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Nick DiamonOct 30, 2019
In the campaign, white phosphorus is a horrific set-piece accompanied by screams and whimpers. That’s some heavy shit. In multiplayer, white phosphorus is a reward for competent play that brings high-fives and fierce guitar licks. That’s some badass shit, Bro! You can have this cake and you can eat it, Modern Warfare assures us. In past installments, this dissonance would be funny, but here, it’s another reminder that these are really two separate games, and never shall the twain meet.
Bryson HileOct 29, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a fresh and exciting reboot that feels completely new yet satisfyingly familiar. It breathes new life into the franchise by updating and modernizing what many consider to be one of CoD‘s best sub-series. Not every new addition or tweak lands perfectly, but overall Modern Warfare is a great package.
Ford JamesNov 01, 2019
There's a lot to dislike about Modern Warfare, from overpowered guns that will hopefully be patched – I'm looking at you, 725 shotgun – to the low time-to-kill and how the main viable strategy is camping. With that said, the core gameplay loop is the most satisfying Call of Duty has felt in years, and while it doesn't shine a light to how revolutionary the original Modern Warfare was in 2007, there's something about this revamp that simply works.
Kallie PlaggeOct 25, 2019
Realism mode is an excellent addition to the slate, and although not all the new multiplayer modes are great, Gunfight and the Night Vision playlist are refreshing standouts. And while the campaign ends up playing it safe in the end, it's still a memorable one, and it lays a strong foundation for where the Modern Warfare series could go from here.
Miranda SanchezNov 01, 2019
Overall, the campaign is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s strength. Its well-designed missions make for excellent weapon testing grounds and feature a slew of interesting mechanics that wouldn’t work anywhere else. Some of its best parts come about because of the secretive nature of this war, and that includes some heavy moments that are generally done well.
Tony "OUberLord" MiteraNov 11, 2019
It's easy to be a little jaded about the fact that Call of Duty is going back to the Modern Warfare well. This latest entry into the franchise seems to be a significant improvement over previous entries, and it's closer to the type of game that the developers have been perfecting for years. The campaign is done well, the cooperative multiplayer is challenging, and the adversarial multiplayer is arguably better than it has ever been. Perhaps most importantly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare appeals to long-standing fans and new players alike.
Rashid SayedOct 30, 2019
Overall, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a largely an okay game. It tries to do something new with its campaign, but ultimately fails to deliver a compelling experience. The multiplayer offerings are a bit of a mixed bag at this point. Ground War is easily the standout mode for me, with Gunfight coming in a close second. Spec Ops needs some work, but there is a potential here to provide players with a long lasting and frantic experience.
Charles PerezNov 05, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare retreads old ground in the hopes of calling back to the good old days and does so in the most spectacularly polarizing way possible. If you can ignore or forgive the Shock and Awful approach to the singleplayer, then there’s still a lot to appreciate here. Although everything you’ll encounter is largely uninspired and derivative, Infinity Ward has managed to beautifully execute on the moment-to-moment gameplay in a way that will keep me coming back despite the over abundance of stellar competition.
Greg BurkeDec 06, 2019
If you’re looking for a new FPS game to pick up and you’ve been a fan of Call of Duty in the past, then Modern Warfare could be a great reason for you to return to the series and see what has changed and what has remained the same. You can check out the full video review above, and be sure to subscribe to both GamerHubTV and Shacknews on YouTube for more great content like this.
John SchuttOct 31, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has real potential, but a lackluster campaign and frustrating design decisions make for an experience we've seen done better before.
Morgan ParkOct 25, 2019
Daydreaming aside, I love Modern Warfare for the big swings it does take. It sets the bar high for first-person gun feel. Gunfight is a standout mode that proves to me Call of Duty can slow down and the sky won’t fall. I hope to see even bigger risks with its post-launch support. Modern Warfare is a promising platform for new ideas, but the sentiment will carry little weight if Activision shoves this game aside and we’re talking about Black Ops 5 in 2020. For now, it’s the Call of Duty to beat.
Jordan BottrellOct 29, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the best entry the series has seen in nearly a decade. A riveting story, beautiful visuals, and addictive multiplayer are bolstered by new features that will keep you coming back for more. Modern Warfare is a must-play for anyone who enjoys the older Call of Duty titles, especially considering the steady flow of free content we've been promised.
Lucas WhiteOct 29, 2019
When I started this story, I was stoked. It felt great to play, looked better than any previous entry, and seemed to have some real dramatic ambition. But then the story got going, and it was less thematically coherent than a Tom Clancy game. Both the campaign and (currently divisive) multiplayer add a lot of new angles and depth to the usual Call of Duty experience. Unfortunately, that all comes at the cost of a good story, and the last Modern Warfare had a great story.
Josh WestOct 25, 2019
Modern Warfare is fast and frenetic, setting a new benchmark for fidelity and high-pressure FPS action
Jordan ForwardOct 25, 2019
While not every multiplayer addition is as good as it could be, Modern Warfare’s campaign sets a new gold standard for the series that will be hard for sequels to match.
Andreas JuulOct 25, 2019
So to circle back - does this year's game reignite the same magic as the original Modern Warfare did? In terms of sheer quality and gameplay value, Infinity Ward offers an enormous package with more modes and variations than almost any other game in its genre, with the added element of having a story that rivals some of the best in the business. But does this make for a paradigm shift for first-person shooters? No, but it's nothing short of spectacular nonetheless.
Luis SánchezNov 08, 2019
Para concluir, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare es una sólida amalgama de modalidades para 1 jugador y en línea que, definitivamente, dejará satisfechos a los fanáticos decepcionados por la dirección que tomó la franquicia el año pasado. Tiene una campaña de gran impacto, el cual tiene el problema de ser demasiado pretenciosa para su propio beneficio y, sobre el multijugador, es una experiencia de alto impacto que dejará felices a los fanáticos; desafortunadamente mantiene ciertos pecados de diseño que, para esta altura, se sienten totalmente anticuados.
Diego EmegéOct 25, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tiene en su mano que una comunidad entera recupere la fe en la franquicia, y que los que un día se fueron vuelvan. Siento que flaquea en los modos multijugador más abiertos que, quizá por falta de trabajo o falta de perspectiva, se me antojan menos… divertidos; sin más, pero en los modos más íntimos, es contundente y salvajemente entretenido. La campaña resulta sólida e interesante, divertida, y aunque es cierto que no reinventa la rueda, se hace necesaria y digna de una segunda ronda.
Matthias SchmidOct 29, 2019
Technisch starke, intensive Kampagne trifft auf massig Mehrspieler-Modi, die nicht alle zünden - trotzdem ein guter Jahrgang.
Andreas SturmOct 29, 2019
Die Neuauflage von Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ist ein weitgehend gelungener Ego-Shooter. Der Mehrspieler-Modus liefert neue, interessante Elemente. Jedoch besteht das Kampfgeschehen elementar aus Terror und Folter und einige Szenen überschreiten dabei in typischer Call of Duty-Manier auch im Jahr 2019 die Grenzen des guten Geschmacks.
Philipp ElsnerOct 27, 2019
Sehr gelungenes Shooter-Paket für Modern-Military-Fans, das am Ende doch die üblichen CoD-Krankheiten von der Perfektion trennt.
Valentin CeboOct 29, 2019
Année après année, parfois en bien mais souvent en mal, COD crée l'illusion d'un renouveau en itérant sur une formule qui elle, n'a pas bougé depuis plus de douze ans. Ce reboot de Modern Warfare ne fait pas exception à la règle, et en dépit d'une volonté d'authenticité dans la narration, embarque avec lui une campagne solo à la qualité inégale, oscillant entre des niveaux particulièrement dérangeants et des passages beaucoup plus fades qui desservent le propos initial.
Damien GreffetOct 25, 2019
Indéniablement, Call of Duty Modern Warfare reste un excellent cru, avec une campagne certes courte, mais d’une grande intensité, et qui aborde des thèmes biens plus crédibles qu’avant. Avec son scénario très sombre, et bien plus violent qu’avant, le jeu s’oriente vers une audience clairement plus mature qu’avant, et prend même des risques en incluant des scènes choquantes qui ne manqueront pas de faire parler.
Nicolò BicegoNov 05, 2019
Call of Duty è finalmente tornato. Dopo una sequenza di capitoli che sembravano aver perso la capacità di convincere appieno critica e pubblico, Infinity Ward è riuscita a confezionare un ritorno in piena forma, che riprende le meccaniche e le caratteristiche dei vecchi Modern Warfare per raccontarci una nuova storia. Tanto la campagna quanto il multiplayer ci hanno lasciati soddisfatti e, sebbene rimanga qualche lacuna, questo episodio getta le basi per il futuro del franchise, che potrebbe finalmente aspirare a superare lo storico Call of Duty 4.
Francesco FossettiOct 24, 2019
Dopo molte ore spese sui server di gioco, ed al netto di un Netcode che dovrà essere affinato nel corso dei mesi, possiamo affermare con certezza che l'online competitivo di Call of Duty Modern Warfare non è soltanto il pilastro portante dell'intera produzione, ma anche una delle esperienze multiplayer più complete degli ultimi tempi. Il brand di Activision aveva bisogno di una sferzata, e Infinity War la assesta con decisione grazie al suo titolo più ambizioso da una decina d'anni a questa parte.
Francesco DestriNov 13, 2019
Non tutti apprezzeranno le novità nel PvP e il ritorno delle Spec-Ops convince solo in parte, ma per il resto Call of Duty: Modern Warfare rimane un signor sparatutto e il miglior capitolo della serie da anni a questa parte.
Alessandro AlosiOct 29, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare è come i soldati che ci fa impersonare: pieno di risorse e determinato a raggiungere il suo obiettivo. La storica serie si incammina con passo sicuro verso un nuovo, luminoso inizio e lo fa scortata da un capitolo che regalerà agli amanti del genere, tra le sue mille e una modalità e personalizzazioni, ore e ore di sfrenato ma ragionato divertimento. Con un’offerta di contenuti mastodontica e sovente di pregevole fattura, è dura non lasciarsi risucchiare da una delle esperienze più complete oggidì tra gli FPS online.
Eugene AsseserovNov 08, 2019
В новой Call of Duty: Modern Warfare слишком пафосный сюжет и чересчур карикатурные персонажи, при этом кампания располагает увлекательными миссиями и красивыми батальными сценами, но ее все-равно сложно назвать хорошей. А вот мультиплеерная составляющая правильная, большая часть фанатов оценит, потому что стрельба великолепна, и геймплейный ритм традиционно динамичный и затягивающий.
Furkan SakoğluOct 30, 2019
Uzun lafın kısası Call of Duty Modern Warfare, eski Call of Duty oyunlarını özleyen oyuncular için kaçırılmaması gereken bir yapım. Yapılan önemli yenilikler ve değişiklikler ile birlikte, Season Pass olmaması ve Cross play desteğinin de etkisiyle uzun yıllar boyunca oynanacak, muhteşem hikayesi ile hafızalarda yer edecek, efsane bölümleri ile daima hatırlanacak bir yapım olmuş. Eğer siz de eski CoD oyunlarını özlediyseniz, Modern Warfare'a kesinlikle şans verebilirsiniz.
Remco HayesNov 01, 2019
Call of Duty Modern Warfare zorgt ervoor dat we weer gaan houden van de franchise. Dit komt vooral door de goede, maar helaas niet vernieuwende campagne en de multiplayer die echt de show steelt bij deze titel. Jammer is dat de Spec Ops-modus veelbelovend is, maar het in de praktijk niet waar maakt. Al met al is Modern Warfare dé first person shooter van het moment en mogen Call of Duty-fans de titel niet missen.
بهرام بی غرضNov 01, 2019
نمی‌دانید را در بازی سنتر مشاهده کنید.
Sector.skOct 30, 2019
Celkovo je nové Call of Duty decentný doplnok v sérii. Síce výraznejšie nič nemení, ale robí jednu veľmi dobrú vec a presúva sa späť do obľúbenej modernej vojny. Nedosahuje na pôvodné Modern Warfare hry, ale pre fanúšikov to bude príjemný návrat späť. Škoda krátkej kampane, ale zas to vyváži rozmanitosť a dotiahnutá akcia ako v single, tak multiplayerovej časti. Multiplayer má ponuku pre každého, od fanúšikov malých bojov až po masívne boje. Žiaľ, nedotiahnuté prvky a technické problémy to minimálne zatiaľ sťahujú dole, špeciálne v PC verzii.