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Zack PalmOct 01, 2018
CrossCode is a wonderful game. The developers painstakingly added numerous background details to make the experience feel genuine and the mechanics don't feel stale, even thirty or forty hours into the entire game. There's a lot to do, a good story, a handful of great characters to meet, and the combat feels like a challenge.
Zack ReeseSep 22, 2018
While CrossCode doesn't always hit the mark in terms of pacing and mechanic cohesiveness, I found a lot of satisfaction from exploring this amazing sprite-based world filled with colorful characters, smart puzzle structures, and enjoyable combat encounters. That long development cycle appears to have worked out in the end - based on sheer content alone and the low price tag, you are sure to get more than your money's worth.
James PaleySep 21, 2018
On the other hand, the puzzle sections need a whole separate form of patience and concentration. In the end, my love of the grind won out, and CrossCode became that kind of experience in full. I recognize that this kind of patient application may not be suitable for everyone, however. CrossCode is a beautiful world loaded with puzzles of all kinds. If you can find your center among this storm of separate genres, you might really enjoy this game.
Nikholai KoolonavichNov 13, 2018
In the end, CrossCode offers players the chance to lose themselves in an engaging and thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. With superb gameplay, a rich and detailed world, hours of content and a brilliant soundtrack, CrossCode is a must have for anyone looking for a grand adventure they can lose themselves in.
Alberto PastorSep 23, 2018
Es difícil no dejarse llevar por la emoción con un videojuego como CrossCode, que recupera con acierto las sensaciones de las grandes aventuras de rol y acción de los noventa, sin perder por ello la oportunidad de dejar su propia huella; de innovar con ingeniosos rompecabezas y emocionantes desafíos. Aunque la historia no es especialmente original y veces rompe el ritmo de la acción, este es un juego que merece la pena probar.
Patrick MittlerOct 02, 2018
Kennt ihr das, wenn man einen Klassiker nach langer Zeit wieder einmal zockt und sich denkt: »Oje, das hatte ich aber anders in Erinnerung«? Die Begeisterung und Faszination, die man damals gespürt hat, sind verflogen und meist ist das schlicht dem technischen Fortschritt geschuldet. Videospiele entwickeln sich ständig weiter und mit ihnen auch der Geschmack und die Erwartungen von uns Spielern.
Mathias OertelOct 11, 2018
Doch das sowie einige zu schnell redundanteMissionstypen oder die für Sprungpassagen ungeeignete Perspektive nehme ich zähneknirschend in Kauf – auch, weil Radical Fish ein stets überraschendes und kreatives Dungeon-Design an den Tag legt, bei dem Kämpfe und clevere Umgebungsrätsel immer wieder aufs Neue fordern.