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Before Your Eyes

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Becca SmithApr 06, 2021
Before Your Eyes is a short journey, but it is one that you’ll likely find yourself playing again and again. You’ve never heard a story like this before and you’ve certainly never experienced it in this way. Not only is it truly innovative, it’s also heartfelt, filled with love, and will likely leave you mopping up your tears before the credits roll.
Andrew KingApr 21, 2021
Before Your Eyes understands that experiencing our lives, of storing memories which become precious, is often tied to what we see: the people and the paths stretching out before us. Instead of feeling like a gimmick, Before Your Eyes feels refreshingly natural. Unusual control schemes often make me long for the familiarity of a controller.
Marcus StewartApr 20, 2021
Before Your Eyes puts its unique blinking mechanic to great use, offering a novel and fun method of interacting with this memorable, bittersweet tale.
Tony BaeApr 06, 2021
I still commend the studio for its bravery and innovation. Before Your Eyes is unique enough to try out if you are interested. It’s just that although the game is backed by many wonderful talents, it lacked that little “umph” to turn it into something truly memorable.
Hatem AmerApr 12, 2021
Before Your Eyes is a rare occurrence of a game that is entirely unique and new yet not overly reliant on a gimmick. This is a fully polished narrative experience that you ought to live yourself.
Mark DelaneyApr 09, 2021
Before Your Eyes is the kind of game that only comes around once or twice a decade. Its novel approach to the narrative adventure genre is genius and yet unlikely to ever be duplicated. It fits perfectly, but only really here, in Ben's story.
Heather JohnsonMay 27, 2021
I refuse to spoil Before Your Eyes for you by telling you anything more about the story. All you really need to know is that it’s got an underutilized mechanic integrated perfectly into a heartbreakingly beautiful tale of a life well lived, no matter how short it was. Ludonarrative harmony has been so uniquely and tightly achieved in Before Your Eyes, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this sweep plenty of awards.
Kieran HarrisApr 12, 2021
Its story feels believable with it being brought to life with many well-voiced characters, and its blinking mechanic is distinctive and helps to add a further layer of immersion. That said, whilst it excels in many ways, it won't be for everyone due to its short length and lack of interactive elements.
Sean DaviesApr 06, 2021
A few annoying glitches can’t spoil the ground-breaking, emotional journey of Before Your Eyes. An imaginative control method is used in ingenious ways to tell an occasionally uplifting but ultimately heart wrenching story. It’s only a few hours long but that’s more than enough time for this game to get under your skin and leave its mark.
Miri TeixeiraMay 05, 2021
I was moved beyond words by this little game. Before Your Eyes manages to be interesting and quirky, whilst also finding new ways to immerse you in a beautiful story. It is deeply sad at times, and at others fills you with an immense joy and appreciation for people and their complex lives. There is so much about this game that is better experienced for the first time with no forewarning, but if you like heartfelt stories and powerful narratives, this one's for you.
GameCentralApr 15, 2021
Given its low price and the novelty of its ideas Before Your Eyes is a game that easily survives its flaws and as long as the technical issues do not become too serious – which may be a difficult thing to anticipate before buying it – it achieves its central goal of investing you in the life and death of a very atypical video game protagonist.
Chris WhiteApr 06, 2021
Before Your Eyes is an emotional tale with an interesting mechanic at its core that helps to make the game so immersive. The music and voice acting is superb, and it is something you should certainly experience.
Manu DelgadoApr 06, 2021
Avanzar mediante parpadeos en el dramático relato de nuestra vida es una experiencia única, lástima que se abuse de una mecánica tan original pervirtiendo su significado.
Rubén VázquezApr 27, 2021
El parpadeo como mecánica principal en Before Your Eyes le viene como anillo al dedo. Es capaz de transmitir una serie de sensaciones y emociones con un gesto tan mundano como el parpadeo gracias a una historia emotiva, humana y pura. Si bien es verdad que abusan de él en momentos innecesarios y requiere de una predisposición por parte del jugador a cumplir una serie de requisitos como la webcam o una buena iluminación, su sistema de detección ocular funciona francamente bien.
Cristina BonaApr 15, 2021
Il merito di tale efficacia comunicativa è da rintracciarsi nel sistema di controllo ideato dai giovanissimi autori di GoodbyeWorld Games, che hanno scelto di affidare agli occhi del giocatore il compito di interagire con la loro creatura virtuale. Una soluzione che cela in sé un potenziale maggiore di quanto messo in campo con Before Your Eyes, e che ci auguriamo il team di sviluppo decida di tornare ad approfondire con maggiore coraggio nel prossimo futuro.
Alessandra BorgonovoApr 11, 2021
Come anticipato in apertura della recensione, Before Your Eyes non è un gioco semplice da recensire perché, al di là delle sue evidenti imperfezioni, si appoggia quasi del tutto su un tipo di esperienza che per la sua intimità cambia da giocatore a giocatore.