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Day of the Tentacle Remastered

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Jeff PannellApr 23, 2016
Those who are new to the genre would do well to give this game a shot as it not only is a classic point-and-click adventure but it is also one of its very best. The writing manages to be both low-brow and a bit crass at times while still being affable and sardonic in others. It has aged extremely well and, better still, it includes the original version of Manic Mansion inside the game. Day of the Tentacle is one of the great ones and whether you're a newcomer or an old hand it is well worth taking the plunge again.
Elise FavisMar 29, 2016
Day of the Tentacle is largely removed from the adventure genre’s shortcomings, such as obtuse puzzle design, though it lacks a certain depth to its story. Nonetheless, its strange premise, witty one-liners, and brain-teasing puzzles help it remain something special.
Kyle LeClairMar 21, 2016
Much like last year’s treatment with Grim Fandango, Double Fine have successfully restored one of the true classics of the adventure game world and it is glorious indeed. While not as deep and story-rich as last year’s offering, Day of the Tentacle more than makes up for it in humor, style, unique gameplay and a truckload of charm. So put on some Janet Jackson, travel back to an age where adventure games were king and enjoy the ride.
Louisa BhairamMar 20, 2016
Day of the Tentacle: Remastered is a fantastic update of the original. What has needed to be updated has been, without losing the charm and cleverness of the original. Those who enjoyed the remakes of Grim Fandango and Monkey Island will be very pleased, and those new to the game will be drawn in by the craziness, humour and frozen hamsters.
Heather AlexandraApr 22, 2016
Day of the Tentacle Remastered provides a wonderfully crafted recreation of the original game, and Double Fine's streamlining of some of its rougher edges makes it a more approachable experience for modern audiences. But its revisions only go so deep, and can't quite manage to elevate source material that elicits chuckles rather than the riotous giggle fits it clearly expects.
Jared PettyMar 21, 2016
Faithfulness to the original art design is reflected in every lovingly-drawn line and hue of the gorgeous graphical presentation, and the zany humor is consistently spot-on. New players should be aware that the leaps in logic can make a few of the puzzles very difficult, but the witty wisecracks keep the search for solutions tremendously entertaining.
Andy KellyMar 26, 2016
Reasonably priced and passionately restored, Day of the Tentacle Remastered is the perfect opportunity to revisit one of the best adventure games ever made. The final act feels a little rushed, and its roots in ‘90s adventure game design are undeniable, but otherwise it’s hard to fault.
Mike MinottiMar 20, 2016
Day of the Tentacle is a classic, and this remastered version is a great way for old fans to see the time-hopping adventure looking its best. Hopefully, it’ll also give a new generation of players a chance to experience all of the silliness for themselves. The few technical terrors I encountered were annoying, but they only momentarily zapped the smile that I wore throughout the rest of my play time.
Bob MackeyMar 22, 2016
LucasArts' 1993 adventure game has aged incredibly well, making for an incredible experience for newcomers and veterans alike. Add in a host of great extras and upgrades, and it's hard to think of how this Remastered edition could possibly be better.
Caitlin CookeMar 21, 2016
Day of the Tentacle remastered is an excellent way to feed your 90s soul with good, nonsensical fun. The remastered graphics capture the cartoonish charm of the original perfectly, yet the updated sound and controls give it a much more modern feel. They managed to capture the original spirit of the game while still smoothing over any bumps that may have cropped up due to its age.
PJ O’ReillyMar 21, 2016
Double Fine has done another great on remastering a classic, delicately updating it in such a way that what stood out in 1993 stands out all over again more than 20 years later. Recommended for a strong hit of pure nostalgia if you’ve been there and done it all before, it’s still easily a strong enough game that new players will find more than enough to love should they take the plunge. Day of the Tentacle Remastered is no imitation diamond, it’s the real thing.
OfisilMar 21, 2016
Want to experience the original bundle of cartoony wackiness known as Day of the Tentacle, as well as its upgraded, Remastered version? Well, look no further, because this is it. The best iteration of the classic gem of the genre, and a lesson in remasters. As for the question of who should get this, the rule is simple: adventure game haters, the exit door is on the right. The rest, please form a nice line over there and ready those wallets for some purchasing.
Rasmus Lund-HansenApr 02, 2016
The point 'n' click adventure genre had a golden age in the early 90s, and Day of the Tentacle remains one of the best games of that era. So much the better that the game has now received a careful and faithful update, improving on its technical aspects and leaving everything else untouched. Take your time with it, embrace its ludicrous universe, and click on everything you can - a superb experience awaits you if you do.
Dave IrwinMar 21, 2016
While nowhere near as ambitious an undertaking as Grim Fandango Remastered, there is obviously a lot of love and care that has gone into Day of the Tentacle Remastered. There are most certainly still the same old gameplay warts that came from that era of gaming that don’t really translate well and some minor rough edges to the remaster, but it’s well preserved and the updates to presentation are marvellous.
Yago Lago ÁlvarezJun 03, 2018
Una obra maestra que ha dominado su género para colocarse en la cima del mismo. Un coloso de su generación que seguirá siendo comentado y recordado en el futuro. La nota máxima no implica perfección, sino que es usada para señalar a un referente absoluto en el que los demás pueden y deben mirarse.
Cristian CiuranetaApr 01, 2016
Desternillante, único, carismático, muchos son los adjetivos que podemos aplicar a un point-and-click obligado para todo fan del género y que ahora, con dicho lavado de cara, logra perpetuarse con una espléndida actualización. ¡Incluso podemos jugar al Maniac Mansion original tal y como ocurría antaño!
Alberto PastorMar 30, 2016
Divertida, inteligente en el diseño de sus puzles, con una narrativa espectacular y un inolvidable elenco de personajes protagonistas, hablamos de una de las mejores y más grandes aventuras gráficas de todos los tiempos. Y no importa si disfrutaste de ella o no en el pasado; tan bueno es el trabajo que Double Fine ha realizado con esta remasterización, que merece la pena volver a hacer frente a los malvados planes de conquista del tentáculo púrpura. Os garantizamos que el viaje merece la pena.
Martin DeppeMar 21, 2016
Weil ich für diesen Test parallel die Originalversion gespielt habe, fallen mir die vielen kleinen und großen Verbesserungen des Remasters so richtig auf, allen voran die umfangreiche Sprachausgabe und die, natürlich, augenfreundlichere Auflösung. Aber auch das Drumherum stimmt, ich kann aufs alte Interface umschalten, Audiokommentare anwerfen. Nur bei den Soundeffekten hätte ich mir mehr gewünscht, da läuft mir oft zu viel völlig lautlos ab.
Michael KrostaMar 24, 2016
Umso glücklicher bin ich jetzt, dass Double Fine beim Remaster eine exzellente Arbeit geleistet und den Klassiker nicht nur an genau den richtigen Stellen modernisiert, sondern mit Extras wie Entwicklerkommentaren und alternativer Steuerung sogar noch aufgewertet hat. So hat das Meisterwerk von damals nichts von seinem unvergleichlichen Charme verloren und erteilt mit seinen grandiosen Rätseln, den schrulligen Charakteren und herrlichen Dialogen selbst modernen Adventureschmieden noch eine Lehrstunde.
Fabien PellegriniMar 25, 2016
Non seulement le matériau de base est déjà remarquable en soi mais, en plus, les améliorations apportées en matière de graphismes, de son et d'interface sont importantes et réussies. Il suffit de switcher à tout moment sur le mode de rendu original pour s'en rendre compte. Du coup, cette version 2016 fait coup double et conviendra aussi bien aux nostalgiques de l'âge d'or des jeux d'aventure, qu'aux plus jeunes qui souhaiteraient découvrir un titre absolument culte et en profiter dans le plus grand confort visuel.
Gauthier AndresMar 23, 2016
Day of the Tentacle Remastered sonne à la fois la remise aux standards actuels et le retour à la vente d’un monument incontestable du jeu vidéo. Vingt-trois ans après, son humour, ses références et ses puzzles drôles jusque dans leurs résolutions à rallonge n’ont pas pris une ride. Ils en font un titre bien plus actuel que beaucoup de jeux d’aventure sortis depuis.
Francesco DestriMar 25, 2016
Day of the Tentacle Remastered non è solo una splendida avventura che in 23 anni di vita è invecchiata senza una ruga (o forse solo una o due), ma è anche una versione aggiornata impeccabile in quanto a restyling grafico e di interfaccia. Sinceramente continuo a preferire la vecchia SCUMM, ma la nuova interfaccia creata da Double Fine è inattaccabile a livello di comodità, c’è anche Maniac Mansion e gli extra (commento audio e galleria fotografica) fanno il resto.
Luca OlivatoMar 28, 2016
Day of the Tentacle è un titolo a cui il tempo ha certificato le massime onorificenze, un capolavoro che oggi torna alla portata di chi all'epoca non c'era e che, grazie ad un encomiabile e rispettoso lavoro di restauro, potrà apprezzarne le immutate qualità a distanza di vent'anni. Un esempio, per certi versi più raggiunto, di creatività, originalità, umorismo e divertimento.
Przemysław ZamęckiMar 21, 2016
To były i dzięki udanemu odrestaurowaniu wciąż są świetne gry. Klasyczne i jednocześnie wiecznie atrakcyjne. Może niezbyt mądre, ale dające mnóstwo satysfakcji. Po ponad dwudziestu latach wciąż pozostają niedoścignionym wzorem dla naśladowców.