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Charlie BarrattJun 24, 2012
Every weapon in BioShock 2 is more impressive and more satisfying than its equivalent in BioShock 1. The shotgun is now a double-barreled shotgun. The basic pistol has been replaced by a lethal rivet gun that treats Splicer flesh as scrapyard metal.
Tom OrryFeb 08, 2010
In many ways BioShock 2 is a game about refinements, rather than wholesale changes. Combat is better, thanks to the dual wielding, better enemy variety and larger scale encounters; hacking has been simplified, now making use of a timing-based button pressing mechanic that fits far better than the tubes seen in the previous game; and replay value has been enhanced by the sheer number of ways you can customise your character through use of Adam and upgrade stations.
Charles OnyettFeb 09, 2010
Anyone looking for a first-person shooter that offers more than flat, stereotypical characters and copy-and-paste supersoldier plots, one that attempts to establish a sense of right and wrong and loops you into the decision making process, and one that's set in one of the most vividly realized settings around should pick up BioShock 2. It's a game in which story, setting, and gameplay are expertly blended to create an experience that's as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.
Rob TalbotFeb 10, 2010
Craig SnowFeb 15, 2010
For some, BioShock 2 will be a little too close to the original for comfort. The presentation feels much the same, but almost by definition lacks the sense of awe and originality that the first game possessed, and the gameplay hasn't been drastically overhauled. But much of this was to be expected; BioShock itself was a tremendous foundation from which to build upon, and the symbiotic relationship between little sister and big daddy was the perfect place to start. The incredible sense of atmosphere, the most unique of art styles.
FoxyStoatFeb 14, 2010
As I reach over to grab my water suit helmet and shotgun, I find myself thinking that Bioshock 2 has everything a gamer wants; excellent graphics, fantastic sound and music (you may find yourself chilling out to your grandparents vinyl following an hour in Rapture), enemies that will offer even the most experienced gamer a challenge in the hard mode setting.
James PikoverFeb 19, 2010
Bioshock 2 is an admirable experience, one that doesn’t compare to the narrative of its predecessor, but carries forth the fun gameplay that was originally inspired some two years ago. The addition of multiplayer gives us all the more reason to keep playing after completing the 13-15 hour campaign, though conflicting design choices keep Bioshock 2 from succeeding and ultimately stepping out of the shadow of the original.
Álvaro CastellanoFeb 17, 2010
Bioshock 2 supone el regreso de Rapture y su Gran Cadena, y con ésta una nueva inmersión en las profundas aguas que envuelven a Rapture, y por ende, también en lo más oscuro del ser humano. Algo falta del espíritu único del original, aunque para ser honestos aquello era poco menos que irrepetible, pero eso no debe ser óbice para considerar a este videojuego un sobresaliente manifiesto del estado de madurez que el First Person Shooter ha alcanzado en esta generación.
HiroFeb 09, 2010
La méfiance vis-à-vis de cette suite qui pour beaucoup, ne s'imposait pas, vole en éclats rapidement au contact d'un gameplay plus riche et plus intense que jamais. Bioshock 2, tout en se tournant plus volontiers vers l'action, parvient à retrouver l'essence de son prédécesseur et sans la trahir, nous offre une aventure grandiose. Beau, dérangé et terriblement cohérent, le bébé de 2K Marin et de ses pairs est un jeu à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte.