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Children of Morta

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Robert N. AdamsSep 02, 2019
Children of Morta serves as a fine ARPG for newbies and veterans alike. A beautiful world brought alive by beautiful pixel art, catchy music, and incredibly compelling gameplay that holds the whole package together.
Sam GreerSep 12, 2019
The Bergson's are charming but their quest is a bit too lifeless. A middling dungeon crawler elevated by its style.
James O'ConnorSep 17, 2019
Children of Morta's fantastic art style and enjoyable storytelling take what would have been an otherwise fun roguelike dungeon-crawler and elevate it a great deal. Taking down enemies and eventually triumphing over bosses is enjoyable, but what kept bringing me back was the connection I felt to the Bergsons, and my sincere desire to help them push back against the Corruption. After all, it's a lot easier dealing with dungeons full of monsters when you have a family to come home to.
Alexander ThomasSep 02, 2019
Children of Morta is a resoundingly impactful, thoughtful, and humanizing rogue-lite with an all-consuming narrative you simply can’t stop chasing. Even with its dark, fantasy filled setting it tells a very grounded story about family, love, and sacrifice in the face of adversity. The voice acting is spot on, the complex pixel-art is gorgeous to pause and behold, and combat feels powerful with everyone in the family.
Mark SteighnerSep 13, 2019
It’s challenging without (usually) being unfair and while there is plenty of varied combat, there is a story with some heart and soul for any player looking for a break from constant hack and slash. It’s still a roguelike, so any player intolerant of the genre’s “die and try again” conceit will not suddenly become enlightened, but fans of the form will enjoy one of the more interesting and appealing examples in recent memory.
Tim McDonaldSep 02, 2019
Indeed, I have no hesitation in recommending this to any roguelite fans: it’s one of the best I’ve played in quite some time. Colossally different characters, breathtaking pixel art, and a surprising amount of heart help this solidly-built twin-stick roguelite stand out from the pack. Children of Morta is a solidly built action roguelite, but it's the family struggles and heart within that elevate it above the crowd.
Dave LambdenSep 02, 2019
Despite some repetition, uneven visuals, and derivative mechanics, Children of Morta is an absolute joy to play from start to finish. A smooth progression system, randomly generated elements, and a ton of different abilities to play with were more than enough for us to look past some of the game’s shortcomings. We highly recommend this one whether you’re a seasoned vet of the dungeon crawler genre, or just looking for a new and charming rouge-like experience.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusSep 03, 2019
Children of Morta is charming, engaging and fun. It's absolutely worth playing if you're a fan of the genre, and the Bergsons are one of the best family units in gaming. The world and characters draw you in, and the simple but engaging roguelike gameplay keeps you there. It doesn't break any molds, but it doesn't try to. Instead, the title focuses on offering what it has with a mirror polish. It has some problems and can feel repetitive at times, but any sense of weariness is lost the next time a beautiful cut scene begins.
Joshua BroadwellSep 02, 2019
In a sea of roguelikes, it's difficult for a title to stand out. But Children of Morta manages to hold its own in a variety of ways, from the family element to its excellent art direction. It's tough, but it's immensely satisfying to slowly build up your family of warriors and push through each challenge. If you're looking for an indie roguelike or RPG, Children of Morta is definitely worth checking out. If you're looking for both, it's a must-play game.
Brad LangSep 02, 2019
Children of Morta is a resoundingly beautiful game that tells a compelling story of growth, forgiveness and love through a set of deep of satisfying rogue-like mechanics that only kept me invested in the gameplay but the journey of The Bergsons throughout my playtime.
Todd RigneySep 16, 2019
Save for the issues with RNG and the procedurally generated environments, Children of Morta delivers an exceptional experience with superior gameplay and a surprising amount of heart.
DiggySep 02, 2019
Children of Morta would be a perfectly good linear dungeon crawler; it would also be a pretty good roguelike. But it genuinely manages to strike the perfect balance between the two, offering addictive, challenging and varied gameplay, as well as strong narrative, characters and world building. Besides some difficulty issues with the two-player mode and the melee characters, it’s a pretty great game.
Amy DavidsonSep 04, 2019
Children of Morta is strong in its apparent simplicity. By the end game the player is juggling multiple additional powers, temporary buffs, held items, and a vast array of enemy types, but since everything is introduced so smoothly and cleanly it never feels overwhelming. The game is brutal without being cruel, as each failure shows some granular hint of progress—it serves as a great introduction to the genre for newcomers, as everything is explained so well, and is also appealing for veteran players, showing a different approach to a well-known classic.
Jordan HelmSep 02, 2019
While Children of Morta‘s surprising flexibility — without too comprising on the challenge of its gameplay — is one to take note of, it’s Dead Mage’s ability to find harmony with so many [figurative] moving parts that’s more impressive. Don’t let the tag or implication of hollowness throw you, Children of Morta — like Dead Cells before it — is an addictive, well-orchestrated and brilliantly-devised take on the roguelike template.
Donovan ErskineSep 03, 2019
Children of Morta is an excellently designed action RPG that hosts some well refined dungeon crawling elements. The story is a classic tale of good versus evil, but there’s some original ideas and lessons about the concept of family and togetherness just below the surface. There’s no shortage of variety here either, as Children of Morta has a colorful roster of characters that are each unique from one another, and plenty of items to add an extra layer of strategy to your journeys. Children of Morta is an absolute joy of an experience whether you choose to go alone, or with a friend.
Tom ChickSep 10, 2019
A deft combination of the heft of immediate gratification and the lure of long-term progression, with a confident narrative wrapper.
AthanasiosSep 03, 2019
Children of Morta is an exceptionally well made ARPG, where the same amount of attention has been given to all its aspects, from the way it plays, to the way it's story is told, to the way it looks. Those in search for something with hundreds of hours of additional content should better look elsewhere, but the pleasure of combat (solo or co-op), and the addictive nature of rogue-likes, combined with the strong narrative, and the fantastic ultra-detailed pixel art style, gives a pretty good reason to put this on your wishlist - NOW!
Thomas HughesSep 25, 2019
A lot of love and time has gone into Children of Morta, and the level of polish and complexity across its narrative and gameplay make it one of the most interesting roguelites to date. The difficulty curve and relative brevity of its story may put some off, but Children of Morta is a beautifully crafted, polished roguelite that deserves your attention.
Ben LyonsSep 03, 2019
The audio-visual design, coupled with the variety of upgrades, enemies and playable characters, makes Dead Mage's family-focused adventure a joy to play. The biggest issues come from the difficulty of pushing through hefty dungeons alone, which can be easily overcome by joining up with a friend, a move that makes the experience a great deal more fun and shows its true potential. With its diverse storylines, satisfying combat, and remarkable world, Children of Morta is a treat for all action-RPG fans.
KyleJun 21, 2020
All in, I found Children of Morta to be an enjoyable experience. I wouldn’t say it was the best title I’ve ever played, but it is nowhere near the worst, and I am quite looking forward to going back to continue the journey.
Kosta AndreadisSep 03, 2019
Perhaps the area where Children of Morta stands out the most is with the intricate art and the storybook narrative; the high-resolution landscapes and environment look fantastic at multiple distance levels. As do the creatures, characters, bosses, and other animated contraptions. Although this review has used the word dungeon countless times, each new location has a distinct feel all its own. In the end the focus on story, and the bond between family members, shines through – giving Children of Morta a sense of intimate to match the grand.
Alejandro PascualSep 03, 2019
Children of Morta es un gran rogue-lite porque logra mantener un muy buen ritmo durante toda la aventura. Es una delicia poder manejar en una misma partida a las seis clases de personajes que forman, entre otros, la familia Bergson. Cada una con sus propios medios para la lucha y sus habilidades únicas, mientras crean otras que comparten entre sí. La progresión y el ritmo son magníficos y aunque no desaparece esa sensación de repetición que puede acarrear hasta los mejores exponentes del género, sabe crear los suficientes aditivos para incitarte a seguir adelante.
Ramón VarelaSep 03, 2019
Children of Morta es un rogue-lite más redondo que la media. Entretenido, con múltiples habilidades que conseguir o aprender, constante sensación de progreso en evolución de personajes e historia, multijugador local y una puesta en escena genial, no escapa de las limitaciones propias de este desarrollo diseñado para explorar, fallar y reintentarlo de nuevo. Quienes disfruten del subgénero lo van a pasar en grande con las aventuras de la familia Bergson.
Francisco Alberto SerranoSep 14, 2019
Children of Morta no es un título trascendente en el género y está por debajo de producciones también independientes como Torchlight II o Grim Dawn, pero es un buen juego y una notable incorporación al Hack’n Slash que logra brillar en aspectos que suelen ser completamente ignorados en otros exponentes.
Florian ZandtSep 02, 2019
Gut geschriebene Charaktere, anspruchsvolle Action, innovatives Skillsystem – so muss ein echter Roguelite-Hit aussehen.
Aubin_GregoireSep 07, 2019
En puisant tour à tour ses mécaniques dans les rogue-lites et dans la saga Diablo, Children of Morta propose une aventure prenante mais empreinte d’une répétitivité inhérente à ces deux genres. Toutefois la narration, introduite à la structure même du jeu, apporte un rythme certain à l’ensemble. Le tout est enrobé d’un pixel art fin et superbement animé. Si vous savez dans quoi vous vous engagez et que pourfendre du mob par paquet de 100 est votre crédo, nul doute que Children of Morta est fait pour vous.
Fabien PellegriniSep 23, 2019
La possibilité de jouer six personnages aux styles bien différents permet de varier les plaisirs, tandis que la narration implique réellement le joueur dans l'aventure. Et l'expérience est encore meilleure en coopération, la complémentarité des héros devenant alors encore plus évidente. Ce rogue-like scénarisé, très accessible et pas trop répétitif plaira aussi bien aux adeptes du genre qu'à ceux qui n'en sont pas friands à la base. Ce qui n'est pas loin de constituer un véritable exploit !
Bob ArctorSep 11, 2019
Plutôt que de se contenter d'enchaîner au pif des salles vides de sens dans une aventure de type "une pièce-un monstre-un trésor", même si, dans l'essentiel, un rogue-like c'est toujours un peu ça, Children of Morta nous greffe par dessus une histoire bien écrite, avec une super musique, des dizaines de cut-scenes et d'événements qui se débloquent, et une narration faite par un mec qui possède une voix à commenter des documentaires animaliers avec un ton neutre (tout spécialement ceux où l'on voit un buffle dévoré par une dizaine de hyènes).
Paolo BesserSep 04, 2019
Children of Morta è uno di quei piccoli gioielli indie che è un piacere scoprire, giocare e, perché no, anche recensire. Dietro ai “quadratini” della pixel art si cela un hack’n’slash davvero eccellente, che ha poco da invidiare ai caposaldi del genere e che può insegnare come sia possibile introdurre anche tanta, tanta umanità. L’aspetto ruolistico è ben delineato, la crescita dei personaggi non è mai banale, e per arrivare a superare il break-even tra il livello di difficoltà e l’evoluzione degli eroi occorre fare la giusta fatica.
Simone TagliaferriSep 02, 2019
Children of Morta è a tratti un gioco già visto, a tratti un oggetto nuovo che finisce per coinvolgerti in qualcosa che non ti aspettavi potesse davvero fare presa: la storia della famiglia Bergson e la sua influenza sulla progressione dell'avventura. Così quella che credevamo essere la parte più debole e superflua del gioco è diventata invece il motivo cardine per continuare a giocare, lì dove invece le sezioni di combattimento risultato ben fatte, ma senza che abbiano molto di nuovo da dire rispetto alla concorrenza.
Claudio CugliandroSep 07, 2019
Inteso come semplice roguelike, l’opera potrebbe disattendere le aspettative dei giocatori più tradizionalisti: gli appassionati del genere, in virtù delle sue specificità ludiche, vedranno in Children of Morta un prodotto in grado solo parzialmente di saziare la loro fame. Chi invece predilige una bella storia anche a scapito di meccaniche di gioco poco equilibrate, vivrà con la famiglia Bergson un'esperienza diversa, non rivoluzionaria o particolarmente memorabile, ma comunque capace di lasciare il segno.
Ersin KılıçSep 21, 2019
Sonuç olarak Children of Morta bu yıl oynadığım en keyifli yapımlardan birisi. Eğer Rogulike türünü seviyorsanız, sıkı sıkıya bağlı olan bir aileye odaklanan oyunu kaçırmamanız gerektiğini gönül rahatlığıyla söyleyebilirim.
PajdosSep 12, 2019
Przy Children of Morta spędziłem kilkanaście godzin swojego życia, ale nie żałuję! Bawiłem się doskonale – pomimo faktu, że w grach roguelike nie gustuję ze względu na ich zwyczajowo wywindowany poziom trudności. Wcześniej odbiłem się od przedstawicieli gatunku – z Dead Cells i Darkest Dungeon na czele – i dopiero Children of Morta sprawił, że na gatunek rogalików spojrzałem łaskawszym okiem.
محمد زمانیOct 17, 2019
است و زین پس انتظارات را از آن‌ها چند پله فراتر می‌برد. تجربه‌ی ناب گیم‌پلی و داستان آن نه‌تنها برای همه دوستداران آثار روگ‌لایت خوشایند است، بلکه می‌توان گفت شاهد یکی از بهترین بازی‌های مستقل سال هستیم. فرزندان مورتا اثری است که بر پایه مفهوم اساسی خانواده بنا شده و شیرینی آن را صرفاً با جمع شدن ساده‌ی اعضای خانواده برگسون بر روی یک میز غذا یا گفت‌وگو و ارتباط مملو از حس آن‌‌ها، نشان می‌دهد.