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Arthur GiesMar 25, 2013
BioShock Infinite's big thoughts and complicated narrative don't obscure the brilliant action game that carries those messages through. It's hard to know if Infinite will prove to be another major point of artistic discussion and development of the medium the way that BioShock was. But in every way, BioShock Infinite lives up to the promise of its legacy, and it looks poised to establish a new one.
Joe VargasMar 31, 2013
Jim SterlingMar 25, 2013
As a game, BioShock Infinite has its successes and its falterings consistent with any suitably complex piece of interactive entertainment. As a story, as an exercise in drawing the player into a believable and relevant world, as proof of exactly what a videogame can mean to a person. Well, I already said it. BioShock Infinite is damn near perfect.
Ryan StevensMar 25, 2013
BioShock Infinite is both art-house and grindhouse, managing to offer something for everyone. There’s drama, philosophy, and shocking violence, then there’s combat, abilities, and gear -- there’s even numerically quantified damage for the stat-obsessed. It’s enhanced by thoughtful plotting and great characters and wrapped up in a beautiful world and calamitous physics.
Tom Mc SheaOct 09, 2013
Infinite is a poorly conceived adventure that struggles to form a cohesive whole. By borrowing the core elements of BioShock but never working them properly into the narrative, the action is constantly at odds with the story. Infinite stands as one of the greatest disappointments in my gaming life because I know what Irrational is capable of and could only see the squandered potential of its latest foray.
Jeff GerstmannMar 25, 2013
You'll see a lot of BioShock in Infinite, but even if you try to make direct comparisons between the two, it's clear that Infinite is a far better game than its predecessor. It moves at a better pace, with more meaningful and more playable big encounters than BioShock. But it still carries that sense of exploration and the feeling of dread that comes with knowing that everything is just continuing to unravel before your very eyes.
Mike WehnerMar 25, 2013
Bioshock Infinite is both a breathtaking achievement in videogame storytelling and a marquee example of a game that will stick with you long after you see everything it has to offer. Calling it simply a first-person shooter is practically an insult. If you can make it through the game without being emotionally affected - or even experiencing a bit of an existential crisis - you need to check your pulse immediately.
Daniel BischoffMar 27, 2013
Infinite improves on its predecessor in gameplay by leaps and bounds. Elizabeth is not the revolutionary AI partner you might have hoped for, but the animation work, art design, world, and narrative create a genuine connection between the player and the girl, whether or not you wipe away the debt.
ProJaredMar 29, 2013
Tom FrancisMar 25, 2013
In a sense, that beauty makes it even more of a shame that the writing doesn't manage to put all this spectacular work to better use. But it also means that these moments end up being emotional anyway. It's like a surreal arthouse movie where nothing really makes sense, but where each scene is strangely compelling nonetheless.
Joe JubaMar 25, 2013
Replicating the achievements of the original BioShock is a challenging goal (as 2K Marin’s sequel demonstrated), but series creator Irrational Games returns with a fresh vision and redefines what the BioShock name means. Infinite is more than a new setting, story, and characters; those elements are seamlessly integrated with complex themes, a mysterious plot, and entertaining combat to create an amazing experience from beginning to end.
Phil HornshawMar 29, 2013
BioShock Infinite straddles more than one world: sometimes transcendent, often tedious. It’s a game about characters choosing to lie to themselves and create the narrative they wish their lives followed, rather than succumb to reality. That’s the story of the game itself, too, as Infinite often acts as though it’s deeper, more groundbreaking, more willing to be relevant to the world of the player and strong enough to comment on that world, than it is.
Kevin VanOrdMar 25, 2013
BioShock Infinite could make you feel uncomfortable. If you adhere to religious faith, or celebrate American idealism, this game may invite introspection or even anger. BioShock Infinite isn't afraid to magnify the way religious and racial extremism inform our culture and change lives. It isn't afraid to depict a less-than-holy trinity diseased by power, deception, and manipulation.
Steven BurnsMar 25, 2013
And yet, despite all this BioShock Infinite might just be one of the most compelling games of this generation. For all its flaws, it has an odd power, an insistence that players find out how the story concludes, and even then the voxophones dotted around are worth going back for (Preston, Comstock's ally, in particular).
CvgMar 25, 2013
Adam SesslerMar 25, 2013
Smosh GamesMar 28, 2013
Xav de MatosMar 25, 2013
While the end of 2013 will be filled with talk about a new generation of video games, BioShock Infinite's narrative will stand out as an achievement, helping put a cap on a generation that propelled narrative as a focus for the industry. Undoubtedly the finest game crafted by Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite is one of the best told stories of this generation. It simply cannot be missed.
Ryan McCaffreyMar 21, 2013
In total, BioShock Infinite is a brilliant shooter that nudges the entire genre forward with innovations in both storytelling and gameplay. It trips over itself in a couple of spots, but not in any way that should keep you from embracing it with your utmost enthusiasm.
Lucas SullivanMar 25, 2013
Incredibly, BioShock Infinite delivers on your years’ worth of expectations, then exceeds them. Regardless of your affinity for the FPS genre, Infinite deserves your attention, and it’s the kind of landmark experience that happens only a few times in a gaming generation. Even after the game is over, Elizabeth--and Columbia--will stay with you.
Tom BramwellJul 30, 2013
It's a shame the designers couldn't find a way to keep things casual as well for players who just want to embrace that combat creativity, so potent in the early waves on Ops Zeal. Instead the balance is quickly tipped away from us and Clash in the Clouds becomes another hardcore mode. That's fine, but there was the potential here to draw out the elusive richness of BioShock Infinite's combat and turn it into a series of madcap slapstick challenges.
Chris J CapelApr 02, 2013
When a game inspires debate, conjecture, sleepless nights, floods of emotion, and the desperate desire to play it all the way through again immediately after watching all of the sizeable end credits you know you’ve got something special. Bioshock Infinite is a game that deserves to be played, and then played again straight afterwards. It’s one of those games that you finish and just feel sad because you know you won’t be playing another game that good for a long time to come.
Arthur KabrickMar 28, 2013
In the end, it is a stunning technological achievement and an unforgettable gaming experience. Certainly not since BioShock six years ago, and perhaps not even then, have narrative and gameplay been so masterfully fused into such an extraordinary game. Elements of it are familiar, but the game itself is like nothing you have played before. You owe it to yourself, and to the developers who spent five years creating such a masterpiece, to give it a try.
Christopher WakefieldMar 31, 2013
Every few years a game will come along that leaves you breathless: a title so incredible that it leaves you desperately searching for how to describe it in a manner that does it justice. BioShock Infinite is such a game. In fact describing it as a "game" is unfair, it is more of an experience as it immerses you in one of the richest and most vibrant locations ever seen.
Adam CookMar 25, 2013
A beautiful example of single player gaming being King, there are no distractions apart from the ones inside the game itself, and as you use your sky hook to move around with breathtaking abandon, you’ll wish every game could be this thought-provoking, because like the very best games out there, BioShock Infinite stays with the player long after the credits have rolled. You’ll be dissecting this one for months to come. Bravo, Irrational Games. Bravo.
Rasmus Lund-HansenMar 25, 2013
The graphics are wonderful, the atmosphere great, soundtrack superb. The action is amazing, the story affecting. I've tried damn hard, but I couldn't find anything to dismiss during my time twice-through with the game. Irrational Games have created a masterpiece.
James CullinaneMar 26, 2013
Columbia is a rich setting to take in. Superb characterisation of Elizabeth. A water-cooler worthy story only games could tell. BioShock Infinite is one of the finest games to be released this generation.
Steve FarrellyMar 25, 2013
BioShock Infinite is the sort of game we dream of reviewing. It’s the Ocarina of Time of this generation (only infinitely better), and will be talked about and analysed for years to come. But only if you take Booker to his end; only if you see his task through; only if you help him erase the debt. A debt that, come the credits, you’ll never forget.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 26, 2013
Cuando Ken Levine habla, la industria del videojuego escucha. El prestigioso creativo ha querido centrarse en esta ocasión en la historia, y el resultado logrado ha sido asombroso. Sin descuidar la perspectiva jugable, el nuevo Bioshock se erige como uno de los grandes shooters de los últimos años. Infinite logra, con estos puntales, ser uno de esos escasos lanzamientos que cada temporada logran ser imprescindibles.
Francisco AcostaMar 25, 2013
Estamos hablando de un juego extraordinario. Un fantástico e imaginativo juego de acción que recoge a la perfección el legado de Bioshock y logra mejorarlo en diversos apartados. La recreación de la ciudad de Columbia es absolutamente magistral, una enorme combinación entre visión, tecnología y talento artístico que nos permite explorar uno de los mejores entornos virtuales de esta generación. La acción es intensa, variada y nunca llega a cansar, puede que sea algo más reminiscente de la de Bioshock de lo que hubiera sido deseable, pero también funciona mejor.
Albert GarcíaMar 25, 2013
Por encima de sus promesas, Bioshock Infinite es una reivindicación de la importancia de la historia en los videojuegos, y sobre todo de las posibilidades que tiene este medio a la hora de crear mundos imaginarios. Como decían los Beach Boys (una de las muchas sorpresas de la maravillosa BSO del juego) solo Dios sabe lo que nos depara el futuro. Amén.
Alexander BohnMar 25, 2013
Ein eingängiges, hochwertig produziertes Spektakel für die Massen mit einer Geschichte aus dem Arthouse-Kino. Obwohl die spielerische Seite nicht die gleichen Ambitionen in das Experiment mit einbringt, ist das ein Spagat, den man erst mal hinbekommen muss - und selbst wenn man ihn beherrscht, gehört noch einiges an gesunder Unvernunft dazu, ihn auch zu wagen. Gut, dass Levines Team die Unvernunft im Namen trägt.
Benjamin SchmädigMar 25, 2013
Nein, BioShock braucht die eine überraschende Wendung nicht mehr, weil Infinite von einer ebenso packenden wie vielschichtigen Erzählung lebt. Spielemacher Ken Levine vereint große Themen wie Schuld, Sühne und Rassismus und erschafft eindrucksvolle Charaktere, die lange im Gedächtnis bleiben – allen voran Elizabeth, die ebenso charmant wie gefährlich ist. Ihr dynamisches Verhalten ist beeindruckend, wenn sie Booker beim Suchen unterstützt, ihm Munition zuwirft sowie Zugang zu Geschützen oder Deckung ermöglicht.
Stéphane BouleyMar 25, 2013
Il faudra accepter de se laisser porter par la narration, en mettant de côté ses aspirations vagabondes, pour découvrir le destin de personnages intrigants. A défaut de réinventer la roue, le nouveau jeu d'Irrational Games touche au but avec un gameplay convaincant, un rythme bien géré d'un bout à l'autre et une histoire moins bête que la moyenne.
HiroMar 25, 2013
A la fois plus et moins qu'un shooter, BioShock Infinite accroche et fascine tout en offrant une vision d'une rare intelligence, sans concession, sans manichéisme primaire, le tout serti dans un magnifique écrin. Bref, une chose est sûre, ceux qui s'envoleront pour Columbia ne sont pas près de remettre les pieds sur terre.
Fabien PellegriniMar 25, 2014
Avouez que ce serait cocasse... En tout cas une chose est sûre, ce DLC est absolument indispensable pour tous les fans de BioShock Infinite et, paradoxalement, encore plus pour ceux du BioShock originel. Comme un terrible écho aux récents déboires du studio Irrational Games, la saga trouve ici une véritable conclusion, et nous laisse l'impression d'un travail pleinement accompli, achevé, et cohérent. Un bien beau baroud d'honneur !
Adolfo SoaresMar 25, 2013
Vale a pena acreditar que ainda existe a capacidade de executar um trabalho de qualidade e entregar ao jogador uma obra que merece ser jogada. Não era tarefa fácil alcançar a qualidade do primeiro jogo, mas BioShock Infinite sobrevive a esse "fantasma", evolui em todos os sentidos, desvenda segredos, é uma viagem imperdível.
Francesco SerinoMar 25, 2013
BioShock Infinite è talmente tanto che non me la sento di dargli un voto che possa anche solo per un istante allontanarvi da ciò che può offrire: un'esperienza travolgente, unica. BioShock Infinite è un peso massimo, spettacolare esponente di questa generazione di videogiochi, da cui trae la qualità intrinseca dell'esperienza e di cui sfoggia complice anche quelli che per molti sono i difetti.