Bright Memory: Infinite for PC
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Bright Memory: Infinite

Nov 11, 2021 NEW
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Developer: FYQD-Studio
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Bright Memory: Infinite is an all-new lightning-fast fusion of the FPS and action genres, created by FYQD-Studio. Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks.

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Dec 8, 2021

This game is hardcore action packed with stylish combos and hyper ray tracing graphics. Game's short though, completed in 2hrs 15 mins, but it is made by a single dev with limited resources. Considering that , it is a masterpiece of its kind.

Nov 15, 2021

Tbh what makes me play this game is, its main character model. it took me about 2 hours to finish the game. short yes, but it's worth the price. Graphics is amazing for a small team, they know how to make an FPS game. Though there are some bugs to fix or improvements that are needed, like when you try to take an item using F sometimes it'll use abilities instead of taking the items, or shooting underwater is the same as shooting not underwater. though the game is worth trying, it's an amazing game.



Jan 16, 2022

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GrayshadowNov 16, 2021
It's a short game, taking about 1-hour to complete depending on skill level but provides a thrilling adventure that you'll want to come back to. The small issues that halt the experience can be annoying such as the slow reloading and inability to skip cutscenes but these are minor problems. Bright Memory: Infinite is a terrific shooter that delivers that high-octane sense of speed and precision fans of arena shooters love.
John Cantees Nov 12, 2021
Despite a couple of small headscratchers and a PC version that clearly could use some more time in the oven, Bright Memory Infinite, more often than not, manages to come within slashing distance of the games it’s so clearly inspired by. Whether the friendly price balances out the short length and unpredictable performance for you is going to be for you to determine, but I generally found experiencing the game’s strengths to be more than worth dealing with its shortcomings.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusNov 11, 2021
Bright Memory: Infinite looks incredible for a game from a small development team, and the core sword-and-gun gameplay is fun enough. However, everything surrounding those two elements feel unpolished and poorly thought-out. The incoherent story, the non-combat gameplay mechanics, and general lack of quality control drag down the entire thing. If you're looking for a quick and breezy shooter to tide you over for an afternoon, Infinite might be fun for you. Otherwise, there's nothing here that you can't see in videos that show off its rain-soaked beauty.

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