Battlefield 1942 for PC
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Battlefield 1942

Sep 10, 2002
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Developer: EA DICE
Content Rating: Teen


Strategize, command and execute campaigns as you command Allied Forces against the Nazi empire in the bloody battles of WWII.

Critic Reviews

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Steve ButtsSep 16, 2002
The game is a perfect bet for fans of online action. It's even likely that this game will find converts in the RPG or strategy crowd. Hell, we even have the editors of the console sites joining in with us on a regular basis. We play nearly every multiplayer game that comes out here at work and nothing, not even Warcraft III has pulled in the kinds of crowds we're getting here at work.
jkdmediaOct 02, 2002
As expected, the online/multiplayer aspect of Battlefield is definitely its strongest point. To give you an idea of what this game has to offer, imagine reliving the invasion of Normandy in its fullest detail with 63 other players online (64 total). Keep in mind that you'll need a broadband connection to participate in such large games. It may not be as intense as the opening scene in 'Saving Private Ryan,' but it's not too far behind either. The internal GameSpy interface makes it extremely easy to find servers to join (the external GameSpy can be used to find them as well).
Scott OsborneSep 16, 2002
Assuming Battlefield 1942's technical kinks get worked out, the game could easily take its rightful place among the very best online shooters. Currently, playing it can range from exceptionally fun to exceptionally frustrating. EA's release of a patch the very day the game hit store shelves emphasizes how Battlefield 1942 was rushed out too early, but it also bodes well for continued support. For now, as long as you can find skilled teammates and aren't getting pestered by the game's technical problems, Battlefield 1942 can be, quite appropriately, a real blast.

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