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Emil GunnarssonJun 22, 2017
Where the game stumbles a bit is in its aesthetic variety. While the enemies have a nice look and feel to them I can’t help but feel a bit tired of them after a couple of runs. It would have been really nice to see some other type of robots or alien make an appearance as well for variety’s sake. Cryptark is an excellent roguelike with a nice look and feel to it. If you’re not completely tired of the genre yet, I recommend that you check it out.
Tom ChickJul 17, 2017
A twin-stick shooter living inside a smartly designed rogue-like about salvaging derelict space hulks that aren't quite derelict. Some planning required.
Suriel VazquezJun 28, 2017
With its repeatable structure and myriad options for customization and approaches, Cryptark begs you to play run after run at its intricate levels, but I didn’t feel compelled to dive back in after I’d finished the final level. Mapping out your plan of attack and then successfully executing is a thrill, but with only a few key obstacles between you and your prey, this strategic layer never takes off the way it deserves to. Cryptark’s surprising depth of options might hook you at the outset, but they aren’t enough to make you return time and again.
Mike HolmesJul 17, 2017
Cryptark is a very good roguelike, that much we can't deny, and fans of the genre (especially games like Galak-Z) will no doubt enjoy what it has to offer, although a couple of questionable design decisions stopped us from making this an unequivocal recommendation.
Ramón NafriaJul 15, 2017
Como hemos dicho anteriormente, Cryptark es un juego fantástico de su estilo, que si bien no reinventa o inventa casi nada, sí que plantea un reto interesante y muy entretenido. Se nota que han empleado correctamente el tiempo para ir puliendo este juego desde que se publicó en acceso anticipado, y al final para aquellos que os guste pegar tiros en dos dimensiones, ha acabado resultando un juego genial.
Benjamin SchmädigJul 12, 2017
Fordernder Zwei-Stick-Shooter mit frei konfigurierbaren Waffen und motivierender Kampagne.