Battlewake for PC
PC - Windows


Sep 10, 2019
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Developer: Survios
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Thar be high-seas mayhem ahead in Battlewake, a rip-roaring pirate combat game exclusively for VR. Become four mythical Pirate Lords, captain a massive, upgradable battle-ready ship, and wield ancient powers. Solo, Co-op & PvP Gameplay. Navigate a 20-chapter solo or co-op Campaign, complete endless objectives in Warfare Mode, or embrace the pirate’s life in a free-for-all Plunder PvP deathmatch. Unique Captain Abilities & Ultimates. Unleash mighty tsunamis, send enemies’ ships flying in maelstroms, destroy hulls with bone spikes, and literally release the Kraken. Upgrade Your Ship & Skills. Spend gold to boost your ship’s stats, level up your Pirate Lord abilities, and upgrade your arsenal with 13 different real and fantastical ship-based weapons. All Sea, No Sickness. Experience the thrills of high-stakes naval combat without nausea, even as your ship pitches, yaws, turns, rams, plunges, and—if you’re not wily enough—sinks.

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Felix WongOct 08, 2019
Though a bit bare-boned, Battlewake will satisfy those looking for a solid VR seafaring adventure. It has a reasonably lengthy single-player campaign and enough multiplayer modes to tide you over – provided you can find other players. It’s just a shame that there isn’t more to the gameplay to keep repetition from setting in because, at the end of the day, blasting holes into enemy ships is glee-inducing fun. Battlewake is simply missing that extra – but very necessary – oomph to elevate it into a must-play.
David JagneauxSep 20, 2019
Battlewake is a very solid pirate ship combat game that has great presentation, fun gameplay, and good core mechanics, but it just doesn’t have enough depth. The campaign is over just as you feel like you’re coming to grips with each character, multiplayer lacks the breadth and depth it needs, and generally it’s missing a unifying framework to tie it all together more strongly.

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