Dead In Vinland for PC

Dead In Vinland (PC)

Dead In Vinland for PC
Genre: AdventureRPGSimulationStrategySingle PlayerIndie
Developer: CCCP


DEAD IN VINLAND is a survival/management game, mixed with RPG and adventure elements, about a Viking family trying their best to survive on a mysterious island.
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Dead in Vinland is a survival game I really appreciated, and I will dive into it again. My only wish is that the developers had a randomization option that focused strictly on how long I can survive rather than focusing on a story as well as the campaign, but for what it is, Dead in Vinland is a great survival management game for those who panic at seeing hunger meters rapidly increase in real time.

Anthony Mann May 01, 2018

Game Skinny


This is a game where you'll make tough decisions -- but ones that matter. This is a game where difficulty isn't a setting -- but a mindset. This is a game that surprised the hell out of me -- and it's one I can't wait to get back to. You can buy Dead in Vinland on Steam for $19.99. [Note: Dead in Vinland was provided by the developer for this review.]

Jonathan Moore Apr 19, 2018



For the most part, Dead in Vinland is a gorgeous-looking, entertaining survival romp that is well worth hopping into a longboat for.

Chris Mc Apr 12, 2018

PC Gamer


When I've got 10 plates spinning—or exploring, hunting, and crafting improved water barrels as the case may be—I want to keep them spinning, no matter how bad the wobble gets. I want to check on all of them, stabilize what I can, and then step back to see what thing that's out of my control is going to screw it all up next. That's what Dead in Vinland gets right.

Jody Macgregor May 02, 2018


Combat is turn-based, and somewhat simplistic, but comes with real consequence and rewards. You take three from your group into battle, and they can die, get seriously injured, but the rewards are often key – food and supplies for your whole camp if you win. You can’t avoid fights either.

William Murphy Apr 12, 2018

Game Grin


But for some reason Dead In Vinland is weirdly addictive. I haven’t felt the urge to take “just one more turn” this strongly since the X-Com reboots. It’s deceptively easy to fall into a routine of assigning tasks, engaging in combat, managing characters’ needs, and exploring their backstories for hours on end. If nothing else, the game is good value for money. So, play it, I guess?

Andrew Wowk Jul 02, 2018


Dead in Vinland ist ein komplexes Survival-Spiel, das clever das Rundenprinzip nutzt, um Spieler langfristig zu motivieren.

Elena Schulz Apr 12, 2018

Game Kult


Deux ans après les Bermudes, CCCP réalise un gigantesque pas en avant avec Dead in Vinland qui donne toute sa légitimité à ce genre unique à mi-chemin entre survie, gestion, jeu de rôle et visual novel. Le jeu est certes incroyablement complexe et difficile d’accès, mais le plaisir de réussir à enfin comprendre toute cette horlogerie mérite largement de s'y investir.

ExServ Apr 13, 2018


Dead in Vinland convient parfaitement aux adeptes de la survie qui veulent passer leurs nuits à lire des feuilles de stats, à jouer avec les taux de probabilités et à gérer leur campement. Les autres ne seront ni pris par la narration, ni par les combats.

Clementoss Apr 21, 2018