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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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Tom FrancisNov 11, 2008
The campaigns are glorious trash, hilariously hammed up in the cutscenes by an expertly chosen geekgasm cast. And the units are inspired: psionic dolphins, human cannonballs, dogs in cars, and yes, parachuting bears. It might not feel at home on 360, but it's still hard not to like Red Alert 3. This great game is ridiculous and it knows it, so just laugh along while playing a deep strategy game with humor to spare.
Jason OcampoNov 05, 2008
Red Alert 3 feels like a bubblegum version of real- time strategy. It's silly and campy, yes, and it's also fun. Keep in mind that it's just a familiar sort of fun, one that's almost unchanged over the decade the series has been around. While it'd be nice to see the series start pushing in new directions, we also know that there are fans out there who like to wrap themselves up in the RTS equivalent of comfort food.
Adam BiessenerSep 22, 2009
Competitive multiplayer is amusing but nothing special, offering the usual permutations on deathmatching. The good bits of Red Alert 3, though, are more than worth the price of admission.
Wesley Yin-PooleNov 17, 2008
It's a quality game, that can't be denied. Play it with a mate and it's a lot of fun. The live action clips are so bad you can't not want to watch them, and the whole experience has that addictive quality that makes you want to play it when you're not, but it's a hugely conservative effort.
Kevin VanOrdOct 27, 2008
Red Alert 3's cooperative campaign and cool new faction offer plenty of enjoyment for players who don't mind a little cheese with their meat. This isn't exactly the genre's next step forward, but it's a slick and entertaining evolution of a classic franchise that's hard to dislike. Rest assured, that quirky exterior masks a strong campaign and an equally substantial multiplayer component that will keep you and your dolphins busy well into 2009.
Derek HideyOct 28, 2008
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 isn't the greatest RTS game on the market right now. And, as far as gameplay is concerned, it is as traditional and standard as they come. However, what it lacks in the way of new gameplay design, it makes up for in flavor, attitude, and exaggeration. While these elements have mostly to do with the style of the game rather than the gameplay, they certainly contribute to the fun factor.
Game TrailersNov 03, 2008
It will not disappoint. It's big, loud, and crazy, and it's clearly not meant to be taken too seriously. But looking past the pageantry, the whole thing is a little too familiar
James PikoverNov 12, 2008
The cooperative gameplay is an excellent addition that, while not entirely balanced, will become greater as time goes on. An excellent soundtrack brings life the game, so well that most players are simply in tune with it and don’t notice it…until it’s muted. Lush, colorful cityscapes of the different campaign maps bring out the color in our typical, drab brown games. Everything about Red Alert 3 is colorful, and we plan to enjoy it for many days to come.
Quintin SmithNov 03, 2008
When an RTS is as unpredictable as this it becomes less about scheming and resource management and even more about simply reacting, and that's not going to be to everyone's taste. That said, everyone loves the sweet taste of co-op, so if you've got a friend who's a fan of either RTS games or cleavage (or both!), Red Alert 3 can and will show you a very good time indeed.
Álvaro CastellanoOct 31, 2008
Red Alert 3 es un muy notable título de estrategia. Es ligero, el rigor táctico es escaso y podríamos considerarlo el “arcade de los RTS”, pero no por ello deja de ser un gran título, ni muchísimo menos. Un entretenimiento muy “palomitero” en el que se prima más la agresividad y la velocidad que la inteligencia o el planteamiento.
Francisco Alberto AcostaOct 31, 2008
Con todos los cambios introducidos, el modo cooperativo, la nueva facción... Red Alert 3 sigue siendo a todos los efectos Red Alert, lo que se puede considerar su mejor y su peor aspecto. Es evidente que el estudio ha buscado recuperar el espíritu de la serie, más que hacerla evolucionar, por lo que aunque muchos fans estarán encantados, también pueden sentir cierto desencanto ante la sensación de estancamiento .
CptobviousOct 30, 2008
En faisant ressurgir Alerte Rouge de l'oubli dans lequel il était tombé, Electronic Arts n'a pas fait que réveiller un grand nom, qui aurait pourtant suffit à déchaîner les passions à lui seul. EA a su faire mieux, en sublimant la série sans jamais la trahir, en la hissant vers un nouveau sommet.
Aurélien JollyApr 03, 2009
Plus que jamais, Command & Conquer se repose sur ses acquis avec cet épisode qui offre toutefois une belle cure de jouvence à l'univers Alerte Rouge, un peu moins de deux ans après celle consacrée au conflit du tibérium. Reprenant une bonne partie des qualités - et des défauts - des Guerres du Tiberium, Alerte Rouge 3 se montre donc solide et efficace avec son gameplay bien maîtrisé et nerveux (surtout en multi), mais il peine à renouveler la saga.
Dario TomaselliNov 15, 2008
Red Alert 3 mantiene in gran parte le aspettative di chi ha seguito la serie sin dagli esordi. La grafica è di buon livello, i filmati (come sempre contenenti le stravaganti performance di attori reali e computer grafica) riescono a divertire quel tanto che basta per appassionarsi alla trama e la giocabilità si mantiene classica, pur offrendo qualche novità che potremmo definire prettamente goliardica.