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Crypt of the NecroDancer

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James CunninghamApr 24, 2015
Crypt of the NecroDancer is a phenomenal dungeon crawler. It’s loaded with personality, great music, fun characters and deep action that only appears simplistic on the surface. ...The necromancer’s dance-club dungeon is only missing a bouncer who doesn’t think you’re quite good enough to be seen with the beautiful creatures to complete its image as the best nightclub in the underworld, and even if had proper security, there’d probably be a way to combat-dance it into oblivion.
Dan CrawleyApr 23, 2015
I’ve been in a bit of a gaming funk recently, but Crypt of the NecroDancer has reminded me how creative, original, and fun video games can be. I’ve switched it off at 2 a.m. more than once this week, forcing myself to break from a dangerously addictive “one more go” loop as I tried in vain to beat the damn thing. It’s an eminently replayable experience that offers up a whole range of different ways to play, some of which will force you to completely rewire your brain.
Britton PeeleApr 27, 2015
If you're feeling a particular beat, you can also import your own music to play along with, which works well. It doesn't change the actual content of the game, just the rhythm at which you play it. ...Regardless of your musical tastes, Crypt of the NecroDancer takes a proven but basic recipe and improves it with a seemingly simple twist. It would have been a fine roguelike game without its musical side, but the rhythm mechanic makes it a truly special experience.
William SchwartzApr 21, 2015
Crypt of the Necrodancer is a game that feels difficult, but fair. Any more penalty to not keeping a beat would probably start to get frustrating. ...Crypt of the Necrodancer marries rhythm and roguelike in a unique way — It feels accessible, fun, and fairly difficult at any given moment. If you enjoy roguelike but have grown tired of its many recent iterations, Crypt of the Necrodancer feels entirely fresh.
Patrick HancockMay 04, 2015
Crypt of the NecroDancer accomplishes what few games even attempt to do. It merges together two completely different genres: rhythm and roguelike. The frustrations of both come as part of the package, but some intelligent design decisions help to alleviate the issue. For those looking for the next gaming obsession after the likes of Spelunky, Binding of Isaac, or Rogue Legacy, look no further than Crypt of the NecroDancer.
Kindra PringApr 22, 2015
Of course, being able to switch out the soundtrack helps, so you can plug in songs you can listen to all day and not grow tired of, or switch out every new attempt to get a new sound every time. It would be neat to see a game like this work with Spotify or Pandora, or allow players to recommend custom soundtracks. It’s great for any player who’s a fan of rhythm games or dungeon-crawlers, and especially those looking for someplace to test their skill.
Sophie HallidayApr 29, 2015
There’s never a dull moment: Brace Yourself Games have created an experience where there is a lot to think about in terms of strategy, movement, enemies, traps and maintaining multipliers. However, the constant pull of Baranowsky’s compelling soundtrack always keeps things moving, encouraging the player to think on their toes and adapt to the situation at hand.
Nick TanApr 22, 2015
Although the content feels curt and the difficulty is somewhat dependent on the luck of the draw, the game's high replayability and bit-tastic presentation will scratch that itch to play just another round. So be careful... you might just dance the night away.
Chris ThurstenMay 12, 2015
Crypt of the Necrodancer strikes the balance between charm, readability and difficulty that is so important for a game of this type, and it does so off the back of a set of brilliantly-executed new ideas. It's not just a good rhythm-action game and a good roguelike: saying so suggests that the two might be divisible in some way. In this case, they're not.
Mike SplechtaMay 08, 2015
Crypt of the NecroDancer is a genius mash-up of genres that works so well in execution, that it's hard to stop playing, even if Zone 1 kicked your ass 50 times in a row. It helps that the soundtrack is just so damn good. ...Bonus points if you enjoy both like myself. If anything, it's such a unique mash up that I'd recommend checking it out even if you're mildly curious. You won't be disappointed.
Cam SheaApr 21, 2015
From a distance, Crypt of the NecroDancer seems like a very mathematical game. The logic used to dispatch enemies should ideally play out like a neat algorithm, flawlessly executed once you know their patterns and how to manipulate them. That’s not how it works, of course, as the dungeons are complicated, chaotic things, and players are forced to move at the whim of the soundtrack’s tempo, with little room for error. Logic meets chaos. It’s a tension evident in many games, and it’s exemplified wonderfully here.
Danny SayaApr 21, 2015
Crypt of the Necrodancer nails everything that it sets out to do. Every moment of Necrodancer is fun and engaging, the music is some of the best original music in any rhythm game, and the entire experience feels very original. The varying levels of difficulty, in addition to the speedrun clock, daily challenge dungeons and leaderboards give this game a surprising amount of depth and longevity. Players who like dungeon crawlers, music or excellent games will find themselves entranced by Crypt of the Necrodancer.
Tim TuriApr 21, 2015
Bard is an awesome choice for players with musically deaf butterfingers, or anyone who wants to practice without the constant pressure of keeping in time. Crypt of the Necrodancer is an uneven experience thanks to its built-in unpredictability, but the unique concept is charming and captivating enough to justify your time. If you want to test your digits' dance moves and love great game music, it's worth checking out.
Mike HolmesFeb 21, 2016
Crypt of the Necrodancer wants you to dance your way through some deadly dungeons, but it provides you with such a delicious beat to play to that it's almost impossible not to fall in love with its subtly blended charms. The soundtrack is chirpy, and there's even the option to move to your own beat and swap in your own tunes.
Alex HamiltonMay 19, 2015
For those looking for a more hands-on experience, the developers have even included dance mat compatibility, allowing you to literally dance your way through the levels. Some of the tracks I fought to still echo in my head as I walk to work or drift to sleep – as do some of the boss battles I couldn’t defeat or that one time I should have moved left but instead went right. That, in my mind, makes NecroDancer an instant number one.
Adam CookApr 25, 2015
Crypt of the NecroDancer is that rarest of gems, one that seems familiar enough to please genre-fans, but one that also innovates in such a clever, intelligent way, making it just an absolute pleasure for anyone who happens across it. There’s never a dull moment, and a planned quick go turns into a lost hour of fun. Console gamers should be bombarding Brace Yourself Games in the hope that they too can have their chosen platform graced with something so different.
Alexander LeachApr 23, 2015
The aim of Crypt of the Necrodancer is to guide Cadence, a young adventurer exploring the aforementioned Crypt.
Francisco Alberto Serrano AcostaApr 16, 2015
Crypt of the Necrodancer es un roguelike muy original, divertido y bien hecho. ...Este es un título para todo el mundo, que toma una base fundacional concreta para crear algo difícil, pero accesible a la par que original. Un diseño cuidado, unos gráficos simples pero llenos de personalidad, una banda sonora fantástica, y una tonelada de opciones hacen que sea un juego generoso, que siempre ofrece más y del que es difícil despegarse.
Alejandro PascualApr 24, 2015
Crypt of the NecroDancer es un juego mágico. Hipnótico en su desarrollo gracias a una mezcla de roguelike con ritmos, que te mantiene en constante movimiento y con el que es imposible no pasar un buen rato y terminar tu sesión de juego con las pilas bien cargadas. El pequeño equipo de Brace Yourself ha logrado debutar con una joya que más que probablemente será uno de los juegos independientes más laureados de este año. ...Puedes llevarte una tremenda y grata sorpresa.
Jose AltozanoApr 24, 2015
Crypt of the Necrodancer consigue algo que muy pocos juegos dominan, y eso es divertir al jugador desde el minuto uno. No necesita presumir de nada para ser ambicioso, explica sus principios sin decir una sola palabra y atrae ya desde su pantalla de inicio. Hay muchos juegos que intentan ser carismáticos, pero pocos lo consiguen con tanta facilidad. Para nosotros siempre es sábado noche en la mazmorra.
Alberto GonzálezApr 23, 2015
Crypt of the NecroDancer es uno de los mejores títulos que puedes adquirir dentro del programa de Steam Early Access. Primero, porque hablamos de un desafiante juego que mezcla la exploración y el rol de mazmorras con un estilo y una jugabilidad musical distinta, algo que nos ha gustado y encandilado especialmente.
Mathias OertelApr 22, 2015
Auf den ersten Blick ist Crypt of the Necrodancer mit seiner Mischung aus Rhythmus-Spiel und Dungeon Crawler samt zufällig generierter Level und Dauertod ein wagemutiges Projekt. Auf den zweiten und dritten Blick ebenso. ...Spiele wie dieses machen deutlich, dass die Indieszene hinsichtlich kreativer Impulse immer noch den Takt vorgibt. Mehr davon!
Matthieu HurelMay 02, 2015
Voici l'exemple même de l'hybride séduisant sur le papier qui aurait pu être mal exécuté, mais que les développeurs ont brillamment accompli en prenant leur temps et en écoutant les retours des joueurs. ...Presque rejouable à l'infini grâce à sa playlist personnalisable et ses niveaux générés en shuffle, Crypt of the NecroDancer est l'équivalent du morceau tellement grisant qui vous fait retourner en courant sur la piste de danse alors que vous pensiez avoir brûlé tout votre cosmos pendant le reste de la soirée.
PanthaaMay 19, 2015
Pour une quinzaine d'euros à sa sortie, Crypt of the NecroDancer s'impose comme un très bon Rogue-like musical, qui aurait pu pécher par son contenu si l'on s'en tient à la quête principale mais qui a su se rattraper en proposant une dizaine de personnages et autant de façons de terminer le jeu avec des variantes de gameplay intéressantes. ...Un titre exigeant, customisable, et destructeur de clavier et d'amitié en cas de coop locale.
Vincenzo LetteraApr 27, 2015
Quello dei roguelike è un genere che raramente vede qualche innovazione. Anzi, spesso e volentieri sono gli stessi autori a voler restare il più possibile ancorati a estetiche e meccaniche antiche per accontentare la nicchia più tradizionalista di appassionati. Ryan Clark è invece riuscito a creare un'esperienza nuova e stimolante, meno lenta e calcolata rispetto ai classici del genere ma più originale e concitata.
Lorenzo BaldoMay 01, 2015
Impegnativo, a tratti sadico eppur leale: Crypt of the NecroDancer, sotto il profilo del roguelike, non impallidisce, nemmeno se confrontato con i mostri sacri del genere. La cresta pentagrammatica lo rende un punk, ribelle con un perché. Può sembrare strano, a tratti persino bizzarro, ma ragiona con una sua logica, il pensiero è stupendo. La formula di gioco, fresca e originale, è un vero toccasana, un tonico rinvigorente.
Сергей ЦилюрикMay 16, 2015
Создателям Crypt of the NecroDancer удалось все то, к чему они стремились – они не только создали по-настоящему увлекательный и аддиктивный ритм-«рогалик», но и напичкали его огромным количеством «фишек», способных поддерживать интерес к игре на протяжении долгого времени. Даже если вас раньше не интересовал этот жанр, NecroDancer – та игра, попробовать которую точно стоит.