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Battlestations: Midway

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PC GamerFeb 12, 2007
As it is, Battlestations: Midway lacks this depth. There's masses of stuff to do, there's just not enough places to actually do it in, which is something of a shame. This could have been the logical successor to Hostile Waters in the narrow, carrier-based action-game sub-genre, with the added bonus of a unique multiplayer.
Greg MuellerJan 31, 2007
The action portion of the game is also kept very simple, which works in the game's favor by making it easy to switch gears between the two different parts of the game. The action is also exciting enough to make it worth your while to jump into battle, if only for a few minutes at a time. The single-player game is sadly way too short, but the online multiplayer game is at least a small consolation. And while it lasts, Battlestations: Midway is a very fun game to play.
Jonathan MillerJan 30, 2007
While the learning curve is relatively high, the time spent running ships aground and crashing planes into the ocean is worth it when you are dominating the Pacific. The graphics are a bit bland but there is a ton of detail. The score and voice-acting are well done, if repetitive. Still, Battlestations' shortcomings do not detract from a great gameplay experience that both action and strategy fans should enjoy.
D'Marcus BeattyJan 30, 2007
Ultimately, Battlestations: Midway is a fairly fun gaming experience, especially for those interested in war simulators. RTS fans might find it a little simple, but might find the emphasis on action a pleasing surprise. Action fans might find the strategy a little dull, but with the simplicity of the commands they'll find themselves in the thick of the action as often as they like.
HiroFeb 12, 2007
Battlestations : Midway est-il un jeu de stratégie pour les fans d'action, ou l'inverse ? Tantôt agréable, tantôt poussif, le soft a tout de même le mérite d'offrir quelque chose qui n'est peut-être pas nouveau, mais en tout cas assez bien ficelé pour attirer un bon nombre de joueurs. Si vous pouvez faire abstraction de sa réalisation décevante et de sa difficulté conséquente, vous pourrez trouver de quoi vous satisfaire dans les eaux tumultueuses du Pacifique.