Card Hunter: Expedition to the Sky Citadel for PC
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Card Hunter: Expedition to the Sky Citadel


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Developer: Blue Manchu
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Welcome to Card Hunter’s second expansion: Expedition to the Sky Citadel. GM-ed by the electronic marvel, Cardotron 2000, expect crazy new cards with new game mechanics to exploit, a host of new items and fearsome new opponents. Cardotron 2000 comes with a 6-bit processor and 4K of RAM, ensuring that your gaming experience will be 100% compliant with the rules of Card Hunter and free of the foibles and bickering of human game masters. Expedition to the Sky Citadel contains 6 new treasure hunt adventures that push the level range from 18 to 21. Get ready for higher level items as well as tougher monsters! As usual, all the new adventures can be purchased individually for pizza or in a bundle containing new figures, chests and a month of club membership. Of course, we’ll also be releasing new multiplayer boards, leagues, a Mauve Manticore and other goodies as well.

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Ryan MoriartyAug 13, 2015
The truth of the matter is if you enjoy the base Card Hunter game then Card Hunter: Expedition to the Sky Citadel will be a welcome addition. It offers some interesting thematic changes and a handful of unique powerful cards. The developers deserve to be rewarded for the pure amount of work that went into this expansion. This being said, there are better card games on the market, and many superior grid based tactical games.
Rutledge DaugetteSep 30, 2015
The Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion is a great addition to Card Hunter, and the fact that part of its release included the game’s release on Steam made it even better! You can either buy the new expansion with in-game currency and get all that the expansion offers, or you can buy individual dungeons—completely up to you! So, now that you can play on Steam (for free!) with your friends, it’s a great time to check our Card Hunter and Take on the Hal of Tabletop, the Cardotron 2000, in Expedition to the Sky Citadel!
Aria DiMezzoDec 09, 2015
Fans of Card Hunter will likely have no issue spending some money to continue the game and access new things—even if it does become difficult to determine what, exactly, the purchase included, because of how seamlessly woven into the main game Expedition to the Sky Citadel is—but it doesn't really break that threshold to pass into "must-have" territory for new players.

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