di stile e voglia di farci divertire. Death’s Door è il gioco perfetto per chi ha impattato troppo violentemente contro Hades e preferisce un’esperienza più “morbida” ma comunque impegnativa e ricca di soddisfazioni… visive e non.
细拉Jul 21, 2021
matus_aceJul 29, 2021
Death’s Door je zaujímavý malý izometrický indie titul o smrti, v ktorom budete často zomierať, ale ku hre to patrí. Rovnako ako dynamická akcia, skúmanie prostredí a aj občasné blúdenie. Autori sa nevyhli ani niekoľkým menším chybičkám, ktoré tento inak kvalitný zážitok ťahajú dole a nevedel som sa zbaviť dojmu, že je to občas aj zbytočne a niektorým chybám sa dalo jednoducho vyhnúť.