Conqueror's Blade for PC
PC - Windows

Conqueror's Blade

Q4 2020Soon


This game is currently under beta testing.

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About this game

Developer: Booming Games
Content Rating: Rating pending


Conqueror’s Blade represents a flagship sandbox PC warfare game that goes across ancient Eastern and Western civilizations. Conqueror’s Blade’s core design is innovativeness which hybrids action and tactic game plays. Player enjoys smooth hero action combat and sophisticated tactic control of corps together. The game perfectly recreates weapons, armors and corps of many civilizations such as European sword knight, and Swiss halberdier. Besides that, the game unprecedentedly ushers in splendid “world sandbox” featuring the most complimented game play in Conqueror’s Blade. In this connection, Players can acquire vast territory. With an aim of mirroring Medieval history, Conqueror’s Blade strives unremittingly to deliver immersive and authentic conqueror’s warfare experience to players.

Critic Reviews

2 Reviews
Matthew KeithJun 13, 2019
Conqueror's Blade attempts to set a new standard for what a tactical action MMO can look like. The game does achieve some of what it sets out to do, with some truly great tactical moments and some epic battle sequences. However, clunky, simple player combat, overwhelming progression systems and lacklustre visuals and open world leave the game feeling underwhelming and a bit disappointing.
MrderivJul 18, 2019
Malgré de bonnes idées sur le papier et une proposition riche en possibilités, Conqueror's Blade pêche pour le moment sur de trop nombreux aspects pour être recommandé au plus grand nombre. Le plaisir éprouvé lors de ses batailles massives, plutôt bien rendues au demeurant, se heurte malheureusement aux trop nombreuses heures de farm de ressources nécessaires à l'entretien et l'évolution des unités.


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