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Battle Chef Brigade

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Sam PrellNov 20, 2017
Beast-hunting will test your reflexes while cooking them up will tease your brain, and Battle Chef Brigade's upbeat attitude and stylish looks will have you smiling the whole way through.
Stephanie ChanNov 19, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is a delightful snack-sized game that combines its disparate elements in a whimsical, entertaining way. I loved the style and the occasional clever puns. The kitchen battles were a lot of fun, especially because they were timed, and used match-3 mechanics in an innovative way. If you’re a fan of Iron Chef, Studio Ghibli, or both, you’ll likely enjoy this foray into the world of Victusia.
Kyle LeClairNov 25, 2017
It’s one of the most unique games to pop up this year, making for an experience with a lot of charm and energy that is not to be missed. So as they say at the beginning of each match, Vive la Brigade!
Helen RosnerNov 20, 2017
But everything feels, from top to bottom, like it knows it ought to be a movie instead of a game — at times, it even comes off like it’s apologizing for not being one. Some titles can walk this line between movie and game, soaring with cinematic intensity while the gameplay itself enriches the plot. Battle Chef Brigade, sadly, isn’t one of them.
Rutledge DaugetteDec 24, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is a fantastic game, and while there definitely could have been some extra story content (likely due to the above omissions), the gameplay and story definitely provide for a great game that is worthy of your time. If you’ve ever wanted to be on Iron Chef, or even just love fun combat and puzzle mechanics – you’ve got to grab this game.
Anders Baad MaiJan 08, 2018
Battle Chef Brigade is a nice little surprise. Where Overcooked showed us how digital food preparation can be fun with friends, Battle Chef Brigade shows us how it can be fun alone. It's not the perfect dish, as we experienced inconsistencies in the dialogue and the ingredient collection wasn't very engaging, but nevertheless, we had a good time in this particular kitchen. Its charming visual style will make you crave a good meal, and it's impossible not get swept away by Battle Chef Brigade. Vive la Brigade.
Nick Gillham Dec 13, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is a good game: a match-three puzzler set around monster killing culinary experts isn’t going to set many people’s worlds aflame, but this is a lovingly crafted and charming title that could do with a bit of attention to give the developers the motivation for a deserved sequel. In the words of Kamin: ‘Vive la brigade!’
ClementossDec 04, 2017
Tout ou presque respire l'originalité dans Battle Chef Brigade : son histoire que l'on croirait tiré d'un manga, ses graphismes dessinés à la main, et surtout son alliance entre de l'action-plateforme, des puzzles Match-3 et de la collection d'objets façon RPG.
GautozDec 14, 2017
Dans la famille des jeux plus grands que leurs erreurs, on demande le petit Battle Chef Brigade, shônen de cuisine au coeur gros comme ça, bourré d’envie et doté d’une recette capable de masquer le goût des quelques aliments aigres de la préparation.